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My Brother's Freaky Encounter

by Crystal L
(Mooreville, MS, USA)

When I was about 11 I was at my mother and fathers new office it had a large window with a direct view of the old wheelbarrow and a few flowers. When my father was painting I noticed my brother staring at the window with a vacant but frightened look on his face! I asked what was wrong I thought he might be faking. All he could do was point at the window. We thought he was playing around but then he started to cry. I got very afraid of what might be outside the window. So my mother and father took us out to the car and took us home. My dad stayed behind to finish up the office.

When we got home my brother told us that he saw a large man with dark brown hair, black pants, no shirt and blood coming off of him all over his body! He said the man was hanging from the handle of the wheelbarrow!!

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The Black Thing...

by Kotie
(Fort Myers, Florida, United States)

In my seventh grade year I was working with my friends in Geography class. We were in a group of three and we were working, when, in the corner of my eye I see this black thing flash right by my leg, then disappear. I look at Sarah and Daniel, my friends, and I ask, "Did you see that?" Daniel didn't see it but Sarah did. Her eyes got as big as plates and we thought of things that could have caused it. The problem was that all the other groups were at least six feet from us. We were in Sarah and Daniel's corner of the room where they sit. And this was right next to my leg and no one was near us.

To this day we still don't know what that thing was...

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The Legend of Ghost Creek

Ghost Creek, as the legend goes, is haunted by the Native Americans who had once lived on the grounds. Most who go there don't see the ghosts. However, they see the ghosts of 8 or 9 girls and 2 counselors.

On the banks of Ghost Creek lies Ghost Cabin. They call it the Ghost Cabin because one night, after the girls of Cabin 15 were coming home from their night hike, the cabin, without cause or warning, burst into flames. Only one girl woke up that night, much too late.

My friend Kallie went there at night on a dare. She told me that she saw 8 or 9 girls, and 2 counselors walking along the banks of the creek, singing camp songs loudly and laughing. They walked up to the cabin, opened the door, went inside, and closed it behind them.

Then she heard the girl scream...

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Black Bat

by Sam
(New Zealand)

One night my Mother and I were in the living room talking, when all of a sudden, one of our cats began hissing into thin air. My Mother simply replied with "Hi Mum." Nana had come to visit!

Anyway, I couldn't see her, yet I could hear her, so we had a conversation. Then she started talking to my Mum, which I couldn't hear. Well, my Mother and I continued with our previous conversation, and as I was facing a glass wall (Sunroom), I saw the reflection of what I can only describe as a "Black Bat" fly past, then disappeared.

I screamed, then told Mum what I saw. She merely said "Nana just left."

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Creepy Shadow

by Emma B
(Dublin, Ireland)

A few weeks ago I was at my nanny's house watching TV when I started feeling like someone was watching me. So I turned around and what I saw scared the heck out of me. It was a kind of a black shadow looking around the corner at me but when I blinked and looked back at it, it was gone. Before this incident my cousin's friend told us that when she was in my cousin's room alone she saw a black figure walk across the hall into my baby cousin's room.

Also my aunt told me that the night before she left her phone on the floor before she went to sleep and when she woke up it was gone and she found it on the kitchen counter.

I think it's my aunt's boyfriend as he died a year ago.

Tell me what you think of this because I'm at a loss.

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My Ghost Story

by Violet
(Buffalo, New York, USA)

Years ago, I was told that a whole family died in our house around the 1800s and it might be haunted.

I never believed it because nothing ever happened until one day, I was sitting on my parents' bed doing my homework. Suddenly I heard the laughter of an old man. I knew it wasn't my dad because I know how he laughs. Two years ago I woke up to the humming of a girls voice.

A year later, my sister and I were home alone watching TV and we saw shadows walking out of the bathroom. About six or seven months ago I woke to my mom yelling. She said she saw something floating in the air. Around the end of October last year, I was home alone watching TV because my school had the day off. Suddenly the TV volume turned up. The same thing happened to my siblings a week later.

And last week, I was taking a shower and it suddenly went cold. I saw something white go right through the shower curtain. The next day I was taking a shower when the water suddenly went from cool to boiling hot. I'm 14 right now and I believe that my house might be haunted. I have this power on telling the future and I get weird feelings in the bathroom and my parents' room. I don't know if that's connected at all.

I won't touch any spiritual things to figure this out because I'm scared it might bring something in my house, so don't suggest anything like using a Ouija Board. Thanks!!!

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The Red Eyes

by Brittany
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

It was in 2005 that I was at my house and I had glanced into my room for a half a second. At first, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, when I saw an old, black (gray) and white Chinese woman on the foot of my bed. It looked like she was reading and when I screamed, she looked up and I saw her face. She was elderly and had her hair up and had these red, gleaming eyes.

I went into the living room and watched television for an hour and went back into my room and she wasn't there. I went to sleep and I had dreams about her for about 3 to 4 weeks afterwards. In one of them, it looked like she was trying to warn me about something but her mood changed and she killed me (in the dream that is). I thought that would be the last time I saw her... but it wasn't.

About 2 weeks later, I saw her again. I started carrying a bible with me wherever I went. I talked to my cousin about it and he had said he saw the same woman as well. Maybe it's a phenomenon, maybe it's not; but I do feel like Iím being haunted every second of my life since then.

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by Christina
(Monument, Colorado)

Last year my boyfriend and best friend all moved into a trailer that was built next to a grave yard. Her mother was renting it to us; they had had some experiences before, but I never really had a problem with it, until about a month after we moved in.

Every night when I went to bed, as soon as I closed the door, I could hear footsteps walking past my door and a woman and a man arguing for at least on hour. After about a couple of weeks it got worse and I started hearing them during the day. I would see things moving out of the corner of my eye and eventually it got so bad my boyfriend and I moved out.

I have always been able to see and hear things others couldn't. It was never a constant thing and I still get visited by them every once in a while but I will never forget all the weird things that happened in that trailer. I don't even think I could put them all in writing. But this has been a little taste of what I experienced.

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The House on V*** Street

by Dylan
(Bridge City, Texas)

On V*** Street, actual name removed for safety reasons there is a house that has been around for a long time. It was abandoned 30 years ago or around that time. Since then it has been in a state of disrepair. The roof collapsed in 1998 and the East wall fell in 2005. The home was originally a one-story house that encompassed half an acre of land (the house alone). In the 1970s a murder was committed in the house and it was taped off for evidence.

Back then the home was widely believed to be haunted. Built in the early 1920s the home was aging quickly. The wife and two kids were killed. The father was suspected but never went to trial. Now the family has been haunting the home ever since. Whispers and bangings can be heard at night. The nearest home to the house stands on the original property. That home is also said to be haunted. People in the 80s were dared to go in. They came out hours later rambling on in jibberish. One person wrote down what the other said. In the actual notebook it says, "lla su dellik rehtaf. dellik eh. dellik eh." When put backwards it spells out, "Father killed us all. He killed. He killed."

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Someone Who Saved Me?

by Veronica
(Pomona, CA)

Hi. My name is Veronica and what I'm about to tell you is 100% true.

One Halloween night when I was 17, my friends and I had just came back from getting candy. Well we were walking down the street when we heard a loud male voice say, "Run home now!!" He said, "They are coming! Go home! Stay inside!"

I know, scary, huh?

Well we ran to my house, locked all the doors and then two minutes later my friends and I heard gun shots. It happened right where we had been standing.

Till this day I believe in ghost and angels because I had one with me that night.

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The Site and The Dream

by Daniel

I was on my computer on a ghost-watching site.

My friends saw a hand in the web cam. I reported it on the sight and heaps of people there deem it to be real.

The ghosts in this house are on the site's web cam and are very scary.

After this sighting I had a dream. My friend also had an identical dream and we were finishing each other's stories of the dream. My friend had an older sister in the dream but not in real life. The way I saw it, my friend said was very similar to his older cousin.

I have also had another dream about things that are not scary but have made me stay awake all night sweating.

All because of that one grey hand in the doorway on the web cam.

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by Jessica

Hi everyone!

My husband was on a business trip and he went to this hotel and asked the receptionist if there was a spare room. She replied, "There is only one room spare - room 67 - BUT do not go into room 66."

So my husband went up into his room and went to sleep. He woke up at about 2 o'clock in the morning and heard rock music coming from room 66, so he went round to have a look. He looked through the key hole and saw a girl brushing her hair. He then went back to bed. He woke up again at 4 o'clock but he went back to sleep. Then when he woke up at 7 am he went to look through the keyhole again and saw all red. He later said to the receptionist, "I went and had a look through the key hole of room 66 and saw all red."

The receptionist interrupted " we don't use that room because the girl with the red eye stays in there."

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Walking Up the Cellar Stairs

by Kira
(Tennesee, USA)

There was an old preacher who lived in a very nice house. He got word about a haunted house that was ten years old and seven people had tried to go in there to see if it really is haunted but none of the have stayed all night because they got too scared.

This preacher got his bible went on in. He started reading the bible and kept on hearing strange noises. He got a little bit scared, he kept on reading his bible again. Then all of a sudden the door opened and he said, "What are you doing?" The door slammed shut.

He was scared now. He kept on hearing someone walking up the cellar stairs then the door opened again. The old preacher said, "What are you doing? Why are you here?" The person looked to be a young woman.

They say if you go up to the haunted house then you can see the door open over and over again. The young woman died two years earlier.

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The Shadow in the Window

by Lorraine

When I was about 14 a group of friends and I used to go and mess around in some derelict offices. We got in through the back and started to look around for anything interesting. We had not been there long when we heard a noise like someone opening a filing cabinet draw from upstairs. We all ran outside and as I looked back I could have sworn that I had seen a shadow of someone in a pointy cloak in the upstairs window. Nobody else saw anything and that was the last time I went there.

Folks, remember that entering abandoned buildings is not only illegal, it is unsafe. This site does not condone such activities and only lists this story for its interest level, not as encouragement to engage in trespassing.

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Shady man

Okay my friend, Aspen and her brother saw this, so listen up.

One day, my little brother was out on his 4-wheeler. He went past the garage and saw a man.

The man was about 5', had black shaved hair, an after shave and was wearing a tux. He had a serious look. You could see through him.

I walked out of my door to see him right there at the garage. He ran behind our car and we ran back behind our car to see he wasn't there. Also we have another ghost at our house named Pinky. He died there.

He has taken the batteries out of our clocks and has pounded on our doors..and to this day he has done a bunch. But I know that isn't Pinky...or is it?

Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories
JOIN FRANK AND JOE... On a deserted country road, where, a fiendish scarecrow walks and talks and stalks its victims! On a stromy night at sea, where the Hardys' only hope of rescue is an l8th-century whaling ship piloted by a ghostly, crew! In the dank, dark dungeon of a Scottish castle haunted by its first lord, a cruel and notorious pirate! WHEREVER DANGER LEADS.

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The Haunting of Riverdale

by Luis

Although we have not seen any ghosts or apparitions on Riverdale Road, a long stretch of poorly maintained road, it has a very brutal and bloody history.

Like the death of a teen girl who was run over by a car, crushed between a tree and the car and burned. Now the tree has a burnt piece shaped like a person. I have seen it personally.

There is also the famous "Gates of Hell." This is a place that is very difficult to find. It is a house or building surrounded completely by hills. In this place, unforgivable satanic acts were committed, including the death of a child. My friends and I have gone in search for it, with no luck, but being on the road, alone, dark, and soundless, it has a very heavy, ominous feeling like as if something was watching our every step. There are more tragic things that have happened.

Whenever I was on the road, the air felt strange, heavy and ghostly. Even during daylight, when I rode my bike with my cousin down it. Something feels strange.

We are planning to find the "Gates of Hell"!!

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Flying Skulls

by Sid Erin Lefevre
(Tucson, Arizona, USA)

One night when I was 8 or 9 I woke up feeling scared. I went to sleep with my mom and dad. I woke up at 5:00 a.m and I looked up and saw these flying skulls. They had a blue tail that looked like air. They moved around in a circular motion. I hid under my covers and I was very scared. When my mom and dad woke up I peeked out of the covers and they were gone, I really wish I had some proof that they existed.

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by jokers_wild

It started when I was seven years old, Iím 18 now, I remember I got into bed and went to sleep around 8:00pm as most seven year olds do. I woke up at around 3:00am and I heard footsteps out my bedroom door so I went to check to see if my dad was up but no one was there, so I checked his room and he was sleeping. After that, I went and got back into bed then 30 seconds later I heard hard breathing outside my bedroom door. I was a little scared then, so I tried to ignore it but then in the kitchen I heard banging noises over and over and over and it wouldn't stop until my parents woke up and itís still happening today.

About 2 months ago something else happened. I was sleeping and I woke up paralyzed, then a few seconds later I heard an evil laugh in my closet. 3 days ago something else happened. It was 1:30am and when I looked in my mirror I saw a 7-8 foot shadow man standing over my bed staring at me. Then my chest started hurting and I couldnít breathe so I started to pray to god. Then the pain resided and I got up and went on the couch and slept. The weird thing is my parents or my brother has had no experiences in their life so Iím thinking something wants me. Almost forgot to tell you that the other family before us were voodoo ritualists so I'm pretty sure that has something to do with it.

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Ghostly Sloss Furnace Encounter

by John
(Birmingham, AL, USA)

So, some friends and I went to Sloss to have some fun. We split up when we got there.
We agreed that we would all get back to the meeting point at a certain time.

So I went to the furnace room. I walked around it for a while, climbing everything that was climbable. I was having a great time until I heard one of the furnace gates open up. I went to investigate, and it looked lit. So I went closer to examine it. As I was approaching the furnace, something knocked me down on my face and picked me up by my wrists and ankles. It began to swing me and preceded to throw me at the lit furnace, which was OPEN. Thankfully I still had the presence of mind to catch myself before I went in, but something tried to push me into the furnace once I got there. Apparently I was yelling or something, because as soon as my friends showed up everything stopped.

We left immediately.

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What I saw that night and the story....

by Lauren T (LT)
(New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

Well... I will basically tell you my story and my friend's story. (2 stories in 1) ...

Well one day there we were all sitting on the stage outside at night. When my friend started to tell us a ghost story. Here is the story she told:

''One day there was a kid and her mom. She told her mom that she did not want to go to school that day. Her mom made her go to school. So when the girl walked to the bus stop with her grandpa, she ran ahead of him. Then, a car came and kidnapped her. Later that day, her body was found at a church. Then, they had a funeral for the girl. At the funeral, the girl's mother was crying. Then, the girl's mother felt a tap on her shoulder. Then, she turned around and saw her daughter with blood dripping all over. The girl said, ''I told you to let me stay home!''

I don't know if my friend's story was true or not but who knows. Then after we heard my friend's story we all got up. Then, we all saw a shadow walking. The shadow was not that far away. But, after that we turned around for a second, looked back. And the shadow was not there anymore! So, we all go scared.

The End. The story is true about us seeing a shadow. But, I don't know about my friend's story. Who knows?


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The Ghost Light

by Jerod B L

It happened on a hot summer night. Me, my brother and a friend were camping out in my backyard. It was around midnight and we left the flap of our tent open so it wouldn't be so hot.

My friend happened to be looking east of where our tent was and he saw something strange. A blueish white late about maybe twenty-five yards from us. He said that it was like a LED kind of light and that it seemed to move and get brighter and then dimmer.

It was hard to tell exactly where it was because it was like it would appear in one spot and then the next. We watched it until none of us could see it.

To this day it still confuses me.

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Laser Cut

by Cooper

In the middle of the night I woke up and heard the kettle turned on and soon after I heard the noise of running liquid. Then after roughly an hour of sleep I heard my laser alarm go off. I quickly shot up out of bed and saw that the laser system's light had been split with something blocking it from moving between the laser posts (I enjoyed using spy toys at this time) and I remembered that my aunty loved tea. When I plucked up the courage to investigate I sprayed the laser with water and saw a hand scratching a dress.

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Campfire Ghost Stories - The Ghost of the Red Eye

by Liam

Once there was this family who moved into a house that everybody in town said was haunted. The family didn't believe anybody.

When they moved in they heard somehing in the attic. It said, "I'm the Ghost of the Red Eye."

So the dad went up in the attic and heard, "I'm the Ghost of the Red Eye," and he ran down the stairs screaming, got in bed and hid under the covers.

The next night they they heard it again. So this time the mom went up to investigate and she heard it too. She came running down screaming to death and hid under her blanket.

The next night the older brother went up to investigate the same thing happened to him. The next night the little sister went to investigate the same thing happened to her.

But the next night the baby went up to investigate and heard, "I'm the Ghost of the Red Eye," but she said . . .

"You better shut up or you'll be the ghost of the black eye."

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True Ghost Story, Scary Picture

by Lisa
(Myrtle Beach, SC, USA)

I'm sure there are people who know of the story of Alice Flagg. She is a local legend in the Grand Strand area of South Carolina. I'm not going to write her whole story but long story short she is looking for her wedding ring, legend says if you walk around her grave backwards and say her name that you will feel a tug on your ring.

My friend Heather (in the hat) tried it and felt nothing so I stood next to her and had our friends snapped a picture over the grave. Our other friend snapped a picture, too. This is the first one, and in the second there is no glow around us.

We were so creeped out by this photo that we left the area immediately!!

The story of Alice Flagg is a great one and If you want more info it shouldn't be hard to find!!

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The Haunted Ham Sandwich

by Jennifer

I am 42 now, but when I was just 18 months old, I vividly recall my mom making a ham and swiss sandwich on rye with Helmann's mayo and talking on the phone with her stock broker. She left the room to attend to some laundry down stairs after placing the sandwich on the far corner of the counter from my crib. It was then that things began to get crazy. The lights dimmed and I felt an eerie presence in my bones. The refrigerator door then opened, and a man in a top hat, dark blue jacket and green linen pants with stripes, with a small stain on the knee crawled out. He started to cough heavily, and then slapped me in the face. He took the sandwich and turned into smoke. My mom came upstairs and asked me if I had eaten the sandwich. I replied, saying that the man in the fridge consumed the sandwich. I took the fridge when I got older, and every once in awhile the man will come out and eat my friends' sandwiches. This is a spooky, and real occurance that is hurting the wallet big time, and has cost me many friends. You probably won't believe this, but come over to my house some time, and we'll do some pretty crazy things, make some sandwiches and wait patiently, like a hunter with his trap.

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When I Went Camping

by Sam Philpot

In The Garden

In The Garden

I was in my tent with my friend Sam C. when we heard rustling outside. We were so scared that we hid under our sleeping bags.

Then five minutes afterwards, we looked outside and nothing was there. So we got back in and there was a green and black hand. I whispered to Sam, "Has it gone?"

He did not reply.

. . . But someone else answered, "No."

Who what were when how?

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Melissa's Story

by Melissa M.
(Cypress, TX, USA)

On Halloween night I was sitting and watching TV in our living room. All of a sudden, I saw a flash of light. I turned to face the light but saw a girl standing there looking very angry. She finally turned to face me but as soon as she saw my face she disappeared.

I moved out of that house once I found out that she had fallen off the balcony
and her family had met their demise at the hands of a burglar.

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Faces in the Window

by Tari
(Ft.Collins, CO, USA)

So one of my best friends has had some "ghost" experiences. The one that creeped him out the most is when he saw some faces in his basement window.

He had gone down to get something for his dad. When he started up the stairs he heard some scratching. When he turned to look, shock hit him like a train. There were faces in the window looking back at him. They had no bodies, no necks, just faces with big wide eyes glaring at him from the dark of night. He told me that when they opened their gaping mouths, a horrible scratching rose from the black depths of their mouths. It scared the guts out of him.

If it wasn't ghosts or jinn, or whatever, then, what were they? I need your opinion!

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The Old Man

by Anonymous

Once there was an old man who lived in a little shack by the sea. There was no more people for miles and miles. The only company he had was his dog, Bruno, and an old radio.

It was a very cold November's night. His dog wanted to go for a walk. So he got his winter coat and boots on and left. He kept slipping and stumbling so after about an hour he thought he would go home. He called his dog and heard a faint yelp and thought it was Bruno. He started walking and assumed Bruno was following him.

When he got home he took off his coat and boots and sat in his armchair. He put on his radio and found a channel. He thought Bruno would be in his bed. By now it was 9:00pm and he was getting tired so he went to turn the radio off. He was about to turn it off when on the radio bleeped out


The old man was scared because he lived in Townsville. He went round his house locking all the doors and windows. He then went into his room and got into his PJ's. He got in bed and started stroking something. He thought it was his dog. It then started licking him. The man thought to himself, "It's good to know your here Bruno." But then it started to bite him and he knew Bruno wouldn't bite him. He jumped out of bed and threw back the duvet. Laying on his bed was the mental patient.

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Old Lady !

by Charlotte A
(England , West Sussex)

I was in the car with my mum (mother) taking my brother to nursery (pre-school) and there is a grave yard next to the nursery. I saw this lady putting some flowers down on one of the graves but you could sort of see through her, though. When I blinked, she was GONE !!!!!!!!!

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Haunted Phone Calls

by Serah White
(Ireland Co. Westmaeth)

For my birthday I asked for a new phone, When I opened my presents I was delighted to find that I got the exact phone I wanted. A couple of days later, I started to receive weird phone calls. When I answered, all I would hear was heavy breathing. Over the next few days I got really annoyed and called the number that showed on caller ID, but got a recording that said the number was not in service. Thirty minutes later I received another phone call from the exact same number.

So I took my phone to the police station and they checked the number.

Turns out the number never existed ...

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Whispering Death

by Jerod L

There was once a gated comunity in Texas that was built in front of some woods and in this neighborhood lived three boys. They were both fourteen years old and their names were Tom, Caleb, and Jason. They had lived in that neighborhood for quite some time and had gotten bored of the public pool and park. They had heard stories about the woods about a crazy murderer who ran from the police and had gone to hide in the woods. But all three boys had lived in the country and learned not to believe the stories that came out of a bunch of eight-year-old mouths.

Haunted House Sounds and
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One day they all were walking around their neighborhood talking about stuff. It was getting late and the sun was sinking low. A group of younger kids came walking by from the park and they told them, "We dare you to go into the woods where the murderer ran into."

But Caleb said, "I'm from the country and I've heard a few campfire stories that were pretty good but that sounds like its just a story to keep the young kids from going into the woods."

"Prove it!" said one of the young boys.

"Fine," said Jason. "We'll go find your so-called . . . whatever you call it."

"All my friends call it 'Whispering Death.'"

"Why is it called that?" Caleb asked.

"Because all you'll hear is a whisper and then your dead."

"Fine," said Caleb.

We go in there and prove that this is just a really good campfire story. The three boys went home packed, their stuff and headed towards the woods. "Hey Caleb! Why are you bringing a gun?" Jason asked.

"This isn't a normal gun. This is a big game revolver and it can kill a bear in two shots. We'll need it," Tom said.

As soon as the three boys entered the woods, they felt a presence. Caleb raised his gun. There was a drizzle that night. Then a man just pops up and Caleb fires. He heard a young boy scream. He looked and it was the kid who dared him to go into the woods.

"What are you doing?"

Caleb said, "I was trying to scare you. At least you got hit in the knee."

As soon as the ambulance left, the three boys heard a whisper.

The next morning all three boys were found dead.

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The Haunted Cottage on the Bluffs

by Mason C
(Atchison, KS, USA)

I have quite an interesting tale.

A couple and their new baby moved in to an old house out by Wal Mart in Atchison, Kansas (most haunted town in America, by the way). They had no idea what they were in for. The wife reported hearing strange noises while at home alone with the child; that was when the spirit seemed strongest.

One time, when the couple was home alone, they said that they heard a man's bloodcurdling scream and that they also heard civil war cannons exploding in the back yard. They only lived in the cottage for three months, but shortly after they moved out, their four month old child disappeared.

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The Ghost in My Wall

by R and T Ghost Busters

When I was about 13 years old I was reading ghost stories off this website and I was about to fall asleep until I heard strange scratching noises on my wall. Note: I do not have any pets. I got up to get some water and I have a window that is right above my dining room table, I saw I large, tall, black, transparent figure walk through my door into the hallway where my room was. I went back to my room and looked on the wall, there were faint scratch marks on my wall where I heard the scratching.

I will continue to tell you more paranormal events that have occurred in my house.

Thanks for reading!

~R & T Ghost Busters

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A Strange Doll in the Woods

by Travis H
(Butler, Pennsylvania, USA)

On a summer day my cousin and I were hiking in the woods and we both heard this giggling sound. So we went to where we heard the sound and we saw a doll all in pieces except for the head and the body.

My cousin thought it wasn't real until I looked around and then he said, "Did you see that?" I said no, and asked him what he saw. He said that the doll just turned its head real quickly and blinked. Of course I didn't believe it at first, but then I saw it for myself. The funny thing is, we went to go get my cousin's mother and when we got back to the doll, its whole body was together again. Her house is just about 60 ft from the doll and no one else lives back by her so we knew that the woods were haunted by a doll and it is still there in the woods today, probably buried under leaves and all torn up.

But at night, when I spend the night over at my cousin's house, we always hear that giggle from the doll that we heard on that one strange night in the woods.

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The Sleepover....

by Erica
(United States)

One day my best friend (Kyra) and I decided we wanted to have a sleepover at her house. Her two year old little brother (Jasper) was upstairs sleeping, and at exactly 12:00 midnight things started to get scary.

Her parents were gone and we were babysitting Jasper. Well, while we were watching movies Jasper came downstairs with his binky and his stuffed animal. So while we were taking Jasper back to his crib he screamed when we passed the bathroom and Kyra and I just looked at each other. We ran Jasper past the bathroom and into his crib, trying to calm him down. Finally he went back to bed and Kyra went to the bathroom to check it out. Nothing was in there but to Jasper there was.

So we went downstairs and started to think about why Jasper might have seen something and we didn't. Then we thought of the movie: "The Messengers" and how in the movie the little boy could see things the adults didn't.

Well we forgot about it and went to sleep and woke up to the sound of the stairs creaking. We figured it was just Jasper again but nothing came down. We could hear the creaks getting closer so we just sat there and waited but nothing came. Then we heard the sound of Jasper crying and that's when the creaks stopped.

It was a scary night that I will never forget.

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The Cellar

by Michele

When I visited my grandparents in the summers of my childhood I vividly remember the ghost of the farm. Nearly everywhere I felt something following me. I remember when I was about 14, I went down to get some homemade jam from the cellar.

It was an old house with no basement but this murky, spider-infested cellar. Usually I was never afraid but this time I fear a strong sense of fear. As I walked down the cement/rock steps I hear someone say " Get out! "

Then I saw a flash of white light and a woman and child walk towards me and follow me upstairs.

As I reached the door they child and woman disappeared. I never returned for summer again.

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Alone at Grandma's home

by Janice
(United States)

Not too long ago I had gone to Mexico and experienced some weird stuff at my grandmother's home, in just a short weekend!! Here's the story.

We left our Texas home at about 7:30 in the morning on a Friday and got to Mexico 3 hours later, at about 11:30 (due to rest stops and a brief stop at the border station). Once getting to my grandma's, we dumped our bags in one of the rooms we were going stay overnight in and went back to the truck to visit my other grandmother and meet up with some friends we were going to the plaza with. The whole day was spent on the street, heading from store to store, house to house, which immediately resulted in me getting car sick so my mom dropped me off at my grandmother's vacant house and left again to do some other significant errands. At first, nothing happened and everything seemed completely normal until after I woke up from a long nap. In the middle of my sleep, things started to feel fishy and I couldn't help but sense that I was not alone in the room. I awoke, hoping that it was mom who was home getting dinner ready, because I was starving, but unfortunately I was alone.

I just shrugged things off, and turned on the tv, I switched through that only 3 channels there are available on air if you don't have cable and just left it on a soccer game. While I watched as one of the guys made a goal, I could faintly hear a door to another part of the house opening and then slowly re-closing. I didn't waste any thought on it and continued to watch the game, and once I again I heard a door opening but this time it was not only accompanied by the sound of it closing but I could also hear heavy footsteps slowly heading toward the kitchen.

At this, I was officially creeped out, I turned off the tv and headed to the kitchen to see who else was in the house. I remembered looking in every single room in the house and not in one did I find anyone. All the fans in the house were off, and all the windows were locked closed, so air couldn't have blown any door open or close. There was not any electrical thing that was on that could have caused the footsteps, and they sounded too heavy to be of natural explanation. I dismissed it as my imagination and went into the kitchen to see if there was anything to eat in the fridge. This time, as I opened the door to the refrigerator, I saw (out of the corner of my eye) something white and foggy woosh by faster than anything you could imagine.

I dropped and broke a glass bottle of coke that I was holding and didn't bother to clean it up, I was just too scared to death, I ran out of that house faster than you can say "ghost". The two nights I spent at my other grandmother's house and didn't dare step another foot into the haunted one.

The weird thing is that my parents or my other siblings have not ever experienced anything wierd or paranormal at that house yet but they should watch out.....

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A Night in the Cemetery

by Jonathan A
(Boscawen, New Hampshire, USA)

Ten years ago, my friends and I went to a local cemetery and used a ouija board. What we saw and heard that night will haunt me forever.

It all started on Halloween night. We played with the board for awhile and got nothing, but when we were getting ready to leave, my friend Shawn noticed what looked like someone standing near a headstone.

We called out and got no answer so we started to walk. It followed. When we walked faster it did the same until my friend Harold noticed it had no legs and was wearing what apeared to be a cloak. The faster we ran, it moved with us. We never went back there again. We asked the cemetery director about it. She claimed that several other people had had the same exprience. Creepy.

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Little Ghost Boy

by Adele

Haunted house

Haunted house

I heard this story from a friend, it was years ago and a woman and a man lived in a house that was about 200 years old, but they didn't mind.

One day they decided to research the history of their house and found that there once lived a man a woman and a young boy. The parents were horrid to the boy and he died young, yet no one knows how.

The woman was afraid that night and said that she heard moaning and weeping and screaming down in the basement, she told her husband and he said "Don't worry, I will investigate."

It was a bad time to investigate, it was late at night, and the man swore that he saw a faint figure of a young boy about 8 or 9 and he was weeping.

As soon as he had told the wife she asked him to move and they did straight away.

Other families say they have heard the exact same noises and seen the same familiar sightings.

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by Ashley
(Florida, USA)

Eleven year old Emily Sanders was laying in her bed deep in sleep when suddenly she heard a mysterious noise. She got out of bed and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. That's when she heard another noise coming from the kitchen cabinet! She opened the door and BAMM! She woke up and she was on the floor with blood marked like an "X" on her chest!

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Campfire Ghost Stories: Ouija Board

by Tay

It was January 6th and my school had been shut due to snow. The whole country was stopped in its tracks due to the snow, and I was bored out of my mind. My mother took me to my cousin's and we stopped there for the night.

At about midnight I heard something. It was my cousin and she was holding a Ouija board. I asked her what she was doing and she asked me to join her. Out of curiosity I did. She told me everything about the Ouija and what it could do. We started to do it and nothing happened. I got impatient and said "If there is anything there, knock twice on the window." There were 2 knocks and we both looked at each other.

"Tick Tock."

The time was passing slowly and my hands were shaking from pure fear. We drew back the curtain and there was nothing there....

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Show and Tell

by Katie
(Colorado Springs)

One day, when I was in second grade, the day was very foggy and cold. I didn't have a good feeling about the field that lies next to the school. I could swear something was hiding, watching me,and I saw something slowly move along. But I dismissed it, thinking I was making a big deal out of nothing.

Later in the day we were having show and tell. I had brought a small toy I wanted to present, so I went out in the hall to get it out of my backpack. Our backpacks hung on hooks next to big blue doors with long windows. Once I was finished rummaging through my backpack, I had a strong feeling I should look at the window. So I did. And when I did, I jumped back, for a face looked back at me. It was a stern old man with black eyes wearing a yellow rubber hat and raincoat. I was surprised, and when I blinked it disappeared. I was relieved, but then I saw it again, pushed up closer at another window. I couldn't scream but ran as fast as I could into the classroom, panting.

I will never forget the incident and know that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. I have always been sensible and know what I saw was real.

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Marissa's Warning

by Marissa V
(El Paso, Texas, USA)

When I was a little girl, my mom and two uncles were playing a game that opens doors to entities like ghosts and when they started playing it, I started to see dead people. They would also talk to me. I've even heard voices talking to me when I'm alone in my room.

I've seen little kids, old people, and adults. When I've looked on the internet for ghosts, I found some photos of ghosts that I've seen before. These photos were from some other part of the world.

What was really scary was when my mom stopped playing the game, I didn't see them anymore.

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The Red Bow

by Jon

I had a girlfriend and she always wore a red bow (around the neck) and I asked her "What's under the bow?" She says "You'll see," so I like wait for 20 years and we got married. She got very ill and I ask her 1 last time and she says "ok" and she slowly pulls it off and BAM! her head fell on the floor. Of course I called 911, and they said "I don't know what happened."

And she haunts the house now.

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The Old Country Ghost

by Ryan M
(Alberta Canada)

My House is haunted!

One night I was watching a DVD in my living room with my family when I was 11, my dog was in his dog bed, our cat was lying on my lap and there was no one else in the house. That's when there was a mysterious noise that was like a sad laughing noise then a large crash. It came from my room and I looked and the shelf holding my DVDs, video games, TV. And some other stuff had fallen over. Most of my DVD's are half way across the room the only way they could be like that is if some one (or some thing such as a ghost) put it there.

Another thing that happened recently is the mysterious red blood. I was going to get a clean towel for a shower. I took out just a random towel from the closet and it was totally fine. I put the towel next my clothes and I took my shower. After I took the shower I grabbed the towel and there was some of this red stuff, almost like dried blood on my towel.

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The Ghost of Clear Creek

by Savanah and Toni
(Buffalo, WY 82834)

On a hazy day a little girl had basketball practice. She became very sweaty so she went down to the girlís locker room to take a nice shower, but the electricity was shut off. There was a loose wire and she accidentally walked into the wire. It got caught in her long hair. She didnít know at first, but then it started to pull her hair. Then she began to scream! Suddenly she died from the wire.

When she passed away a friend of hers came looking for her. She was found dead on the floor. The friend screamed and called the cops as fast as she could. To this day she still walks around haunting the school in Buffalo, Wyoming. But the Boys and Girls club held at that school would not believe the ghostly haunting of the school, even the staff members. Sometimes things happen on accident, others happen on purpose. This was no accident.

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Ghost - Dusty Girl in Blue

by Anonymous

One very early spring day, I was out in the backyard by myself. My neighbors were all inside, comfy and cozy. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone or something. Between my neighbors on the right side and their neighbor to the right, in their small woody, raspberry garden, I saw it. A little girl, wearing a dusty blue dress, crouched there. I ran inside to my parents. I took a video, and a few snapshots of this apparition. It stood there, almost scared, it seemed.

I am still frequently visited and sought by these, friendly or unfriendly apparitions. No one knows what they want or need from me. I'm still mystified and slightly confused, scared, too.

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The Teen Boy Ghost in My Bathroom

by Katie

It was the day I got my GCSE's results on a Thursday.

I decided to go into the bathroom to wash my hands and I looked into the mirror and saw a boy. I said, "No there's a boy standing in the bath". I turn round and saw him. He was tall, with brown hair, wearing a dark blue polo shirt--it had a little picture of a white seagull or bird on it. He was also wearing trackies and had brown Rockports on. He was only a teenager.

I was so scared I just didn't know what to do. I wasn't imagining it either. I got a picture of me and a bit of him but just didn't get his face. He was behind me. He was scared also. This was the 2nd time I had seen a ghost.

Now I can't walk around my house on my own. I'm too scared. I hear screaming but it may just be the kids outside. Things get moved around in my house and it feels like someone is watching you!

You also get a smell of perfume around the house when no one has sprayed any! I'm so scared to go into the bathroom because you never know, he could turn up once again!

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Gymnasium Ghost

by Bob
(Toronto Alaska USA)

It was early in the morning, around two a.m. Two long time friends were hanging out in a school that is said to be haunted. One of the friends worked at the school so he knew the place like the back of his hand. Jack was back in the room where they were hanging out, while Frank was using the restroom. When Frank was exiting the restroom, he heard the gym door. Thinking nothing of it, Frank and Jack chased the prankster. They heard the culprit run into the supplies room. They went into the supplies room to trap him. But when they searched the room, there was no one in there.

There was nowhere to hide, because the cabinets were capable of seeing in without opening them, and no way to escape.

To this day they still try to get that early morning out of their head. Some people say it was the ghost rumored to be wandering the halls and others say it was their imagination. You believe what you want to believe.

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Orbed To Death

by Diorsace Twins
(Los Angeles, CA)

Everytime my twin and I ride pass the cemetery we always see these orange and white "orbish balls" flickering on the upper right side of every tombstone (we mostly see white, but it's not rare that I see orange). We just thought they were lights reflecting off the light poles, but the light poles were not even by the cemetery.

So, my twin sister and I drove up to the cemetery and we went close to the tombstones and saw nothing!?! We didn't stay too long, afraid of what we might see. Creepy. But it creeps me out, because our aunt said she did not see anything when she rides pass the cemetery...just pure darkness. I think they might be orbs.... Why can't everybody else see them?

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Ghost in My House

by Catherine S.
(Westbrook, Maine)

Hello. My name is Catherine. This story is true and did happen.

It was just before the sun came up my friend Mandi and I were already awake. Mandi was in her closet and I was getting clothes for the shower. Just before I grabbed my pants out of the bag I heard this muffled sound coming from behind the bedroom door. I asked Mandi if she heard that to she also heard it. Then there was a loud BANG! coming from the other end of the hallway.

There was no one up Mandi's parents were out and her sister was at her aunts house. We both FREAKED OUT! then the muffled voice came again but this time we could actually hear it say" come out of the room you don't live here." At this point I really freaked because this really happened!

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Weird Events in the Past 2 Years

by Dead Eyes

Okay I am young yes, but throughout my short lived life, so far I have encountered many things I would consider paranormal or poltergeist activity.

#1: Once when I was laying in bed I woke up at EXACTLY 6am. I never wake up early so this was weird. I tried to go back to bed and I laid back down. I closed my eyes and the minutes I did, I saw a face. It was a boy, pale and scratched up (no lie this is all true. He had a gun to his cheek and the trigger pulled and his face absorbed it. Then I started hearing a voice and it said "The 47 things I hate about you." It said a few things but by the time it got around 8 reasons, it was repeating itself saying, "And then, and then, AND THEN." by now I was fully awake with my eyes open but I couldnít move, breathe, of speak. I was paralyzed and I wanted to scream. The sound slowly faded away but I was petrified.

#2: I was lying in bed in the middle of the night and a black face with bright eyes was hovering above me.

#3: I was sitting and it sounded like something fell in my room but nothing fell even though the crash was loud.

#4: I was sitting on my bed and it looked like a figure was standing at the end of my bed.

#5: I get chills all the time and feel like I'm being watched.

#6: I was once standing in my doorway and someone was breathing loudly in my ear.

#7: At a place I went, I was stressed so I decided to sit in the middle of the floor and concentrate. I closed my eyes and with my eyes closed I visualized the room. In the corner I saw a little girl standing there with a white gown/dress outfit, holding a teddy bear, with long black hair facing the corner sobbing about 9 years old. By the mirror a girl with a scarred up face with blond hair and a teal shirt stood fixing her hair and staring at herself. I told the supervisor of us and he told me there indeed was a girl who was about 9 yrs. Old who used to sob and carry a teddy bear exactly like I had told him. It was weird and as for the blond girl, nothing was told about her nor has she been reported to me.

#8: I was just now (9:40pm 2/20/09) talking to my friend on the computer and it logged me off. It logged me off every time I logged on and I got somewhat aggravated so I said aloud, ďStop it! Please." And it let me log in and it stoppe

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Bloody Mary Truth or Dark

by ALK
(Kent WA USA)

My Arm!!!

My Arm!!!

For years, I have been going to my friend's house almost every day.

In 1909 (or so said the real estate people), a girl died of influenza IN HER ROOM!!! Her name was Katy. So once we were playing truth or dare and I was dared to do Bloody Mary at the mirror in her room. When we were done, nothing happened and we were not scared or anything.

Then when we turned the lights back on and I looked at my hand, I had a HUGE scratch on my arm that went all the way from my hand to my shoulder. It was not bleeding. It looked like it had been there for three years.

Also, when we looked back at the mirror there was a handprint on it that had not been there before.

My friend says it was Mary's handprint but I think it was Katy trying to protect us.

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The Ghosts In My House

by Dylan

My house is not very old, only 20 years or so, but I have noticed a lot of unusual activity. Only two families before mine lived inside the house and only one person ever died inside the house. However, you would think about 4 or 5 spirits live inside the walls of my house.

The first signs of activity came when my family first moved in. For about the first six months my dad would wake up in the middle of the night because something was shaking his leg. This happened fairly randomly but never more than once a night. After living in the house for around six months my dad never had his leg shaken again. He has had no problems since then with his leg shaking randomly day or night. The only other time he has had his leg shaken was the night that someone broke into his truck which he didn't learn about until the next day.

Another, more unusual, ghostly sighting is what my friends described as a "mist" appearing to manifest from under my bedroom door, rise to the ceiling, float over to my bed and hover over them for a few seconds and then retreat to the door and disappear straight through it. At first only one of my friends saw the mist. After seeing it in the middle of the night multiple times he finally told me about it. He said he never felt threatened and never woke me up because of that. One night he attempted to wake me up in time to see it but as he shook me he said the mist began to retreat again. I woke up and noticed that an unusual smell was in the room. It smelt fruity like a perfume but I had no idea how the smell had gotten into my room. Initially I didn't believe my friend as he had a tendency to make up stories but one night another one of my friends stayed over and saw the same thing with the same movement and everything. Again, however he felt no need to wake me and did not feel threatened. Four of my friends claimed to have seen the same mist. I have never seen the mist personally but the smell left behind is very noticeable, sometimes even into the morning hours.

The only other occurrence that would be very reliable would be my former brother-in-law's sighting in the night. During a particularly violent thunderstorm in which there was a power outage, he was startled awake by the lights on the entertainment center. Due to the sudden surge the lights on the console were flickering on and off in random patterns. He laid on the couch and watched the lights until he noticed something in the corner of his eye. He looked to the right and in the middle of the living room was a woman. She had her head wrapped in a towel and was in a white robe. At first he thought it was my mother, but then he saw that she was levitating a few inches above the floor. Around her feet was what he said appeared to be a "misty cloud" that was very thin and stayed close to the floor below her. After several seconds of watching this woman she turned and looked directly at him. She stared at him for a few seconds and then slowly disappeared.

Those are the big events that have happened. Of course the usual bangs and creeks in the night are expected but since the recent hurricane the activity has escalated a bit. The recent remodeling we had to do obviously angered the former owners spirit and since the rebuilding stopped the activity has died down a bit.

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Campfire Ghost Stories - The Haunted TV

by Name Witheld

It was about 09:00 pm. My friends and I were in my room. Ben and I decided to turn my TV on and off and scared Ian. We all ran out of the room leaving the TV on. We told Ian that we did it on purpose to scare him, so we went back up to my room. The TV was off when we got although we had left it on.

Over the next few weeks my TV has turned on and off by itself countless times. One day I got fed up and decided to put a blank DVD in. I switched the TV to analog and put it on Channel 6 (Static Channel.) I recorded the static for about 25 minutes and watched the DVD. I saw three faded figures at around 05:20 on the DVD. The figures turned out to be Ben and Ian laughing.

I kept the DVD to show my parents but when I showed them the DVD the figures were gone.

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The Bride Ghost

by Holly C

One day there was a man and a woman who got married but two days afterward, the bride died mysteriously.

The groom wanted his ring back so the groom and his friend went to dig up the bride.

When they got there the ring was stuck so the man cut off the bride's finger and put it in his back pocket in his trousers.

When they both got back to the house he had realized what a bad thing he had done so at 12 o'clock midnight he went to go put the finger back but when he got to the coffin the young bride was not there.

The groom felt a cold wind on his neck but it was not windy. When he turned around the bride was standing behind him and said in a dark, terrifying voice, "Give me back my finger, give me back my finger." But before the groom could return it, she dragged him into her coffin and he was never seen again . . .

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Dead in a Tree

by Jessica

About a year ago my friend and I were getting ready to walk to a friend's party. It was about 9:30. I told her to just skip it, but she insisted we go. Now, it was pitch black outside and I hate walking in my neighborhood. The party we were going to is about 1/2 a mile from her house. Our parents did not know we were going, we just said that we were going to my house. So we lied, that's not bad is it?

We were walking, and I thought I was hearing somebody talking. And naturally I told her to stop. She told me she did not hear anything. Then it started to get windy. Suddenly I got chills all down my spine. Now my friend started to hear the noises. We started to freak out. We were about five houses away from the party. So we thought we could just walk faster. Then we saw a huge shadow on the sidewalk.

We both turned around, it was a tree. But in the tree was a guy hanging from a rope. We both started to scream. We ran to the house, and called the cops. When the cops finally got there, the man was gone. And every time we go out that way during the day we can still hear weird noises.

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Campfire Ghost Stories - Midnight Woman

by Angie
(Los Angeles,CA)

It was about 12:15 am, my mom was out and I was alone in the apartment where we still live. I was on the couch facing the hallway leading to all three bedrooms and one bathroom. I see something move in the hallway, so I look up and see a woman. This "Woman" was, I'm guessing, in her late forties.

She was wearing an orange shirt, brown dressy shorts, and black flats. She was walking down the hall toward me. She stops at my room and looks up to stare at me, smiling. I froze and stared at her, frightened. Just then, she looks down and walks into my room. I tried calling my mom but she wouldn't answer her phone. By the time my mom got home, I had turned all the lights on. And when I checked my room, the door was closed the whole time.

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The Skull Mask

by Miranda
(Nortonville, KS,USA)

My friend was sleeping over at my house one night and brought her camera. We started taking pictures and having a great time. When we looked over the pictures, every picture with me in it had a kid with a skull mask on. We started feeling weird and couldn't breathe. All of a sudden my door swung open and we ran out and slept downstairs.

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Campfire Ghost Stories - The Shadow Man

by Jade

When I was six years old I was sitting on the stairs leading down to the utility room. It was dark and the utility room door was open but I sat there because I was bored. After about five minutes, I saw this man. He was black with a white outline. He wore a cowboy ha. He had come out of the utility room door, and did not even notice me.

I thought it might be my grandpa Albert because he had passed away when I was little. But I still wasn't sure. I looked down just for one second. Then when I looked up, he had vanished. So I ran up the stairs as fast as my little legs could go.

I told my grandparents, they probably did not believe me, but I knew it was true.

So from then on I have remembered that experience.

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Local Haunted House

by Eugene
(Fulton NY USA)

There is a house in Fulton New York that is down the street from my house. It has been empty for 10 years and every time I go by it, I feel weird.

I had a friend who lived there a long time ago and said he found a tombstone in the basement that said "Baby Boy." He kept on hearing a boy crying every night. He had 2 girls at the time and every time he would check on them when they were not awake. To this day if you walk by there during the day, you will see something in the window and if you stand there and look at the upstairs window, you can see it move like someone is leaning against it.

No one talks about it. No one even asks about it. It is a very creepy house.

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The Haunted Inn

by Jenna

Burnt Bricks

Burnt Bricks

There was a family going out for a day ride. They were half way there when the clouds started to darken. Shortly after there was a storm. They stopped at an inn to keep dry. They were welcomed by the man living there, he was very kind asking them if they wanted anything to eat or drink. When the storm had stopped they went on their way.

They had to go to a petrol station and started chatting to a man there. The family mentioned where they went when it started raining. The man said, "You don't mean the farm house down the road do you that been burnt down for ages."

The family didn't believe what the man said so drove back, only to see that the only thing there were some burnt bricks

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Ghost Friend

by Kayla

My older sister and I were at the house of her best friend who had recently died in a car crash. We were in her old room taking pictures with her younger sister. My sister stood in front of the mirror and took a picture. When we had the photo developed, there on the bed was her friend, smiling like she was there with us the whole time having fun taking pictures. We have never gone back to that room since.

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Ghost in the Band Hall

by Jerod BL
(Azle, TX)

This didn't happen to me, it happened to my brother.

It happened around 10:30 in the morning at my school. My brother was in choir and the band hall was empty. They were getting ready to sing a few songs when they heard loud bangs coming from the band hall. Everyone was wondering what was going on so the teacher went into the band hall to check it out.

When thee got to the band hall they discovered all the lights out and no one was in there. All doors coming into the band hall were locked and both band directors were at another school.

We cannot explain this. I think other people have reported hearing strange noises coming from the band hall.

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My Living Room Sťance Ritual

by Shelbylyne
(Michigan )

A few weeks ago my friend and I decided to do a seance ritual in my living room. It was around 6:30 pm so we closed the shades and shut the doors, but left a dimmed light on. We started asking if there were any spirits in the room, to come forward, and to give us a sign.

The room began to get really warm & the light kind of flickered. Then the cord on the vacuum completely fell off its hook. After that, we went to tell my brother what happend. He was only down the hall in his bedroom, but he heard something strange going on in the bathroom shower. When I looked, nothing seemed to be moved or anything.

We all laughed and headed outside. I asked my friend & brother if this was a joke to scare me, but they were as scared as I was and said no. The door must have locked "by itself" then.

Even though nothing drastic happend, I've been interesting in the paranormal ever since!

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A Fourth of July Haunting

by Meghan

It was 5:00 in the afternoon when my two friends told me that their house was haunted! I was kind of freaked out when they told me because this was like the first time I ever saw a ghost. My friend Gage took us upstairs to try and find the ghost. First we went in Aislin's room (Gage's sister's room.) When we entered the room you could feel kinda sick. Then we went to talk about what we experienced in the hallway. I was getting a little bit scared so I backed up into the bathroom. Once I was in there I felt 3 tugs on my shirt! We quickly went back into Aislin's room and decided to go into their mom and dad's room.

I sat on their bed while Gage and my brother, Evan went into there closet. They sat on the floor and Gage felt a DEAD! hand touch him, but no one did. Then while they were in the closet I was still sitting on the bed and heard a lot of noises. I asked them "Did you hear that?" and they answered no. They finally came out of the closet and we saw a refection in the TV that looked like a guy with a big hat on. We all ran out of the room and then it was time for the fireworks. We went outside and saw the same guy looking out the window. The fireworks were over and we went home. The next time we went Gage told me that a guy died in Aislin's room because of a heart attack!!!

I still get a little bit scared but still look for him to find answers.

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Ghost Story: Squankum.

by Ashleigh
(Collings Lakes ,NJ)

Okay, first off I was born and raised in Williamstown, New Jersey. As you may or may not know there are a number of stories about the surrounding areas. But when I was 11, I found out the most creepy thing from my dad. He told me that he found really, really old maps from 1795 to present day South Jersey. He and I looked at these maps and found numerous areas entitled Squankum. Having no idea what it was, we Googled it. "Where evil ghosts dwell" is what it means and it is a Lenni-Lenape word. And that night, I saw someone out my window. I got up and a Native American was staring right at me. He mouthed the word Squankum and I freaked out. But just the word gives bad vibes, so I don't go hiking out there!

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My House

Well I love hearing ghost stories and my first Ouji Board was a scary but fun experience. But that's not what I'm talking about. When I was nine, my father died in my living room.

One night I was alone downstairs in my living room and we still had the chair he died in. Anyway, I was watching Dirty Jobs one of my dad's favorite shows. All of a sudden I felt something cold touch my shoulder. Now, I wouldn't sit in my dad's chair since it was too depressing, so my cat sat on it. But sometimes he would jump on the back of my couch. So I thought it was my cat. Then I turned around I could have sworn I saw the figure of my dad.

I've had many experiences with that but I'm glad that he's a good ghost.

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Ghostly Midnight Woman

by Angie
(Los Angeles, CA)

It was about 12:15 am, I was alone in the apartment where I still live. I was on the couch facing the hallway leading to all three bedrooms and one bathroom. I saw something move in the hallway, so I looked up and saw a woman. This "woman" was, I'm guessing, in her late forties.

She was wearing an orange shirt, brown dressy shorts down to her knees, and black flats. She was walking down the hall toward me. She stopped at my room and looked up to stare at me, smiling. I froze and stared at her, frightened. Just then, she looks down and walks into my room. I tried calling my mom but she wouldn't answer her phone. By the time my mom got home, I had turned all the lights on.And when I checked my room. The door was closed the whole time.

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by Natoria H
(Anniston, Alabama, USA)

There were four kids named Joshua, Kimmy, Joe, and Kim. They were going trick or treating. Joshua said, "I have the most candy."

"So, who cares?" said Kim. "We've been to all the houses around our block.

"No we haven't," said Joe. "Not that creepy house."

"I`m not going over there," said Kimmy.

"Please, can you go?" everyone begged.

We went. We heard A SOUND. We were a little scared. We saw something but it went flying in the air.

Then we saw a lady walk up to them. We got a little scared.

We relized that the lady was not a ghost, it was MRS. BRAIZER.

I got ya.

So there was no creepy house anymore.


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Campfire Ghost Stories: The Haunted Hallway

by Your Ghost
(The Left Hallway)

One day a business man was on a trip to Savannah, GA. He went to a hotel and checked in at the front desk. The man at the front desk said, "Your room is on hallway number three, but whatever you do, don't turn to the left, only right."

So the man went up the elevator to his hallway. He set down his bags and decided to go to the left. He went to the left and looked through one of those old-fashioned key holes and saw a woman with white hair dancing. "Whats so scary about that?" he thought. That night he fell into a deep sleep. He woke up the next morning and went down the left hallway again and this time he saw all red in the key hole. "Hmmmmm," he thought.

He went down to the front desk and saw the manager and said, "I can't lie. I went down the hallway and saw only a woman with white hair."

The manager said, "Oh those are the ghosts, they are all white, except for their red eyes."

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Ghost Story: Where the Roses Grow

by Amyers
(Alloway, NJ, USA)

Jane sat lonely on the ground waiting for John, her boyfriend, to come and get her. She really wanted to see him, with his long black hair and light blue eyes, but he wasn't there. Jane checked her clock and swayed side to side over and over again. She hummed songs about roses and thought that if John did not come tonight she wished that she would turn into a rose.

Suddenly something was pulling her into the ground from behind. It was too strong and it pulled her underground. In her place stood a rose.

John died from a car crash minutes after her wish.

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Thump,thump draag

by Brittny

A babysitter was watching two children. After she put them into bed she watched tv. She turned on the news and it said that a killer is on the loose and he is armed. Lock your doors and windows. T

he babysitter checked all the locks except the cellar lock. The killer came through the cellar door. The children were up in there rooms as they heard the babysitter. They heard loud screams. They were too scared to look down stairs so they stayed in bed.

After the screams they heard, "Thump..thump..drag..thump..thump...draaaaaag."

When the parents returned home, the mother screamed as she saw the babysitter on the top of the stairs. Her arms and legs were now stumps.

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I Saw a Little Girl in my Bed

by Ashley Jackson

This is not her but it looks like her

This is not her but it looks like her

It was 8 o'clock and I was going to bed but when got up there I climbed in to my bed and there was a little girl crying next to me. I started to cry and she was trying to push me off my bed. Her hands felt like moldy bread as she started pulling my hair and screaming at me. I ran downstairs and she pulled me back and dragged me back in to my room and tried to rip my hair off but I kicked her and ran down stairs . . . and every night we hear her crying.

I now sleep in my mum's room.

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Large Marge sent me

by Bob

My dad once told me a story about Large Marge. There once was a guy called Pee Wee Herman. He was hitchhiking because his car went off of a mountain and he jumped out before it went down. He had saved himself.

So while he was hitch hiking a semi truck came by and the girl asked him if he wanted a ride. So he jumped in and they started driving. He asked what her name was and she said it was Large Marge. So then he told her his name. So after a while of driving he asked her what she looked like and so she turned on a light and scared him half to death. They saw a gas station up ahead and Pee Wee said to let him get off there. So when he said good bye, she said, "Tell them Large Marge sent you." He said ok. So when he went in he said Large Marge sent me. One guy sitting at the bar said "That is not possible." She died 2 weeks ago. Pee Wee said that is not true i just rode with her.

Then everybody said "You were riding with a GHOST!" He just about fainted. And he started screaming. To see pictures of Large Marge go on to Google and type in Large Marge.

Or just watch the video below. (hee hee) - Brenda, Webmaster

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Ornaments and Ghosts

by Anna P
(Cavite, Philippines)

Our classroom is divide into two. A part of it is a science lab and the other is a real classroom. It is said that ghosts fill the room, and there are those who have experienced hauntings. The direct source of these apparitions is the science lab.

On the night before our Christmas party, my classmates prepared the room and decorated it with ornaments galore. They went home about seven o'clock in the evening. I was proudly the first to arrive. It was very dark, considering it is about five in the morning. I heard some mysterious giggles and laughter in the room so I decided to sing out loud. When the room was opened, we were surprised to find that all the decorations have fallen. And all of them seemed to have been removed forcefully.

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Unknown Lady with the Lawnmower

by Bobbe L
(Linden, North Carolina, USA)

My friend and I were having a sleep over at her house on a Saturday night. There had been stories of a certain room in her house that was haunted. My friend and I had the guts to check it out. It was 3:00 in the morning (dead time) and we went in the room and turned off all the lights. We held hands and started asking questions. I asked, "If there is a spirit or paranormal being in here show us you are here without harming us or touching us in any way." It was silent for a couple of minutes. Then we heard the lawnmower being turned on and then back off.

We looked in her parentsí room and they were both sound asleep. We looked outside and nobody was there. We went back in the room and I asked, "If you are a female scratch or if your a male knock on something." Five seconds later scratches were heard on the wall parallel to us. We wanted to ask why she was there but I had a feeling it wasn't her fault or it was accidentally done. I felt like she had felt the pain of an affair or of her heart. I knew something wasn't right and explained to my friends how I felt. They all understood and left the unknown lady who somehow started the lawnmower that had no gas in it.

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Haunted Monopoly

When I was 11, I had a friend named Ben. Ben wasn't a happy kid, and one day his parents found him dead in his room. His parents moved soon after.

My cousin bought his house, and one day we were playing Ben's favorite game, Monopoly. Whenever he used to play, he always bought the electricity plant first. We started to play and about half way through, my cousin bought the electricity plant. We looked for the card, but couldn't find it. We both went upstairs to the game closet to get the card from monopoly junior. When we came back, sitting on the coffee table was the missing card.

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Dinosaurs' Ghosts

by Jonathan V. L.

I was at a fossil site at night when suddenly I saw three clouds of fog go by, without the help of wind.

Then my friend, Sean, and I saw an enormous white wide cloud of fog and dust coming at 50 miles an hour. As the clouds got closer, we heard a little noise that sounded like a stampede was coming. When the cloud got EVEN closer, I felt rumbling under my feet. It didn't look like Sean noticed the rumbling. The cloud hit us with a devastating impact, sending us pinned to the ground. It lasted for about an hour. When we got up after the cloud disappeared, we heard a strange barking sound that didn't sound liked a dog.

When we went back to our houses, I watched the movie Jurassic Park III. The raptor that calls for help, sounded like the barking at the fossil site.

I wasn't sure what was going on at the fossil site. So I decided to report it to this website.

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Dead Old Man Cooking at Night

by Sophie
(Dallas, TX, USA)

It was back then in Vietnam, when I was three years old. I remembered the little house we rented was really small, there is only 1 room, no kitching, nothing, so the place where we sleep was facing the oven, and things to cook, so our bed was facing the oven.

At night, when I woke up to go to the bathroom, I saw a man cooking using my oven. I didn't know exactly what it was, so I called my mom (we shared our bed together) but she didn't wake up, so I quickly covered the blanket all over my entire body, including my head, and quickly closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

The next day, I told my mom the story, but she just didn't believe me, she would probably think that I made up the story, or I was dreaming.

So when I grew up, I told her the story again, this time she believed in me a little, and she told me that the dead old man was the owner of the house we rented.

Grandmother's House (Buy)

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The Dream

by Karina M
(East Los Angeles, CA, USA)

One evening my mom was picking my sister and I from school and she was telling us something weird that happened to the night before. She told us that she had a dream that her old friend Trini was sitting on a rock in a cave and was waving goodbye to her while she was slowly disappearing into the darkness of the cave.

The weird part was that the next morning while she was watching TV, our grandma called my mom and told her that her old friend Trini the night before, and had told my grandma to tell my mom goodbye.

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The Old Cemetery

by Eugene F
(Fulton, NY, USA)

There is a cemetery that sits in Fulton NY that is very freaky at night. A couple of friends and I went there one night. I'll tell you one thing, I'm never going there again at night. There was the laughter of a child where the children's cemetery is. My girlfriend saw a deer but that didn't scare her. What scared her was there was a child sitting on top of it. When the deer ran, the child disappeared.

My brother saw a man with a blue mask that chased him and his girlfriend out of the cemetery and we had to find him. That was the most uneasy feeling in the world. Do not go to that cemetery at night by yourself at all. Go there with a group of friends.

There was also a soldier sitting on one of the headstones looking out at the south. That is a very freaky place to go to.

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Brush, Apple and Mirror

by Lexi

If you take a brush and a RED apple, go into the bathroom (lights on or off does not matter). Eat the RED apple while brushing your hair and looking into the mirror, while spinning around at 12:00 am, then look over your shoulder and you will see your future husband or future wife.


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Bloody Mary Wall

by Jordan
(New York, USA)

Never Do It

Never Do It

One night I was in my room and my friend came over and we were thinking about doing Bloody Mary in my room just to see if it works. We got two black candles and then we started to say "Bloody Mary" ten times and then turned around five times. Then we closed our eyes. My friend started to scream then she opened her eyes and had a very deep cut on her eye. Then blood came down the wall.

The next day my friend did not remember anything and the blood was gone and that night it started all over again, but this time it happen to me and now three years later she still has the scar.

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My Friend Has a Haunted House

by Haley

I was spending the night at my friend's house, and we were in her basement around 11 o'clock. We were hitting her brother and his friend with pillows when I noticed the lights flickering on and off. There were only two light switches; one by the stairs and one by the garage door, and no one was near them. My friend's parents were upstairs watching TV and were nowhere near the lights. We all eventually wandered upstairs.

The next morning, my friend and I were in her brother's room playing their X-box when the bedroom door started opening and closing by itself. Their dog, Sam, walked in and growled at the door. Then she laid down next to it, pushing the door closed.

We never found out what was doing these things, but they scared us. Whatever it was it wasn't going to hurt us.

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Speak Of The Dead!

by Maris

Well my friends and I always talked about Bloody Mary and how to do it. So I dared my best friend to do Bloody Mary in the girl's bathroom. There were 3 mirrors in the front and one in the back. So when my friend did tha,t we heard her scream! She ran out and told us everything! We didn't believe her but when we went to get a drink because she INSISTED that she couldn't go alone, my other friend screamed and we looked into the room. There sitting at MY computer was a man with red eyes. We just sat there and watched. Then he turned the computer around and the words on the computer read "You're next!"

We screamed and never went to the bathroom without another person in that room EVER AGAIN!

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The Silent Ghost

by Jimmy N
(Vista, CA, USA)

It was 3am in the morning on Sunday, February 18. I was going outside for a smoke break because I couldn't sleep with too much on my mind. While going down my stairs I kept hearing a "shhhhhhh" sound. I turned around and nobody was there so I ignored it and light up my cigg and sat down. Halfway done with my cigg I heard it again so I said, "I'm not making any noise, who is that?" No response. So I went up the stairs to see who it was and all I saw was a person at the corner of the soda machine and said, "Yo. Can I help you"?

He said, "Shhhhhhhhh." I got a little bit closer and the closer I got the colder it was and at that time I knew something was wrong because I saw through him. I knew it was a ghost so I told him "What are you doing here, what do want?" All he said was "Now I am silent and never to speak again!" All of a sudden he disappeared.

Since then my apartments were the most silent apartments for eternity.

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Dearborn Heights Ghosts

by Ashlyn & Hunter
(Dearborn Heights)

My 9 year old borther claimes that he has recently been seeing a ghost that somewhat looks like his great grandmother. He also says that he will always see things out of the corner of his eye and turn but nothing is there. I have also been through these experiences. I live upstairs and I see things all the time.

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Walking Doll

by Rosi
(Tucson, AZ, USA)

Well my mom always told me this story as a young girl and it goes a little like this!!!!!

My mom lived in Mexico as a little girl, and she said that on Christmas her mom got her a doll that was able to walk and talk with batteries, but the night that she opened it it kept walking and talking by its self. So that same night my mom goes up to her mom to thank her for the gift, and told her she loved it especially when it walked on its own. Then her mom goes, oh well I have the batteries right here how did it do all that? My mom and her mom went to go look if the doll had any batteries, but it turned out that the doll didn't have any batteries.

My mom up to today still does not like dolls and this is a real story. Scary huh?

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Exorcism of Emily Rose

by Perry Lee Kaigler Jr.
(West Palm Beach, FL, USA)

I really wanted to see the Exorcism of Emily Rose but something always came up.

Finally one night my brothers and I had a chance to. So we watched it and later that night I woke up but couldn't move anything but my eye balls. I saw a white malformed figure in the corner of my room. It stared at me angrily and a few moments later, dove at me. I was yelling as hard as I could but no sound would come out.

It dove about 2 inches on top of my body, and it tried to bite and scratch me but couldn't touch me for some reason. Then it vanished through the walls.

After it left, I was able to move. I always keep the Bible with me where ever I go so I think that's what saved me.

Perry Kaigler

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The Ghostly Figure in the Fog

by Kaylor
(West Jordan, UT, USA)

One day I was walking to my best friend's house to hang out. It was a very foggy and rainy day. As I was walking, I saw a misty figure in the fog ahead; it was a ghostly figure.

I was getting ready to go home but my mind was playing with me, I thought. I kept going and as I went, the foggy figure retreated as I approached. So I started running.

When I got there I told my friend all about what had happened. She said that on one foggy day she had seen the same girl. To this day, I still don't know what or where she is now but I am sure that the ghostly girl still haunts my neighborhood.

But sometimes at night I hear singing and I look out the window and I see the girl. I hear her every now and then but one very often.

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White Suit Ghost

by Luis
(New York, USA)

Once when I was younger, I was eating. My mother went to her room, then I felt a cold air. I looked next to me and saw a person wearing a white suit. When I ran and looked back he was still there. When I went to my mom it left.

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I Was Scared

by Krystal
(Minnesota, USA)

When I was in 3rd grade, I was sleeping on a bunk bed in my brother's room because he was at a sleep over and I was such a little baby I was afraid of everything. But I finally fell asleep but the bed shook. I lifted my head up and it was a man with big red eyes and he grabbed my foot. I blinked and he was gone. That wasn't the only time I've seen him. Now I'm almost 16 years old and that day still scares me.

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by Maiden of Darkness
(The Binds of My Mind)

A young girl named Marianne wandered the woods of small town Oak Hill, in search of her black lab that ran into the woods from her backyard. Marianne was not one to believe ghost stories, but THAT was just about to change.

Marianne screamed for her dog, and as she waited for a response, an echo called back to her... But not in her voice. The voice was cold and spiteful, like metal scraping against a stone. Marianne thought nothing of the echo, and tried for another call. Before anything could come out, the echo rang through her ears again, but much louder this time. Marianne panicked, and yelled out for her dog once more. The echo was at it's loudest, like it was called from right behind her. Marianne spun around, and found nothing. Again, the echo called out, but in a whisper from right next to her...

Marianne was never seen again after that. Her parents called the police, and during the search through the forest, they found Marianne's body, with blood seeped into her ears and dripping down her mouth.

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The Cat

by Ashley Mc

My auntie moved into a 3 story house in Sterling and on the first night she heard footsteps. She thought it was her son so she shouted "Fred, go back to bed!"(I cant say the kids real names).

Then she heard it again. "Jane and Fred! Bed. Now." On the third time, she shouted, "Both of you get to bed!" But just a few seconds after that she felt cat paws crawling across her chest.

This wouldn't scare most people but she doesn't have a cat, so who could it have been?

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Last Breath

by Jenna
(Old Bridge)

In late 1575, there was a wealthy Southern family soon on the break of poverty. Once the mother died, things only got worse. First, all of their livestock had died and then their youngest daughter was infected with scarlet fever.

Soon the father had gone insane and killed himself. Still to this day, the father has been seen playing the organ that his wife died on. Legend says if you say his name in vain he shall curse you for six whole generations, then burn your body in black flames.

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Lady in White

by Sherry

I worked in a nursing home, where I have heard different things about the Lady in White, I would laugh it off, until it happend to me.

The first time I saw her, I was at the nurses station at about 2am, waiting for the charge nurse, when out the corner of my eye, I saw something white, I thought it was the nurse and I called to her, well, Linda(the nurse) came out into the hall, from the opposite direction....freaked me out. Well, a few days later, a resident passed away near the area I saw the Lady. What is scary is everytime I saw the Lady, somone passed away in the vicinity of where I saw her.

Also, the nursing home would get very cold between 2am and 4 am, and this is when she would be seen. People thought I was crazy until one of my coworkers saw it for herself one night.

I talked to someone recently who belongs to a ghost hunter org and she told me that between 2am and 4pm is when alot of the spirit activity happens.

After the first time I saw her, I wasn't scared, as a matter of fact, I would feel a strange sense of peace overcome me.

I have alot of other stories I could tell, but I wanted to share this one with you.

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I Could Feel Its Hands on My Stomach

by Anna
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I was living in San Pedro, CA across the street from a cemetery in the old naval housing track. My room was next to our front door. My brother who was 3 years old and I were sleeping in the same room on a double daybed. My boyfriend was going to come over when he got off of work and he was going to drive down here from San Diego. I don't know the time but as I was lying in bed I heard a male cough outside my window. As I tried to turn my head and yell out to my mom someone is at the door nothing came out and I felt two very bony hands press down on my abdomen and I felt the metal of the daybed on my spine. They were whispering back and forth and they kept getting louder. I tried yelling and nothing came out. I was shaking my head back in forth and my body was unable to move.

Finally after what seemed like forever, whatever they were left and my light turned on. I don't know how it turned on but they did and I never in my life will forget this experience. My baby brother was still asleep and I don't think he knew what was happening. All I know, I never in my life want to experience that again.

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My Haunted Room

by Brett

One night I was sitting in my room watching Robot Chicken when my TV blacked out and said, "Please press select to continue." I was about to press it when I heard a creepy voice of a girl say, "Where's Anna?" I freaked out, it came straight from beside the TV and I yelled, "Get out of here!"

I started crying and I noticed that a certain switch was on in my room. It was the switch that does nothing until now I think it calls the ghost. It's happened 2 times and each time that switch was on. Never again will I sleep with that switch on.

Creepy huh?

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Scary But Weird (sbw)

by Marissa
(El Paso, Texas, USA)

Okay, I saw a ghost but I haven't played that game that opens doors. I also had a dream, but it was scary because I heard voices in my sleep. And it was scary because when I woke up I saw a face on my wall and it went away when I blinked. Then I put my book on my bed and (I was home alone) I went back in and it was on the floor. I was scared. I was even scared to go in the bathroom.

But then the next day it was gone.

It was scary but weird (sbw).

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Night Of Fun Gone Bad

by Duckie L
(Downtown East St. Louis, MO, USA)

I remember the exact date of this night: December 17-18, 2006.

I was invited to this party at my friend Hollow's house. We had a whole bunch of people over. We were all having a great time. I was 12 at the time. Soon the party was over, but we didn't want the night to end, so my friends Hollow, Shaggy, Cisco, and Huggalo were going to come over to my house. We were going to meet up in my back yard and have an all-nighter.

They called me and I went out into my backyard and waited there for them to get back. We all met up and we went walking. I live in downtown St. Louis, so there's always cops, watching over the town. It's 1:00 am and we're making sure that we don't get caught by the police. We got to this street where there were lots of trees, a big field, and train tracks. We were all sitting under this giant tree, telling our ghost stories, hanging out, trying to scare each other, having a great time.

We continued walking down this street and at the end of it was this house. It looked pretty creepy, so we walked up to it, just to get a closer look. When we did, I saw two great big orange eyes in the attic window. So we turn around and started jogging off. Shaggy, Huggalo, and Hollow stopped. Shaggy stopped breathing and dropped to the ground and started shaking. Huggalo was on his knees trying to catch his breath, and Hollow stopped and just stared at the house. We go back and try to help them. After I got Shaggy off the ground he frantically points behind me and I see little white apparitions running around (about 6 of them.) They were child-size. We get everyone up and were all trying to get off the street.

They all took off running. And I couldn't help myself but to stop, everyone was about 50 feet away from me not even noticing I wasn't with them. I started tasting blood in the back of my mouth. Cisco turns around and runs to me to see if I was ok. I almost past out, I was so scared. Cisco and Hollow carried me back to my house were I snuck them into my room through my window.

But by the time we got back to my house it was 3 something a.m. We made a video of all of us afterwards telling what happened, and saying how scared we were.

Out of all the creepy experiences I have had, that one almost killed me.

-Duckie L

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Ouiji Board in the Basement

by R and T Ghost Busters

Well my grandpa has a very old Ouija Board in a small, dark, long, unfinished closet in his basement. Whenever any of my cousins touch this board they get an odd feeling, kind of like someone is right behind us, but when we turn around, nothing is there.

Yesterday, two of my cousins and I (we all are still in school) were in the unfinished room in my grandpa's basement and we decided we would get the old Ouija board out. We thought we could maybe contact our dead grandmother through the Ouija board. So we went in the room and each of us put two fingers right above the glowing peice that shows the answers. (Our fingers were barely, if at all, touching the piece.) We asked if anyone was there, and the piece slowly moved towards the "Yes." Then we asked if it was trying to contact us and the piece moved towards the "Yes." Then we asked whatever was there if they could show themselves and it moved yet again towards the "Yes."

All of a sudden we were about to ask another question and in the corner there is a Christmas tree with a plastic cover over it. It started making noise and moving. We got up, turned on the lights and ran out of the room. We don't know what it was or if anything was even there, but I know we all felt a weird feeling after we played the Ouija board that night.

Also, just a note: the corner that the tree was in was where "Ogg" lived. My grandpa told us there was something named Ogg living in the open sump pump down there. I would be on the computer and I would sometimes here scratching noises on the wall and my grandpa was upstairs and no one else was there with me. None of us believe Ogg is real, but now I'm not sure. He has told us about Ogg ever since we were little. Our grandpa loves playing tricks on us but we can always tell when it is and isn't him.

The reason we even decided to do that is because one of my cousins and I are really interested in paranormal activities. We have already named our business R & T Ghost Busters. :)

Happy story and/or ghost hunting!

-R and T Ghost Busters.

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