Redworth Hall, Darlington

by Paul W

Stayed there numerous times.

The CD Unit switches itself on and off (I think it is Room 14 top right corner, 2nd floor, left hand side as you look at the entrance.)

At 2:35 am I was woken by what I can only describe as being bumped in bed.

I woke up and saw something run across the top of the headboard. I thought it was a cat (tabby colored) or a weasel. It happened really quickly and I thought I was imagining it.

Then on the bed on the left had side about half way down it felt as though someone had just jumped onto it and then bounced onto the floor.

The CD Unit came on again followed by the TV.

I asked for (don't know why, I was really scared) the thing that was making the noises to appear, but to no avail.

I was woken twice more before 7 am.

You have an eerie feeling of being watched from near the wardrobe and the bathroom. I was a skeptic until this happened.

PS. I am not a psychic

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Redworth Hall, Darlington

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Feb 02, 2011
I Saw Her
by: Anonymous

I saw the girl chained to the fireplace in the great hall through my camera lens. Had only been at Redworth Hall 30 mins, celebrating my partner's 40th birthday. Upon unpacking decided to go for a walk and look around hotel. Wandered into the great hall and wanted to take a photo of the fireplace. There she was, a little girl about 8yrs old. I am not physic and don't know if it was a coincidence but have had a lot of bad luck lately. Also stayed in room 7 and sensed somebody in the room. Woke at 2.20 am and could not get back to sleep.

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