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True Ghost Video Part Three

Supposedly, this is a true ghost video, folks.

"Feed me! feed me!" - Little Shop of Horrors (1960 and 1986)

Hampton Court Palace was the home of King Henry VIII (1491-1547). King Henry was infamous for having married six times and severing the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church.

In 2003, security guards at the palace were alerted to a fire door opening inexplicably in the exhibition area of the palace. Upon playback of security video footage, they discovered the image you are about to see. On three consecutive days security discovers that the doors burst open on their own, but in the footage on Day Two, an image of a person dressed in a long black coat appears and pulls the doors shut.

Although it has been speculated that this was evidence of a palace publicity stunt, that possibility remains doubtful. Others have blamed the image on that of a concerned tourist who rushed over to close the doors, although there is much reason to believe that isn't true. It is believed that "Skeletor," (the affectionate term given to the ghost) is actually the apparition of Catherine Howard, Henry's fifth wife.

Catherine had been held prisoner in the palace after Henry accused her of being unfaithful. At one point she fled down the hall to beg Henry for mercy and to reconsider her fate, but was caught by guards who dragged her back to her quarters. She never made contact with Henry and was beheaded shortly thereafter.

Other ghosts reported at Hampton Court are King Henry VIII himself, Queen Anne Boleyn and Queen Jane Seymour.

(Click on the arrow to begin.)

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