Actual Ghost Video Clips

Is this one of the actual ghost video clips?

   "Heeeeeeere's Johnny!!!," - The Shining   

Watch it very closely. You will see a swingin a playground. It begins to swing all of its own accord. Since the structure is out in the open, it appears to be carrying someone that you and I can't see. Does the panning of the camera really conceal a human helper?

How would an entity move a swing? How would it get started if it doesn't have feet to touch the ground? Perhaps entities "intend" the swing to move and it moves.

Even if it isn't authentic, this is pretty convincing.

Check it out and see what you think.

There is a lot of ghosts footage out there that is very obviouslyfaked. We discard much more than we keep and looking for clips for our site takes hours. This tends to make our "reject" finger a little overactive.

When we first viewed this clip our finger was twitching, we just knew it was going to be fake-looking and a new addition to the "uh uh--no way" bin. But much to our surprise, this one is pretty realistic. Otherwise, that guy has a big future in special effects!

It's about a poltergeist and breakfast cereal. Do you think it is one of the real?

Here's another interesting one. Is that an orb or a mist?

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