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Ghost Sightings

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Ghost sightings have been reported in the darkest, most remote

"I see dead people." - The Sixth Sense (1999)

recesses of ancient Ireland all the way to the brightest most populated cities in North America.

Folklore abounds with legends of those who have passed over leaving a lingering trace of their former selves or their personality. Some claim that an specter is not just a trace or residue of the personality, but the actual soul of the person persisting without a physical body.

What causes a living being to become a ghost? Does it occur only when death coincides with a traumatic event, or could there be other less tragic reasons? Some believe ghosts exist because they have some unfinished business in their lives, while some believe that everyone is a ghost as the soul is separable from the shell of the biological human form.

We have begun to receive reports of haunted locations, so we're making a place to make it easier for our visitors to write to us. If you know of a haunted place, feel free to join in and send us your report.

Do You Know of a Haunted Location?

If you know of a haunted location, please report it here. Include the place, what was seen and the story behind the haunting. Please, do not provide specific addresses to private property or residences.

Tell us the Location

Haunted Locations Reported by Our Visitors

Click below to see the haunted locations submitted by our visitors.

Haunted Places - Fort Fisher, NC  starstarstarstarstar
Major naval and land battle toward the end of the civil war ocurred here. Many reports of ghost sightings have been reported. Nearby Wilmington, NC has ...

Haunted Subway Restaurant, Redlands, CA   starstarstarstarstar
This haunting takes place at the Subway Restaurant, 31387 Outer Hwy 10, Redlands, California.

Unexplained paranormal activity has recently been happening ...

Ghost Sightings: Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, California  starstarstarstarstar
My daughter was in the PICU of Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena for about a month and a half over the summer of 2009. The PICU is in the "old"...

Haunted Prisons - SCI Pittsburgh  starstarstarstarstar
When I worked there in 2001, I saw the ghost of a guard who was shot and killed in a riot at that same prison in 1925. This guard appeared to me on a tower ...

Paranormal Activity at Finley's Haunted Bar and Grille  starstarstarstarstar
Finley's Bar and Grille, smack dab in the middle of farmland is the last of the mom and pop operations complete with its own entity who has resided there ...

Granbury Opera House- Granbury, Texas  starstarstarstarstar
"Yes,I am John Wilkes Booth!" this is an EVP, (electronic voice phenomona). Where was this captured you ask? Why, The Granbury Opera House in Granbury,...

Haunted Elgin Mental and Rehab Center  starstarstarstarstar
Elgin State was a relic of the 1950s era of using pain for mental treatment. Electroshock and cold therapy were some of the ghastly methods used on patients....

Ashmore Estates Haunting, Ashmore, Illinois  starstarstarstarstar
Ashmore Estates has long been rumored to be a very haunted site. It was a place for the legally insane for years.

There is the story of a man who is ...

The Chinese Cemetery in San AntonioTexas  starstarstarstarstar
I personally have been to this cemetery late past midnight, and I was told that people come to this cemetery to cast spells and conduct black magic, especially ...

Cross Keys, Virginia  starstarstarstarstar
The Battle of Cross Keys and Port Republic left many spirits behind. It was during the Civil War. You hear strange knocks on doors and you feel like you ...

Arreton Manor  starstarstarstarstar
The most sighted ghost in this building is that of a little girl. Her father was critically ill and when he died, he was going to leave all of his money,...

Haunted Rialto, California Historical Society Church Building  starstarstarstarstar
I was an atheist until I reached my 50s, and the most amazing experience of my entire life was to discover that ghosts are real. My ghostly encounters ...

Chillan,Bio-Bio, Chile  starstarstarstarstar
Hello everybody, this is my second contribution to this site. The house you see in the picture is famous in my city, because people claim that it is haunted....

Redworth Hall, Darlington  starstarstarstarstar

Stayed there numerous times.

The CD Unit switches itself on and off (I think it is Room 14 top right corner, 2nd floor, left hand side as you look ...

Ludington/Mason, Michigan - Days Inn  starstarstarstarstar
At the Days Inn Hotel, Room 219, there has been mysterious knocking every 2 hours at least. But when we answered the door, nothing was there.

There ...

Jacksonville, Florida - Ghost Light Road  starstarstarstarstar
On the outskirts of Jacksonville there is a town called �Switzerland� and this is where you find what is known as �Ghost Light Road�. My boyfriend told ...

Caryville, Wisconsin - Caryville Old Cemetery  starstarstarstarstar
Location: Caryville Old Cemetery, Caryville, Dunn County, Wisconsin (Correction: The proper name is "The Sand Hill Cemetery")

The Reputed Phenomena:...

Elkhorn, Wisconsin - Peck Station Road  starstarstarstarstar
The Reputed Phenomena: People report hearing the sound of a phantom train whistle in an area where the railroad has not been in decades.

The Investigation:...

Cameron, Wisconsin - Cameron Poletergeist  starstarstarstarstar
Location: Cameron, Barron County, Wisconsin

The Reputed History: The third floor of house is haunted.

The Investigation: Pending.

The Reputed ...

Green Lake, Wisconsin - Dartford Cemetery  starstarstarstarstar
Location: Dartford Cemetery, Green Lake, Green Lake County, Wisconsin

The Reputed History: An Indian chief from a tribe that lived in the Ripon/Green ...

Thing's I heard about Lima, Ohio Allen County  starstarstarstarstar
This might sound weird. You know the place I said I am from? Well I heard from an anonymous somebody that Bella Notta's Pizza place is haunted. There are ...

Haunted BARC Quarters, Mumbai, India  starstarstarstarstar
The cemetery in our colony. I have heard that late at night, one can hear children playing and the chattering of people at this place. The guard here usually ...

Virginia Ghost  starstarstarstarstar
The experiences my family and I have had on this mountain have been ominous, terrifying and have continued to the present day. The first experience happened ...

Ghost Sighting: Little Girl of the Arbors   starstarstarstar
Six Flags, St. Louis
The Little Girl of the Arbors.
By William B. Brown
Tech manager for the Full Moon Paranormal Society (FMPS)

Note: Six Flags,...

Ghost attacks in Khardah house, Kolkata, India  starstarstarstar
Dec 30, 2008

KOLKATA: Sukumar Das, the inspector-in-charge of Khardah police station, got the shock of his life when he picked up the phone on Monday ...

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA  starstarstarstar
Gettysburg is Haunted by the Civil War. This is where one of the most famous Battle place in the United States. Very Haunted. Just going there gives a ...

Haunted Places - Witches Bridge in Weeping Water, Nebraska  starstarstar
You will hear foot steps and voices as well as feeling very creepy and you will see shadows going right past you. In pic and in video you see lots of mist ...

Maeda Point, Okinawa  starstarstar
In World War II the Japanese held the Island of Okinawa until the American invasion of 1945. The Japanese knew they were losing the fight so they began ...

Henry's Hill, Mount Hope Ala.  starstarstar
Whenever you are able to go to Henry's Hill, legend goes if you put your car in neutral there is a saying that he will push you over the hill in your car....

Little Waltham, Chelmsford, Essex  starstarstar
The other night my friend and I were parked up in my car just having a chat and all of a sudden my friend jumped and said, "What the he@@ is that? There'...

Haunted Potomac Job Corps, Washington DC  Not rated yet
Allegedly, the older buildings on campus were originally built as an annex to a sanatorium nearby in the mid to late 1800's. Then became an orphanage in ...

Ghost Sightings: The Rose Hall  Not rated yet
Because the rose hall was built in the 1700's and was owned by john palmer and his wife. Slaves worked for them. The creepy thing is that rosa palmer's ...

Ghost Sightings: Birkenhead - Monks Ferry  Not rated yet
Seen on CCTV 3 young boys with bowl head hair cuts standing in the car park of Priory House. After taking a picture and looking at it more closely we noticed ...

Ghost Sightings: A12 Jct 15 Chelmsford Essex  Not rated yet
I work on nights as a lorry driver I was traveling to Hatfield Ppaverol at 2:20 am tonight. I travel along this route 6 times a night, 5 nights a week....

Phantasm Is Coming  Not rated yet
The Halloween Issue of Phantasm Magazine is almost ready for release. If you are interested to learn the winners of the 2010 Halloween Ghost Story Contest ...

Haunted Tree - Four Roads in St Ann Jamaica  Not rated yet
There is a tree very near to the road and when you are passing it after dark, objects seems to be falling from it and the tree shakes violently. Your head ...

Scottish Coal Miner Ghost  Not rated yet
I remember very clearly the one and only time I saw a ghost.

I was staying overnight at my grandmothers house and fell asleep on her couch in the living ...

Haunted Places - Sathyamangalam Forest  Not rated yet
Sathyamangalam Forests

Date: 2009-01-12
Country: India
Paranormal Category: Haunted Places

This happened to my and a close friend ...

Ghost Sightings: House In Glendale  Not rated yet
There is a house in the Glendale, California area that had a lot of weird things go on when I lived there when I was 5-9yrs old. I'm 42 now, lol.

Well ...

Haunted Victoria Inn  Not rated yet
This is the pub I own: Victoria Inn TR16 6PZ.

The pub is several hundred years old. Round heads were murdered there in 1664. Words appear and disappear ...

Haunted Akenham Church, Ipswich, Suffolk, England  Not rated yet
They say there's a ghost that appears in the windows. The bells ring for no reason. The devil's grave is said to be at the back.

Ghost Sightings: Haunted Hotel del Coronado, Coronado Island, California  Not rated yet
A woman named Kate Morgan committed suicide there in 1892. Some evidence says it was a murder. Many sightings of Kate have been seen, as well as haunting ...

Ghost Sightings: Hutchinson Public Library  Not rated yet
A former librarian named Ida Day Holzaphel died and now haunts the library. They say that if you are in that library alone you can sometimes see her walking ...

Haunted Cemetery, Scottsburg, Indiana   Not rated yet
The location is a **Name removed out of respect - Brenda, Webmaster** Cemetery in Scottsburg you probably have already had reports but I live on the same ...

Haunted Ki-ae Apartment Building, Port Macquarie, NSW  Not rated yet
I was staying on vacation there and I was up in the hot tub when I heard a bang from on the ground and someone screaming help. I looked over the balcony ...

Ghost Sighting in Gustine California  Not rated yet
I was driving on Sullivan Road. I started to enter the freeway going North on I-5 and I saw a man on a motorcycle. He had a pony tail, ape hanger handle ...

Riverdale Road, There Is Something Evil Down There  Not rated yet
Something is down that road. And it's something of great evil, I personally feel. One night, a few years ago, I was driving down the road of course with ...

Hollywood Ghosts  Not rated yet
Let me tell you some stories about Hollywood Ghosts.

ROOSEVELT HOTEL: Actress Marilyn Monroe is
Said to have stood inside the window where some people ...

Ghosts of North Brother Island, NY  Not rated yet
Has this location been investigated yet?

This island served as the home of Riverside Hospital in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Riverside hospital ...

Haunted Cambooya, Queensland, Australia  Not rated yet
I've been told that there have been many sightings at the Cambooya Inn involving apparitions, physical touching and lots of EVP.

I have talked to the ...

Dominican Road, Baguio City, Philippines  Not rated yet
It's haunted because it was a hospital for Japanese soldiers during World War II. The victims of the war were eerie the place with a great revenge with ...

Jefferson, Texas  Not rated yet
This is a small town, about an hour and a half from Louisiana. The town is well known for ghosts and hauntings.

I myself have had some pictures of ...

Bachelors Grove, Midloathoan, Illinois  Not rated yet
I am the founder of CAPI, a paranormal investigation team in Chicago. I have heard about Bachelors Grove for a while and when I found out it was a 10 min ...

Lislaughton Abbey - Ballylongford , County Kerry, Ireland  Not rated yet
Around 1998 I was in Lislaughton Abbey Cemetery
around sunset.

I am pretty sure I heard a low moaning sound and saw what I thought to be a mist about ...

Bingkor, Sabah, Malaysia  Not rated yet
Many strange things have happened here.

One incident was the day before Christmas. My little brother saw a woman passing by while he was playing outside ...

Kilronan, Aran Islands, Ireland  Not rated yet
I have never "officially" reported this to anyone but it has been on my mind that I should do so because it was such an unusual experience.

About 15 ...

Ghost are Everywhere  Not rated yet
I remember living in a house in St. Cloud in which they claim a little boy had died. This was when I was 9. I would never want to sleep in my bedroom so ...

Cameron, Wisconsin - Betty's Cafe  Not rated yet
Location: Betty's Cafe, Cameron, Barron County, Wisconsin

The Reputed History: An employee who cooked at Betty's Cafe died from heart problems while ...

Below are the locations we have researched.

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