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Real Ghost Pictures

After spending a lot of time looking for real ghost pictures, you've found this page. I hope you enjoy it here.

This page is home of some of the best ghost pictures I have received. My visitors help to debunk or validate the pictures other visitors submit. Only those that appear to be authentic, make it to this page.

Ghost pictures is also called spirit photography and has been around for quite some time. 19th century spiritualists wowed and amazed the public with their creepy, mind-blowing ghost pictures. Many of them showed a relative in the background or some other compelling feature, convincing thousands that those photographs were actual ghosts caught on film.

Later, it was discovered that many of those photos were hoaxes, and those spiritualists lost their credibility.

However, there were still those whose photos were not found to be hoaxes and remain as uncontested ghost pictures to this day.

Please enjoy the photos on this page. Feel free to comment and rate, but please keep it clean and respectful!?

View our Visitors' Ghost Pictures and Stories

Click below to see the pictures and stories that have been submitted. Read, rate and comment!

Dartford Cemetery  starstarstarstarstar
Last week a couple friends and I took a trip to Dartford Cemetery in Green Lake, Wisconsin. We spent about an hour and a half there. My wife and her friend ...

Spirit of Bodmin Prison  starstarstarstarstar
I was visiting Bodmin Prison and was just about to leave when I saw part of the building that was not open to visitors. The door was open so I went in ...

Lady in Red?  starstarstarstarstar
My husband has been telling me about this haunted house for about 10 years now. This past Saturday November 1, 2008, my husband, 2 friends and I were bored ...

Apparition Caught On Video  starstarstarstarstar
This along with 3 other photos where captured and caught between the digital camera flashes on our video from an investigation. Graniteville Paranormal ...

Mom's grave and green lights  starstarstarstarstar
These pictures were taken last week with a digital camera. It was warm and the sun was shining, however this doesn't seem to be sun rays. There was no ...

A day after my father's funeral   starstarstarstarstar
Last week my father died after his fight with cancer, and we had the funeral on last Saturday. The day after (Sunday) I went to the funeral, with my Mother,...

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