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Ghost Stories Main Page

Thanks to the support of our many fine visitors, this site of ghost stories, ghost videos and ghost pictures has grown tremendously since it began a few years ago. Because of that growth, I am finding it necessary to do a little reorganizing in order to compensate for all amazing stories I have received over time. Please click a link on the right side to view different categories.

My visitors have helped me to shape this site and as a result, things have evolved since the beginning. I now find it necessary to reorganize in order to meet the demand of incoming stories, pictures etc.

I am attempting to organize everything by category while still trying to make things navigable. I believe it will take me time to do this and thank you in advance for your patience while I work towards that goal.

Some things may inadvertently stray from the proper category as I do this, but eventually I hope to get everything neat and tidy for everyone.

To anyone who contributed by sending in their stories, please note that your story will still be here on the site, although its position may change. To those whose stories haven't yet appeared, realize that I have 1000s of stories in queue that have yet to be read, edited and approved and time does not permit what needs to occur for me to get to everyone as quickly as I would like.

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the legal ability and right to enter into this agreement.

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Ghost Stories from Our Visitors

Click below to read spooky stories from our visitors. Read, rate and comment these ghost stories!

House On The Corner  starstarstarstarstar
The house had seven bedrooms, a huge porch that went all the way around the house, front to back. It stood on the corner of Second St and School Place....

Ghost In My Room  starstarstarstarstar
I had a very terrifying experience one night. Before I had never experienced anything paranormal and was very skeptical to things that were supernatural....

Family Ghosts  starstarstarstarstar
I will start out by saying, as a child, I grew up in an old boarding house, which my grandmother owned. There were strange occurrences that were felt by ...

Paranormal Encounters  starstarstarstarstar
This is following the first installment of my ghostly encounters. I have for many years been quite sensitive to the 'other' world. As far back as I can ...

Ghost Train in Iowa  starstarstarstarstar
I was coming home from a long-earned vacation. We stopped at a hotel with train tracks in the rear. I was in the room where the tracks ran next to it. I ...

Cemetery Ghosts  starstarstarstarstar
About six years ago, I was walking home from a party at a friends house. It was about 3:30 am and I cut through a park on my way home. At the back of the ...

The Ghosts at Riverview  starstarstarstarstar
Riverview was an old, abandoned building at the end of the city. A few people had bought it now and then, only to leave it in a hurry to be bought by someone ...

"True" Ghost Story  starstarstarstar
This is one of my friend�s cousins. While he and his friend were drive back from Oshkosh on Route 441, they saw a girl ahead, walking with her suitcase ...

The Attic  starstarstar
I haven't had many supernatural experiences, though I do believe in the unknown. This one could've been coincidence, then again maybe it wasn't.

I live ...

Ghosts and Hauntings: Things That Move  starstarstar
Some time ago we lived in a different house in a different town. We had things move to other rooms by unseen hands. I used to like to do jigsaw puzzles....

That Wasn't Just A Pat On The Back  Not rated yet
Living in a small town can be hell. You try to figure out ways to entertain yourself. So when someone says, "Let's go to the cemetery and find out if it'...

The Hooded Ghost of New Cut Road  Not rated yet
I had almost forgotten about this occurrence, and was only reminded of it when driving down a particular piece of road but there seems to be similar sightings ...

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