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Haunted House With a ghost tours brochure in your left hand, you stand on the corner of a dark tree-lined street in the center of a very old part of town. You wait in anticipation of discovery. You flip your wrist to check your watch and a light wind dances with a leaf on the cobblestones. After looking furtively for signs of assembly, you turn your attention back to your brochure. The seconds pass as the excitement builds . . .

"You're gonna die up there!" - The Exorcist (1973)

Ghost ToursA voice announces, “Welcome to the tour, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Joe and I will be your guide this evening. If you will all please assemble here to my left, we can get started." Quickly checking your watch you note that the tour began precisely as scheduled.

You grab your camera, collect your things and shove your brochure into your pocket. Let the fun begin!

The guide in charge is an amiable sort, personable and quite entertaining. He takes you to areas of town and points out places you would never find on your own. To the unknowing, the innocent looking shops make no hint of being haunted. But as the guide weaves his tale, you realize that you are standing inches from a structure that is filled with history, mystery and intrigue.

Haunted House In the very top window you are certain you see a form pass the window, but according to the guide, the building has been vacant for decades. What was that? Imagination?

You flick a few quick photos and move along with the tour. What will you see when you develop your film?

The group shuffles forward along the route.

You move with it, but glancing over your shoulder one last time, you swear there’s a face in that window peering out at you.

Going on a trip? Need something new and different to do? Take a spooky haunted tours! The pages below feature tours and how to find them.

Don’t just go to a strange city and sit in your hotel room! Get out there and look for some ghosts. You’ll get up close and personal with some eerie places and learn things you never thought you would.

Catch up on some history and even make some new friends. Afterwards stop off for a bite, a cappuccino and discuss what you saw.

It will certainly make for a unforgettable evening.

Happy Hauntings!

Have you taken a tour and had a spooky experience? Did you get a picture of it? Whether you got a picture or not, we want to hear your experience. Please tell us the location and name of the ghost tour, if possible and provide all the details. Did you notice certain sensations, feel cold spots, or anything like that? If so, make sure you tell us about it. Click the link below to activate the form and submit your story!

Have You Taken a Ghost Tour?

If you've taken a ghost tour and had a spooky experience, we want to hear about it. Did you get any pictures? Videos? Whether you got a picture or not, we want to hear your experience. Please tell us the location and name of the ghost tour, if possible, and provide all the details. Did you notice certain sensations, feel cold spots, or anything like that? If so, make sure you tell us about it. Click the link below to activate the form and share your story!

Name your Experience

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Click below to read about people who went on a ghost tour and what they experienced.

Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Tours  starstarstarstarstar
My family went to the prison for the self-guided tour. It was on July 18th, 2011. The doors opened at 11am-4pm.

We started our tour with a short film ...

Haunted Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland  starstarstarstarstar
My wife and I were on vacation in Baltimore in August 2007. We were doing the usual sightseeing and seeing the birthplace of our country's national anthem ...

St. Augustine Lighthouse  starstarstarstarstar
As many people may have seen TAPS (aka) Ghost Hunters investigated this lighthouse on several different occasions. I am a huge fan of the show so when ...

Alcatraz, San Fransisco Bay, California  starstarstarstarstar
I was up in San Jose California for a hockey game with my wife, my son and a friend of my son. We decided to drive to San Francisco and tour Alcatraz. Upon ...

Whaley House Paranormal - Ghost Caught on Camera  starstarstarstarstar

My friend Kenny, Jesus and I recently visited the Whaley House Museum on 06/17/2010. When my friend Jesus reviewed what pictures he took, he ...

Ghost at Murat House ca.1790  starstarstarstarstar
My wife knows I watch all the ghost shows on T.V. So for my birthday this year she took me to St. Augustine, FL and scheduled a couple of the ghost tours....

Jenny Wade House Apparition?  starstarstarstarstar
I had visited the Jenny Wade House earlier this month (Jul 09). While there as an avid investigator, I decided to bring my IR camera which was set on ...

Whaley house ghost  starstarstarstarstar
I took this picture while touring the Whaley house (San Diego) in October of 2005. I never noticed anything at the time, but looking at my pictures later ...

Ghost Tour on Savannah Vacation  starstarstarstar
My wife and I went to Savannah for a little vacation and booked a haunted tour with Sixth Sense Tours. We walked to various locations with our tour guide....

St Bartholomews Tour-Sydney australia  starstarstarstar
We did the ghost tour of St Bartholomews Church and Graveyard in Prospect Sydney Australia. Three of us took photo's with three different cameras and we ...

Branson Ghost  starstarstarstar
My family took one of the ghost tours in Branson, Missouri. It was our first ghost tour and an exciting and chilling experience. We ended up getting a ...

Ghosts and Hauntings: Orbs in an Allyway  starstarstarstar
A group of us went on a ghost tour in Charleston, SC and the guide took us to an allyway behind the Footlight Players Theatre.

The story behind this ...

Ghost Tour in Savannah Georgia  Not rated yet
A few years ago we went on a ghost tour in Savannah, Georgia. We took our kids on the tour with us. After the tour was over the kids started talking about ...

Haunted Alcatraz Cell House Figure  Not rated yet
I didn't notice the glowing white figure in this picture until over a year after I'd taken it. My roommate and I went to Alcatraz August 2nd, 2009. This ...

Crescent Hotel/Eureka Springs 2010  Not rated yet
My boyfriend and I were wandering the halls of the hotel about 11 pm, after taking the ghost tour.

We were on the third floor, and I took a photo of ...

York Ghost Tour Ghost  Not rated yet
I was on a ghost tour in York and took some pictures, this is one and there seems to be some sort of mist next to him. At the time he was telling us somebody ...

Ghost Tours Picture: The Woman in the Window  Not rated yet
My mom and I were on a mini-vacation in Savannah, Georgia on August 21, 2010 and only stayed for one night. We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in the ...

Whaley House Haunted House Tour  Not rated yet
Hi again here in this picture we shot the staircase after we left the theater room. The best thing on the private tour is you have control of where you ...

Whaley House Ghost Tour  Not rated yet
Here we are still in the theater room; but we are on the stage shooting back towards the wall. If you have seen the last picture #0440 you'll notice the ...

Whaley House Ghost  Not rated yet
Hi here we are in the theater room on a private tour of the Whaley House. In this picture: since we could do anything we wanted in the house, we where ...

Whaley House Tour Photos  Not rated yet
We just arrived at the Whaley House waiting for our private tour of the house. We went around to the side of the house and met a group of people on the ...

Alcatraz Ghost Tour 2009  Not rated yet
I took this pic back in 2009 when I visited Alcatraz with my two kids. That night as we went through the pics at the hotel this one scared the heck out ...

Ghost Walk: La Laurie Mansion, New Orleans  Not rated yet
Decided to take a stroll away from the crowds on Bourbon Street. Found an unusually quiet, tree-lined block of historic homes. Built in the 1700's, there ...

St. Augustine Ghosts  Not rated yet
As I mentioned before my wife took me to St. Augustine, Fl for my birthday because I watch all the ghost Shows on T.V. This was a picture I took at the ...

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