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What are ghosts?

"Want to see something really scary?" - Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

What are ghosts? If they exist, where do they come from? There are probably just as many belief systems that support and outline the existence of these ethereal beings as don't, and while most people do believe they exist, only a fraction of us feel we've truly encountered one. However, there a good many others who've had experiences they can't explain and continue to wonder, "What was that?" This makes the entire subject prone to much controversy and argument, although throughout history man has always assumed their existence as part of life and the natural course of things.

Clouding man's age-old fundamental beliefs are the skeptics who explain the recognition of spirits as faulty brain chemistry, a trick of the mind or merely a touch or more of insanity. Scientific texts scoff at the possibility as such things cannot be measured or weighed. Contrarily, there are many credible persons who have measured and weighed a spirit or spirits using contemporary instruments, yet that evidence is frequently discounted or belittled.

Paranormal research is considered a "psuedo-science" by many "experts," which only adds to the subject's obscurity. Add to that fact that many religionists associate ghosts with "demons" and "evil," condemning the idea and placing it in a dark, forbiddenrealm.

Now, there is the distinct possibility that the science necessary for proof just doesn't exist or isn't exact enough to substantiate evidence to the satisfaction of our scientific community. Could this be because, starting off with the wrong assumptions, man continues to get wrong answers or no answer at all?

Case in point: At one time, man firmly believed the world was flat. This conclusion arose due to wrong assumptions and incorrect data, and was pushed passionately upon the world by politicians and religious leaders of the day. Today that concept is regarded as incredibly ignorant while we smirk behind smug hands at our unenlightened ancestors. But remember, too, that not long ago, leeches were the most important instrument in medicine's arsenal of tools, electricity was feared and regarded as God's wrath. Man couldn't fly and people died needlessly because penicillin didn't exist. The point being that just because "the experts" use terms like "pseudo" and "supposed" when referring to paranormal research, those terms do not disprove the existence of disembodied spirits.

There are many possible reasons science hasn't advanced adequately to prove their existence. These days, most scientific research receives extensive funding and support. Those projects without such support move slowly where they do at all, and support is subject to significant influence politically and by those with power. For example, pharmaceutical research and the advance of such pharmaceutical products is extremely profitable. Financed by a multi-billion dollar insurance industry, you better believe that those purple little pills that bounce around your television screen are someone's cash cow. And while this is not an essay on conspiracy theories or the evils of capitalism, think for a second about the ramifcations if science did announce the existence of ghosts: man's spirituality would be confirmed, validating his immeasurable capabilities, making him much harder to control . . .

There is logic in this arguement unless, of course, you absolutely disbelieve that man has a soul, that you yourself don't have a personality, no will of your own to survive and to communicate, that you are not a unique individual with immeasurable potential . . . in which case, you better tell your finger to click the back button on your browser and find another website to peruse.

Oh but wait! If you tell your finger to click, who is the one doing the telling? A piece of meat telling a piece of meat to do something? Hmmm, interesting. Last time I checked, that steak on my dinner plate did nothing but lay there until I eagerly and cheerfully gave it a delightfully savory chew.

This video has some more interesting clues into the existence of ghosts. Take a look. 

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