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If you are looking for a real life ghost video, the videos below are as close as you'll get.

"You're all going to die up there!" - Poltergeist II

On this page we have some really incredible ghosts video footage of the Covenanters Prison as submitted by the folks at According to legend as well as what you're about to see, this location is a hotbed of paranormal activity.

The Covenanters were Scottish Presbyterians who refused to allow the King of Scotland to interfere with their religion. The Kings of Scotland believed that God wished them to be the spiritual heads of the Church of Scotland. The Covenanters believed that no man could be spiritual head of their Church, excepting only Jesus Christ. This belief turned the Covenanters into criminals in the eyes of the state and they were imprisoned in the Covenanters Prison, part of Greyfriars Cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The prisoners were held in cells for months awaiting execution, enslavement or given freedom upon denouncement of their religion and embracement of the King. They were allowed very little food and were tortured while being held under cruel conditions.

There was one hanging judge who took particular delight in his job of sentencing the prisoners to death. His name was Sir George MacKenzie, although history knows his name as Bluidy MacKenzie. Bluidy was fearsome and put many a Covenanter to death during this time. Ironically, when he passed, he was buried in the Black Mauseleum, part of the same cemetery, and situated not far from the prison. It is alleged that Bluidy MacKenzie haunts the area and is the source of much poltergeist activity for which the area is notorious. Hundreds of reports of attacks, injuries and mishaps have come from people visiting the area even in the current day.

In the first video, a bolt of light is thrown at the person holding the camera. The force with which the light is thrown is palpable, making this some very remarkable footage.

In the second video, investigators enter a cell when the gate to the cell swings open on its own. To us, this was significant because the dimensions of the gate and the manner in which it swings makes the gate appear heavy or unwieldy. The degree to which the gate swings makes it seem to us that it could not swing like that on its own, although no humans are visible near the gate. Even if it was pushed by someone out of our sight, the gate seams too heavy to swing all the way open by pure momentum itself. These points makes us think this is a real life ghost video.

In the third video, another visitor is standing outside the gate in broad daylight. This footage is taken at lower resolution than the others, although it is sufficient to get a feel for what the outside of the prison looks like as one gets a good view of the gate and grounds. We included this footage so our visitors can get as much a feel for the area as possible.

Watch this and see for yourself if any of them are a real life ghost video. And by the way, do you think it was really Bluidy MacKenzie who threw that bolt of light?

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