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Holding Hands with a Ghost

by Brenda

My story happened years ago, when I was about 16 (I'm 42 now)... I was with my boyfriend at a friend's house. The friend's bedroom was in the basement, and we were all just hanging out listening to music, and waiting for a few more people before going out to terrorize the neighborhood on a Saturday night.

In the room was myself, my boyfriend Ron, Shawn (the guy who's room it was) and two other male friends, Chris and Jason. Shawn was laying on his bed on his back, hands behind his head - the head of the bed was pushed up into a corner of the room, with one side against the outside wall under the window. The couch that Ron and I were sitting on was facing the foot of the bed - pushed right up against it, so that we had to put our feet up on the foot of the bed. And the right side of the sofa, where I was sitting, was also up against the outside wall under the window. I was leaning against the wall with my right shoulder, and Ron was leaning against my left side, with his arm around my shoulders. On the other side of Ron was Jason at the other end of the sofa (because the sofa was longer than the bed was wide, he didn't have to put his feet on the bed, but could sit normally), and Chris was in a chair on the other side of the room.

So there we were - just "vegging out" as we used to say, listening to loud music, with the lights off except for a small lamp with a red bulb in it. "Mood lightning" I guess. (Teenagers.)

Anyway, I slipped my hand down between the arm of the sofa and the wall and found Ron's hand, which was very cold. I interlocked my fingers with his, and was wondering why they were so cold, when Chris, yelling to be heard above the music, began to speak to Jason about something. When he did that, I looked to my left, past Ron and toward Chris, to listen to what he had to say. While I listened, Ron rubbed my right shoulder, which felt very nice.

I was enjoying his little massage, and only vaguely paying attention to the conversation, when I thought to myself, "Wait a minute... something's not right here..."

You see... I realized that Ron was rubbing my right shoulder with his right hand, and his left hand was on my left knee, so.... whose hand was I holding down the side of the sofa? Shawn was at the other end of - the head of - the bed, Jason was at the other end of the sofa and Chris was across the room!

All my focus went to the hand. I had to be wrong! But, what else could feel like a hand, especially when your fingers are interlocked like that???

I felt the hair stand up all over my body but was too scared to move or speak. I was kind of paralyzed. But, it only took a moment for my brain to finally tell my body to FOR GOD'S SAKE, LET GO OF THAT HAND!

I released the hand, and immediately screamed at the top of my lungs in terror. I scared Shawn so bad, that he jumped up to a standing position on the bed fast and smacked his head on the low ceiling. Everyone was on their feet - I don't even remember climbing along the sofa and off the other side, but I was suddenly standing - we all were - crying with my head buried in Ron's chest.

The looks on the guys' faces would have been funny, if I wasn't so terrified. It took a few moments, but they were finally able to get out of me what had happened.

There had been stories about Shawn's house - that it was haunted - so the guys' believed me. I was the one who couldn't believe it. I'd been to his house many, many times and had never seen or heard anything before! Ever!

I wanted proof. They turned on the lights, shut off the music, pulled the bed and the sofa out from the wall and searched the whole room. They found nothing.

A couple of years later, I found myself dating Shawn, and there were a couple of little unusual and unexplained things that happened to me... but NOTHING like that night when I held hands with a ghost.

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You be the judge

by Kerry White
(Dyer, TN, U.S.)

A couple of years ago, I and two friends of mine were out cleaning windows from an art club fund raiser for our yearly art club trip. We were in a part of Rutherford that is traversed very much and we happened upon a cemetery. I'm sensitive about phenomenon and as we passed this cemetery I wanted to stop a moment. One of my friends is also kind of sensitive to these things and she will agree with me that she had felt something in this cemetery. It was unlike any I had been to. It was a family sort of cemetery, but spooky all the same.

The next events that happened, I can't explain and if you ask my friends they'll tell you the same thing.

We saw a shadow of some sort next to a stone. When we got back into the car, we turned it on and Motorhead's King of Kings was playing before we had cut the engine off. I knew and still know the lyrics by heart and what I heard from the song was not in the lyrics. I would know because I burned the song on CD. At this point he decided to get out of there. So as we were driving we came onto a small curve and we were going thirty miles an hour. Each of us felt the car jerk to the right and my head almost hit the window.

After that, my friend decided to check her glucose due to her being diabetic, but the meter wouldn't turn on. I was watching the whole time. She never took the batteries out and the latch never came off. She was confused as to why the Glucometer wouldn't turn on and I told her to check the batteries. When she did, there were no batteries at all. Two minutes later and I had the Glucometer the whole time and I had no batteries or anything and then I decided to turn it on and it did. I looked into the battery compartment and sure enough, the battery was there.

None of us had any idea where the battery was or anything.

After we stopped at our next stop, I was compelled to check the back and the rear left fender of the car. The car was dusty and there was nothing on there when we left, but when I looked, I saw two hand prints.

To this day, I refuse to go to that graveyard and I cannot deny that some freaky things happened that day that none of us could explain. Readers, you be the judge.

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Strange Ghost Lights

by Jerod Blake Lasater
(Azle,Texas, USA)

I've been seeing some strange lights around my house. No, not in the sky, but in this horse stable. It all started one warm summer night. It was around 2:30 am and I was with some friends just hanging out, when one of my friends just said "Hey, whats that"? We looked in the direction he was pointing and we could see a strange blue light moving around in the stable. We couldn't tell what it was. We thought it was my neighbor feeding his horses. Then I thought no he doesn't come out this late.

The light then moved out into a field near the stable. It moved at a walking pace. We then observed it for a few seconds until it disappeared behind a tree.

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Real Ghost In My Life By Santhosh

by M.Santhosh

One day I went for a walk at 2:00 o'clock. The whole street is silent like a grave. But I went for a walk normally. I have a fear inside my body. That time I saw a shadow on the road. But no man was there on the street. I was afraid for that. But I didn't express my fear. I slowly left the road. I can't forget that incident.

This is true.

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The Ghost Across the hall

by Mikaela

Once during the summer I was in the hospital. It was around 2:30 and my mom was sleeping on the chair. I got up to get a drink from across the hall and on my way over I saw a woman dressed in a white dress. She was standing in the hall. I thought she was just going for a walk so I went in and got my drink and walked back out. She was standing there looking down the hall.

I ran into the room and told my mom to came out and tell one of the nurse but when my mom came out, I told her that the woman was right there. My mom said that there was no one there when the woman was right in front of me.

I was so scared I didn't know who it was or what she wanted, but after that night I never wanted to stay there again.

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Ghost Story: The Face With Arms

by Chelsey

Well, at the time I didn't have a camera, so I didn't take any pictures. At my moms house, I was sleeping downstairs. It was storming outside that night, and I was listening to the radio. The radio went crazy and I started to freak out a little. Then I looked over to the entrance of the kitchen door by the fish tank, and I saw this indigo colored face with arms and hands. Its mouth was open and its arms were up with its hands open like it was going to grab me or something. Then I looked away and covered my head with the blanket I was using and screamed, "GET AWAY!"

I looked again with one eye and it was gone. I had wondered where it went, so I went into the kitchen to see if it was in there and nothing was there. Then I knocked on my mom's door, because it had scared me a good bit. I asked her if I could sleep in her room with her that night. The next morning, I had told my mom the rest of what I had seen. She didn't believe me. Well you know how some parents are.

That's my ghost story. Hope it's a good one, because it sure did scare me.

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by JoAnn
(Overbrook, Kansas, USA)

I was raised up in the same home my mother grew up in. For years I would awaken to the sound of chains dragging and rattling.

I would always see a little old man sitting in a low-framed oak rocker in his night shirt. His face was always turned away looking out the window which he sat in front of. He had thin, white, shoulder-length hair and appeared to possibly have a mustache.

I was always afraid to mention what I saw on a frequent basis, but finally told my mother. She only smiled and said, "Oh you see him too--Aunt Fern would see him all the time when she was a girl".

The house is still standing and I often wonder if others have seen my little old man in the oak and wicker rocker.

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Detergent Ghost

by Jaquelyn

I was in my basement. My husband was upstairs watching TV and I was washing the laundry. I ran out of detergent, so I had to go get some more (we store our laundry detergent in the basement.)

I saw shadows move and assumed it was only the curtains. But then I saw the shadows on the ceiling. I told myself not to panic, but truthfully I was terrified! My husband and I have no children and I heard a soft little high pitched voice cry: "Mommy!" repeatedly. I also heard footsteps, and thought it was my husband coming down, but I kept hearing footsteps coming down, but no one showed up.

I forgot about the detergent and ran upstairs to the safety of my husband and never went down there alone again.

This never happened again, so it may have just been a one-day thing, but it seemed so real!

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My Ghost

by Heather Widener
(Jonesboro, TN, USA)

This story is very strange and very weird but it is the truth. My friend Sharon died not too long ago and use to come to my house a lot and hang out. I believe she is still here because things have happen in my house that never did until she died. Like someone grabbing the back of my shirt.

My husband went to put his dishes in the sink and an ashtray flung to the other side of the kitchen and broke. I have also had someone play with my hair while I was watching TV. I have heard voices and turned around to find no one there.

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Sweet Smelling Ghost

by Rhea
(North Carolina)

Several years ago, my 28 year old granddaughter was about a year old. She and my daughter were staying with my husband and I while her husband was getting settled in Alaska with the Air Force. We put my granddaughter in a bedroom for a nap. I was reading on the sofa when the door opened by itself. It opened slowly by itself, just like a hand opened the door with the knob. Many times I smelled lilacs. I always had the feeling my ghost was female.

Thank you.


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Remember Me?

by Syeda

One day a womans husband went to the army. That night a terrible storm came and her door flew open. She seemed to hear the wind saying "Remember me?"

She got scared and went to turn on music to calm her down. The music seemed like it was saying "Remember me? Remember me?"

She decided to read a book to calm her down but the words seemed to be saying "Remember me?"

Soon she got a call from the military officer saying "your husband has died."

The next morning she heard a knock on the door, she ran to open it. She saw her husband smiling. He said, "Remember me?"

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by John Bailey
(England Sandersted )

I was asleep when i wake up to noise. My alarm clock goes off at 2:00am and as my eyes open, there is a strange shadow figure standing at the end of my bed.

He comes at that time every two weeks, and only just the other night a strange glowing ball floated across the room and came straight for me. So I went under my covers and as I came back up, my light flickered on and off and my glass of water floated in mid air. So I ran downstairs, got my kids, and left the house for a good four weeks.

We stayed at my brothers house.

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Ghosts and Hauntings: Too young to remember

by Kerry
(Hertfordshire, UK)

My Mum and Dad's first home was a small two-up-two-down, mid-terraced house in Kent, UK. I was just over a year old when we moved there. I had always been a good sleeper but I started waking up screaming and crying in the middle of the night. My parents also tell me that I was an early talker at 18 months and as soon as I could say the words, when I woke up screaming I would point and say, "I don't like that man!" when they asked me what man, I would say "The man from the loft"(attic)."

A few months after this my Mum was invited to her Aunt's house one evening. It was a get-together of friends and family to have readings by a psychic. When my Mum's reading began, the psychic started accurately describing our house from the outside. When she got inside she said she was immediately drawn to the loft.

My parents moved shortly after this and I am too young to remember any of it. Its such a mystery and still haunts me 29 years later!

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