Ghost Girl Video

Okay kids, don't watch this alone.
This ghost girl video is very freaky

"I'm NOT going to be ignored, Dan."
- Fatal Attraction (1987)

This is very freaky and will creep you out.

We all know the legend of vampires and that their reflection won't show in a mirror. Right?

Well, with ghosts there are all kinds of urban legends surrounding mirrors. For example, some people believe that mirrors reflect the soul and others feel that mirrors have the power to draw the soul out of the body. And in some places, when someone dies, all mirrors and shiny surfaces must be coverded so that the departed can't carry the living away.

Wouldn't it be very scary to be brushing your hair, only to see your dead uncle looking over your shoulder? 

Well ghost footage this is kind of like that. More than likely, it's just a camera trick. But this ghost image's very spooky. Take a look.

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