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Haunted Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland

by Robert J
(Stockholm, NJ, USA)

My wife and I were on vacation in Baltimore in August 2007. We were doing the usual sightseeing and seeing the birthplace of our country's national anthem was part of that experience. We took the boat across the harbor and landed on Fort McHenry Island. We went to the main building, saw a 15 minute movie about the birth of the nation and then went outside to tour the soldiers barracks. That's when things got VERY strange.

We were on top of where the soldiers used to stand watch while guarding the fort when I bent down to tie my shoe. As I was doing this, I saw a tall, dark figure marching with what looked like a gun on his shoulder on the path across from me-about 15-20 feet away. It was a beautiful and BRILLIANTLY sunny day that caused a glare so I really couldn't make out his facial features, though I was pretty certain it was a black man that I saw.

My wife was at the other end of the path that I was on, looking in the opposite direction, NATURALLY, so she saw NOTHING! I just said to myself,"Great,that's all I need,a reenactor" so I just looked down at my shoe and tied it as slow as I could to give him time to pass me.

Well, you can only tie a shoe for so long, about 5 seconds is what I took. I looked up, fully expecting to see him still pretty close but there was absolutely NOTHING around me at all except for my wife, who was about 50 feet away on the opposite end of the path that I was on!

I thought about this the rest of the day but didn't say anything to my wife about it. We continued on with our trip and I gradually forgot about it.

Back home in New Jersey in November of that year I was watching the TV show,"Haunted History" on the History channel. Well,the featured place on the show was Baltimore. I really hadn't thought much about my experience there since we'd been back home but seeing this reminded me of it. I was compelled to watch it just to see if what I had seen would come up on the show. SURE ENOUGH, one of the stops on the show was Fort Mchenry where people have reported seeing what looks like a BLACK soldier in military uniform with a rifle which is EXACTLY WHAT I SAW!!

Well,cold chills went up my spine while I was watching that, BELIEVE ME. Now my curiosity was piqued though. I made plans to go back to Baltimore in 2008 but I made the HUGE mistake of telling my wife what I had seen at Fort McHenry. We DID get back to Baltimore but did NOT go to Fort McHenry because my wife was just too scared, lol!

It's just a matter of time though. One of these days I'll go back because I KNOW WHAT I SAW WAS NOT MY IMAGINATION!

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Haunted Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland

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Aug 24, 2011
Earthquake At Fort McHenry And Entire East Coast
by: Anonymous

I was at Fort McHenry on August 23 2011 and there was an earthquake. What a crazy place to be when an earthquake happens ring a bell.

Jun 03, 2010
My Strange Ghost Story
by: Anonymous

I went to Fort Mc Henry before. It was strange because as I was walking around I felt as if something was watching me. When I got back, I looked Fort Mc Henry up and I was shocked because I found out that it was haunted. I still wonder what it would be like at night.

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