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Comments for
Black Bat

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May 23, 2008
More Info
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Hi Again -

As far as the fictional stuff: This site was founded on the love of ghost stories. Until recently, when the phrase "ghost stories" was mentioned, people expected fiction and have always enjoyed the task of determining whether or not a story is true. With so many paranormal investigators in existence now, it has almost become taboo to sit around and share fictional stories. Don't get me wrong, we love ghost hunters. It's just sometimes people forget that making up stories is okay and has it's own purpose.

Well, we like to have our visitors interact with us and welcome their input on our site. Even if their story is compelling, how would we know they aren't making it up anyway? So we allow both. We find this allows creative people an outlet for their craft and keeps everyone guessing.

Think of it as a sitting around a campfire, sharing stories with your friends. Some are true, some are not. The fun is determining the difference.

Thanks for visiting! We're glad you're here.

May 23, 2008
just want to know
by: Anonymous

ahh..u r so right. i missed 'that' element. the sixth sense. i guess that's the thing that work all along with experiences some of these people faced. i really need to understand more on this bcoz the connection between afterlife and reality still in random and we can't guess when will it happen,how it happen and where it happen. like this one 'Black Bat',the mother had the experience of meeting her late mother so frequent that she's just take that as a normal thing.that's really strange and fascinated me as i tot ghost are meant to be bad all the way. only when i read all your staff here and this memorable 'Black Bat' that i know some of the visitors are good and blissful.i'm just happy to know this.

Darn, some are fictional?i tot u have filtered them and only posted the true stories.lol..that is why some stories i found very fun though,not scary at all.

by the way,thanks for your brief explaination and keep it up you guys.site like this are really helpful. :)

May 22, 2008
Don't Worry
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Dear "Just want to know":

Many of the stories that get submitted here are fictional and things that people make up just for fun. That is allowed. There are other stories here that are true, because a person has an experience and wants to share it and talk about it. The story with the red eyes is a made up story, so don't worry.

I think that if a person encounters the disembodied spirit of a loved one, that there is some telepathy that goes along with that experience and the person just "knows" that it was who they think it was. We do have five physical senses, but there is intuition and other perceptions beyond those five senses.

I guess one of the things I myself love about ghosts is that these types of realities are beyond the day-to-day, concrete matters of life. The existence of spiritual beings beyond the physical world can be regarded with fear and loathing or it can be regarded with awe and wonder.

The primary purpose of this site is the latter, but getting spooky is fun, too.

The more heightened our awareness, the more we can hope to understand and celebrate the side of man that has no boundaries but inherently has infinite potential. That's the way I look at it.

I hope this helps.


May 22, 2008
just want to know
by: Anonymous

Hi,I'm Achul from malaysia.i've been through all the stories here and i can say most of them were really challenging my wits. Fiuu, got a hard time to read all the stories here as i would imaginaning things after each story. I guess this is not really a ghost story.However, i would appreciate those who can helped me with this question.I never really encounter any of the strange things in my life (if that doesn't include hearing sounds). I never get a chance to have a face to face with these entities and i wish i never will. Thanks to God i'd never get those chance. what i want to ask here is, if you see the apparition of soul/shdaow of someone you know that had died walking right in front of your eyes, how would we know that soul is really the soul of the person that shud be? what i mean is, that devil/demon can impersonate sumthing/or someone that had lived in your mind and get the form of it/his/her to distract you. FYI, I'm muslim and we believe that demons will always distract you from remembering the God by taking the form of ghoul and influenced us to do aginst the religions preached. coz i've gone thru a lot of the stories and some say that the apparation that take forms as their relatives or someone they know had this 'red eyes' and brought uneasy feelings to them. and for me, i believe that 'thing' wasn't really their past relative or someone. because the pure soul will only take form as original as when they lived and nothing was altered except by God's willings.I do believe in supernatural as our religion has stated that the world beyond us is really exist and i have no question about it. all i want to know from you guys is how to distinguish between the true soul that appears to look up upon us or that ghastly appearance is just the nasty and evil work of the demons that are trying to cause harm to us?Thank You very much..i really do support ur work on this site. :)

Nov 16, 2007
by: Anonymous

That's a wickedly sweet, good story

Nov 13, 2007
Thank you !
by: Sam

Thank you !

Yeah, she's always been that way, and I guess I'm grateful, as some people see/hear/feel/smell/taste (?) things "paranormal" yet refuse to acknowledge it. So sad.

Nov 12, 2007
Animals are psychic
by: Gypsygirl

Bravo to your Mom for her relaxed attitude about a visit from beyond. I totally believe that animals are psychic and see what we can't.

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