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Haunted Ghost Video

Here is the background for this haunted ghost video

"Your mother ate my dog!!" - Dead Alive

It was in June, 2006 that members of Spiritlevel Paranormal and a film crew set out to explore castle in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The castle is an old one: built in 1094 by Robert of Montgomery on top of an ancient cavern, which was used for shelter as long ago as the Stone Age.

The castle has it's usual stormy history as is common in that part of the world when neighbor battled neighbor attempting to conquer land. This castle comes complete with it's own obliette, which is French for "forgotten". An obliette is a hole through which one would drop their enemies or criminals. The unfortunate souls who took the drop were never seen again.

Many lifetimes have passed since Pembroke Castle was built, and the ancient stone fortress has seen many a life come and go. One of the more famous being Henry VII (1457-1509), whowas the son of Margaret Beaufort, sister-in-law to Jasper Tudor (Tudor Dynasty).

In this haunted ghost video, the crew is set up in Wogans Cavern beneath the castle when a wailing voice is heard. Thewailing reportedly occurred very loudly for about 30 seconds, then stopped. This group swears no human caused the noise and although some skeptics disregard it, many people are claiming that this was a significant paranormal event. Take a look at this ghost footage.

For those of you who have never been to the castle, we thought you'd enjoy the second video as well. It is someone's trip, and they did a marvelous job filming the different parts of the castle. This will give you more perspective on what the castle feels like as well as the caverns beneath. There issome vulgar language at the end of this ghosts footage, so parents keep the kids away.

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