Ghost Real Scary Video

The clip below is supposedly of a ghost real scary video.

There's nothing like it on the market. Not at this price.
- Amityville Horror

There are different versions of this ghosts footage floating around and we have viewed it many, many times, always passing it over as obviously fake. But recently we found the story behind it and since then the entire thing has taken on a new, spookier light. Although we're still not convinced this is an authentic ghost or "demon," we found the story interesting and felt we should give our visitors the chance to decide on their own.

This ghost real scary video footage was supposedly filmed inside Barton Mansion, the oldest house in the city of Redlands, California. Abandoned for decades, the house has become a ruin and a favorite site for vandals and practitioners of the Black Arts. This alone gives the house a very spooky feel. However,similar things happen to many empty structures, it just doesn't mean they're haunted.

The story goes that one night two brothers and their friends went to the mansion to check it out and film it with their new video camera. They saw what appeared to be human remains,graffiti on the walls and . . . what you are about to see on this video clip.

You will see someone come out of a room. The owners say itis a ghost coming out of a closet. To us, it always just looked like someone stepping out into the hall. But if you stop the video and run it frame by frame, you can see the shape of someone holding a lantern with long sleeves that appear to be shredded.

Of course, this could be a costume or a sheet. But here's the odd part--look how tall the figure is. Its head reaches to the top of the doorway. The videographer is about 6'7" and he said the figure was about 7'5". That's tall and rare to find, which is the main thing that lends credibility to this video in our minds. That . . .

and their story. Go to and read the story for yourself. See if you believe it. Oh and they are supposed to be airing a documentary about this house on The Learning Channel. But for now you can watch the video here.

See if you think it's really ghosts video footage. And if you like this trailer, you can go to their website and buy the DVD.

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