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Comments for
The Red Eyes

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Feb 26, 2011
A Fact About Ghosts
by: Anonymous

I understand how scary it is to see a ghost. I think that certain ghosts will let you talk to them. Many people (including me) believe that ghosts only have the power to scare you and hurt you if you fear them. If you can talk to a ghost there is a chance it will listen, yet there is a better chance you will get hurt or possibly killed.

Some ghosts are good luck, or warning you about something and some are trying to kill you. All ghosts have a weakness! If that ghost tries to hurt you, cross your fingers in the shape of a cross (or get a small cross) and yell, talk, or whisper" By the power of Christ I compelled you!" while doing this you need to have a straight face, no crying or laughing while doing this because it might not work.

I hoped I helped!

Dec 22, 2008
by: Anonymous

Thats so creepy. Ifeel sorry for you. Feeling like your being haunted every second of your life

Apr 29, 2008
by: Anonymous

Wow thats an amazing story O_O very very very creepy I can't believe that happened to you I myself believe I have seen a ghost but the incident wasn't that scary...though I don't think I'll evfer forget about it..

Apr 16, 2008
Just a thought
by: Lisa

I recently watched a show about paranormal experiences people have. Sorry can't remember which one it was, there are so many out right now. But on this show, there is a lady that tells a story about having the "Old Hag" come to visit. Now as far as I know this is not an Asian descent ghostie or demon. Ok I am rambling...
The old hag would come to people in their sleep, and the story goes that if she comes to you, then you will die shortly afterwards, and she does attempt to smother the person she is after by sitting on their chest. I know that the woman being interviewed was anorexic when the old hag started visiting her, but somehow she fought her off for a couple of years or so. Maybe you can google the "Old Hag" and see if anything comes up for it. Maybe then you can compare notes with what you have had happen to you. The only way this woman got her to leave her alone was to get her health lined out.

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