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Ahhh. Welcome to the forgotten chamber of scary ghost stories! And I mean that literally because this page was created years ago and forgotten. It is being resurrected just for you.

Charles isn't available at the moment because he's pouting in disappointment that I would lose such a page. He's over there in the corner shaking his head. Can you see him? Of course not. He'd rather remain invisible at the moment, just to spite me.

So I must carry on alone on this . . . If you love scary ghost stories, this page is just for you. We're not talking about a little spooky, we're talking frightful!

In case you didn't know, we have a vault full of free ghost videos and we scour the net looking for the best, most authentic footage for you to watch and scrutinize.
If you haven't been to the vault of free ghost videos, you can check it out by clicking here.

While looking for videos, we have encountered countless videos of personal experiences and ghost stories, movie shorts and other footage. We are always astounded at how much talent there is in the world and how good the material is. But since the footage is obviously fictious, we've had to pass these stories over in search of authentic material.

Then it occurred to us (actually, we remembered)--everyone loves a good ghost story! Because of that, we think our visitors will enjoy hearing these stories, watching these movie shorts and listening to what people have to say.

We hope you like this new section of our site.

Our intention is to give these videos a place to be seen, all of them collected together in very special place. They are all ghost stories in one form or another. Some are mysterious, some artistic, some comedic, or charming and even homegrown.

But they are all ghost stories, some of them are scary ghost stories.

Perfect material for Saturday night spent home alone or with friends. Heck who needs to wait until Saturday, or how even needs to wait until night? You won't get bored because there is very good chance you've never seen any of these.

We intend to rotate the stories periodically as we pull new footage in. So click here to get auto updates so you won't miss out on anything new.

Warning: There may be graphic violence, strong language and some very unnerving scenes.

After all, some of these are really scary ghost stories.

Oh! I forgot to tell you.

Have a Video Ghost Story?

If you've seen a great ghost story video on YouTube or if you've made your own, send it to us! We'll give it a look and if appropriate for the site, we'll list it on this page.

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(We love this guy. He's funny, charming and a
wonderful storyteller. He's great!
He cusses though, so virgin ears, beware.)

Setting the Mood-Halloween
Length: 8:03
Director's YouTube Username: DiGiTiLsOuL
Director's Comments: Some true things that happen right
here in my own home.

English Subtitled
Length: 4:57
Director's YouTube Username: mt37222
Director's Comments: "One of my favorite stories."

I love scary ghost stories. Make sure you check this one out.

"The Fourth Floor Sission Suicide
Length: 5:07
Director's YouTube Username: shad0wkitten
Director's Comments: "Ghost story from Bradley University."

Folks, this one is full of scary ghost stories. Beware!

The LaLaurie Mansion
Length: 8:50
Director's YouTube Username: YoYaddoshi
Director's Comments: "This is a New Orleans
Ghost Tour story. Pretty graphic and horrific."

Real Ghost Story 2
Length: 6:12
Director's YouTube Username: rdlstudent
Director's Comments: "We finally went back to film at this house. We set out to try and answer as many questions as possible with our experiments. Everything you see happened there and then."

The Whispering
Length: 5:50
Director's YouTube Username: gweegwee88
Director's Comments: "Two students who are researching
a ghost story in an old building discover that
they are not the only ones walking the halls that night."

Are you scared yet? If so, visit our
"Spook Your Funny Bone" page and laugh off the jitters.

Ohhh, not scared enough? Well then, go get yourself some more scary ghost stories. Click here.

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