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Face of Belmez

In order to appreciate this video we call the "Face of Belmez," you must know the story behind it.

"You're one ugly mother . . ." - Predator (1987)

It was August, 1971 when Maria Gomez noticed a stain on her kitchen floor. Several weeks later that stain, despite attempts to remove it, transformed into the image of a face. Nothing Maria did made the face disappear, including repeated scrubbings and cleanings. Terrified by the image, the floor was torn out and replaced with new concrete. Unfortunately all that served to do was intensify matters and the face quickly evolved into other faces. Then it evolved into images of entire bodies. It should be noted that these faces held a tense, apprehensive expression and some appeared with hollow eyes--no eyeballs at all.

Word got out and Maria Gomez' house became famous, attracting curiosity seekers, paranomal investigators and the attention of public officials. Belmez, was seized by fear because of the strange happenings at the house, and eventually public officials got involved.

They ordered the floor dug up and what was found was a horrific sight. Numerous human skeletons and other bones, all with heads removed, were found under the floorboards. The bones dated as far back as the 13th century.

When the floor was again replaced, the images onceagain reappeared, and public officials demanded an investigation to get to the bottom of it. The floor was sealed with wax and measures taken to prevent any human from being able to touch the image for some time. When the wax was removed, not only had new images appeared, they had continued to transform.

This was not only perplexing, it absolved the family from wrongdoing.

In 2004, EVP was recorded in the house. On the tape was heard anguished cries, cursing and one voice addressing Maria directly. "I want to leave," it said.

Maria Gomez has since passed away. To this day, the images continue to appear, and the source remains unexplained.

Please watch this ghosts footage to see pictures of theFace of Belmez.

Folks, the original ghost footage we provided got pulled, sohere is a replacement. We thank SZ Productions for their work!

UPDATE: It has been years since this page was posted and since that time we've received word that this haunting is a hoax. However, as this is a ghost stories site, this story shall remain if, for nothing else, than historical value.

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