Ghost Light

A ghost light is a phenomenon that occurs around the world

"No tears please. It's a waste of good suffering."- Hellraiser (1987)

usually in locations where, according to local folklore, something tragic has occurred. They can appear randomly in a single incident or can reappear at regular intervals. The lights are usually white or yellow, but can be other colors aos well.

They have the apparency of reacting to noise and light by receding or disappearing and can be elusive, only visible from certain angles. Some of the most famous are seen in Marfa, Texas, Morganton, North Carolina and near Joplin, Missouri, and most remain unexplained to this day despite research by Geographic studies and paranormal studies.

In this video, we have what appears to be two recorded in a castle on what seems to be security footage. The exact location is unknown. However, if you watch this video, you will see two bright yellow-white streaks in the upper right hand image.

Many times, supposed sightings of orbs or lights are actually insects reflected in flash photography or other natural factors. In one set of footage, not shown here, one director showed how the phenomenon could be created by distant headlights or tail lights of cars. Distant towns can create the illusion by the pinpoints showing through trees and at differing times, the moon or sun on the horizon can cause them to appear to move.

The images in this video appear to be their own source of illumination and are difficult to explain. Watch and see for yourself.

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