Multiple Shadow People Experiences

by Sam
(Clinton, Mississippi)

On Thursday 11/13/2008, I was working alone in a rooftop air conditioning facility on the campus of Mississippi College, Clinton, MS. . .

I am not sure what time it started but I would suddenly feel "someone" behind me. When I would turn to see who it might be, I would see, very distinctly, a dark "shadow" quickly race out of view.

I dismissed it at first, but it continued five or six more times during my time on the roof. Always the same. I would feel the presence of someone behind me, then when I would turn, I would see the shadow out the corner of my eye disappear into nowhere. It wasn't a reflection. There's hardly any light in the place. There are no windows.

It has never happened before. I have spent the last couple of weeks doing work there. I had no reason to think the place was haunted when I casually mentioned the incident to a coworker. Much to my surprise, this coworker turned white as a ghost himself. Apparently he had his own experience the same day, in the same building. Also working alone but in the basement of the facility, my coworker stated he was working on his laptop in a secluded section of the boiler room when he noticed the figure of a man reflected in the laptop screen. The figure disappeared when he turned around to see who was behind him.

Like my experience, he felt the presence of someone behind him, but unlike my experience, he saw the outline of a person in the screen who simply wasn't there when he turned around.

When I asked around the college, which was established in 1826, no one heard of any similar stories but I did learn the campus was a civil war battleground. The particular building we both were working in also served as a hospital in the past. Both would explain the presence of ghosts. I am also in the process of trying to find out if the particular date, 11/13 may be significant and would explain why the both of us experienced the events on the same day and in the same building.

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Shadow Man

by Tiffany

When my older sister still lived in my current room, before we switched bedrooms, she had a framed poster with a glass covering over it hanging on her wall. She had her door open one day and she discovered you can see reflections in it. Anyways, she was sitting on the floor and she looked at the poster and saw something standing in the hallway. The image bounced off the hallway mirror onto her poster. She saw a shadow man standing with an axe over his head and then he disappeared. She tried to tell my family but no one believed her; I was too young to understand and no one wanted to frighten me so I only discovered this information last summer.

Two summers ago, my cousin came over and we watched t.v. until it was early the next morning. We heard what sounded like someone knocking things around in the living room and we also heard old-fashioned elevator music, which isn't played anymore. I turned off the t.v. and we still heard it. We decided to investigate, thinking that someone broke in and played music. We opened my bedroom door, walked down the hallway and split up. We never found anything and when we regrouped in the kitchen we walked around the hall corner and saw a shadow man standing at the end of the hallway.

I haven't seen him since then, but an ominous feeling hangs over my house. At night both my sister and I feel like we are being watched from the outside. It's quite scary.

Last summer, my friend came over for the night and we wanted to do some ghost hunting to celebrate my birthday. It was probably 2:00 in the morning and we sat back to back on the floor in my living room. We switched views of the room, and I swear that while we were talking a tall hooded person appeared in the corner. She saw it too. We were scared out of our wits and did what came naturally: ran!

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Dark Shadows

by Ashlee

Ever since I can remember I have seen dark shadows looking into my room at night. One night I was up late reading and felt like I was being watched. When I looked up, I saw a dark shadow staring at me. He started walking into my room. I jumped up and shut my door. After that, I always sleep with my door shut, but if I have my closet or bathroom door open, I see them. I donít know what they are.

For years I thought they were just my imagination until I read a story similar to what is happening to me. Now I just donít know. I have come to believe that I have the ability to see spirits. I will also be walking down the street or even sitting on my couch watching TV and I will see something out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes itís just a black figure and other times it is a person who will quickly disappear. Right now, I am working on controlling my ability and hope that one day someone weíll be able to tell me what these shadows are that keep peeking in at me. Thank you for taking your time to read about my experience.

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The Shadow Man

by Sierra C
(North Carolina)

The property that I live on is pretty old considering that it has Slave Quarters, an old Airplane Hanger, The Master's House, and a barn where a man was hung for reasons unknown to us. I do believe that ghosts and spirits exist in some other dimension or possibly on the same plane that we, ourselves live on...

Okay, I've given the's the experience.

My Uncle's house lies between the barn and the airplane hanger... we have three houses on a 10 acre stretch of land (not including the Master's House) so my cousins and I are always at each other's house.

The day that we saw this shadow was a very wet one seeing as it had rained before. We looked out the window... a dark mass walked by the direct shape and height of a man... he had no hat and he wasn't a solider! But, I got the direct feeling that he wasn't from around here... well, not from this time period.

It stopped and stared into the window, this produced a evil and malice feeling deep with my gut... and all of a sudden my knees gave out... my face went pale and I screamed... I didn't remember this at all... the only thing I remember is when Lia was shaking me and screaming that it went away. They therefore explained what I had did and I proceeded to regain my composure. I asked the others wether or not they had felt anything and my brother only said no...Lia and Ronnie only nodded into agreement with him.
Wanting to see if my Uncle had played any tricks on us and to confirm my belief that we had just seen a manifestation of a Shadow... I ran outside...
The whole yard had mud patches in it and as did below the window where the man had walked by... yet, there wasn't any footprints to be found.
A few weeks went by and my Maw-maw was talking to a man that had once owned the land we live on... he told us about two deaths on the property that he thought we had the right to know. One, was his father who ran into a tree with his tractor...he was highly allergicto bees and died shortly after begin stung by a army of wasps. The second, was of the man that was hung in the barn...I've been told that there was a murder on the property as well..but, I don't know for sure.
Hope you enjoyed my story!

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by Shadow
(Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.)

There is a ghost in my house that looks exactly like my brother. When I wake up in the middle of the night I see a slightly transparent figure in front of me. He looks like my brother only my brother is human you can't see through him. He stands there staring at you until you blink then he is gone. Other people in my house have seen our ghost too, not just me. The creepy thing is that someone may have been killed in my house because when my room was redone there were two bullets found in the wall.

I am a teen so I still have to live with my parents. My mom said that she used to hear a baby crying when there was no baby in the house. I know there are creepier ghost stories out there but this one is one hundred percent true. Imagine sleeping in a room knowing that there was someone shooting in there and possibly killing someone. You wouldn't feel too comfortable there would you?

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Ghosts and Hauntings: The Shadow

by Shelly
(New Mexico, USA)

I used to live in Pheonix, Arizona where I shared an apartment with a friend. One night in I felt that I wasn't alone in the apartment.

I figured I was just tired, after all it was almost 1:00 in the morning. So I started getting ready for bed. I walked into my room and started crawling into bed.

I reached over to my nightstand to turn off my lamp and laid there trying to go to sleep. All of a sudden I got this feeling that I wasn't alone. I looked over towards the closet and I noticed this big, black figure. I blinked my eyes and looked again. It was still there.

I turned on the lamp by my bed and looked towards the closet and it was gone. I figured maybe I was losing my mind, turned off the lamp and went to sleep. The next night I was home with my friend, when out of the corner of my eye I saw the black figure standing by my room. I froze and just stared at it. My friend must have noticed because she nudged me and asked if I was okay. I turned to her and said yes. I figured if I had told her she would think I was crazy.

For the next few nights I kept seeing this black shadowy figure. I was scared to go into my room. I never wanted to be in the apartment alone. I never told anybody about this. I kept it to myself. . . until this shadowy figure started to follow me. Wherever I went, the shadow went, when I left the apartment, when I was in the kitchen, even while I was in the shower, it was in the bathroom with me!

I couldn't sleep anymore because it would be by my bed watching me sleep. I was afraid of this dark figure. I finally decided to go back home to my family, just to visit them. It followed me there too!! Hundreds of miles away and there was that black figure! I am a Native American so when I told my parents and my grandmother about this, they told me to go to the Medicine Man. This was a traditional kind of healing.

I went and told the Medicine Man what was going on. He started to pray and chant and do his traditional healing on me. We found out that a man had been murdered in my apartment and that the shadow that had been following me was the man that had been murdered!

We got him to stop following me and I moved back with my family. I don't see him anymore and I sleep a lot better these days.

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Shadow Figure on Elliott Lane

by T.D
(DeKalb, Texas, USA)

I was walking from my grandmother's house one day when I saw a shadow figure 'walking' down Elliott Lane towards me. The figure was about a tenth of a mile away and even though it was noon, I couldn't see any distinguishing facial features, just a silhouette. It was tall and I could clearly see a head and very broad, squared-off shoulders but it had no arms. It appeared to wear a dress or robe that swished where its feet should have been though I couldn't see any feet. Because it looked and moved so strangely I was curious and waited for it to approach, but it evaporated before it came near.

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J B's story

by Nick C
(Dublin, Ireland)

Summer of '06 and my friend went back to Thailand where he was born with his ma and my other friend Simo. While they were over there, they heard about this place where the monks pray, because the people believe that a spirit of some sort was attached to this wee hut thing. Let me explain. The hut was a small mound of rocks with a hole for an opening and it was pitch black inside. It was better to go at nighttime because you could see better.

So on they trooped to where these monks were and stood with the other people who came out to see this. The monks were only yards away from the opening and were all praying in their native tongue, when a small offering was given. At this point both my friends were joking about it because both (now adults) didnít seem fazed by this ''story'' that something was actually in there.

So when the monks stopped praying everyone went silent - even both my friends - as everyone watched in silence. The suspense tightened. You could actually hear the thumping of many hearts that were standing close.

Suddenly everyone jumped scared, shocked but too frightened to scream because even though it was very dark inside everyone heard and saw this shadow, which actually moved its arm into the moonlight and grabbed the offering that was given.

Both my friend came back to Dublin and told us all what happened, naturally I donít believe a single word but you cant help wondering . . .

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Freaky Sounds

by Tiger
(New York, USA)

It was the middle of the afternoon at my cousin, Myhila's house and I heard a blood curdling scream. It freaked me out. I looked out the window and way out in the distance I saw two shadows. One was holding a gun and another was screaming.

I ran outside to the exact spot that I saw it in and it wasn't there anymore. But yet, I kept hearing the scream.

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An Unusual Encounter

by Linda Lawrence
(Garland, Texas - USA)

The other night, my husband invited his boss home for dinner. I needed to run up to the grocery store nearby for a few items. I had to stop at a railroad crossing for a train, and while I was stopped, you won't believe what I saw.

There were these two distinct sets of a foggy mist that seemed to walk side by side in the direction I was headed. Every once in a while, they seemed to be looking at one another as if they were in the midst of a conversation. When I parked, they were gone. I went ahead and did the small shopping I needed to do. They were still not in the parking lot when I returned to my van.

When I got home, I thought I saw something peering from beside the garage. But it was pretty quiet outside, just the regular sounds. All I could hear is the sound of some children playing outside. There were some dogs barking at the children, or so I thought.

As I approached the front door, I thought I saw them again. When I went inside the house, I washed up again and finished preparing the meal.

My husband's boss came and as we were all sitting down at the table, I heard some different voices. They were as a whisper. It was the ghosts. They had followed me home and then continued following me into the kitchen. No one else at the table seemed to know the ghost were there. They had the gall to sit at the table. We have a table that seats five.

There was my husband, his boss, myself and the two ghosts. I had a full table, but plenty of leftovers. Now, the ghosts won't leave the house, they follow me everywhere I go. Even when I go outside. It is weird!!!

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