Real Ghost Videos

We already mull over hours of video on the internet, scouring for real ghost videos

"They're all going to laugh at you!" - Carrie (1976)

while accepting only those that appear authentic. Occasionally we encounter those that are very convincing.

This one is documentary-quality and we are pleased to present it to you. This is not just because it may be real, but because it is so educational. Ignore the strobing effect. It will be explained later in the vid. Great footage. Check it out.

Something peculiar to think about while viewing this: Most orbs are explained away as being insects or dust particles. I've had many basements and none of them had flying insects (don't those only occur in brightly lit, warm places?) Also, if these orbs ARE dust particles, they fly in patterns that are too precise and purposeful. At least that's what WE think.

Press on the arrow to begin.

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