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Comments for
Ghosts and Hauntings: Too young to remember

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Jan 06, 2011
Me too
by: Lorna

I used to live in Stapleford, Nottingham ( UK ).
I don't remember mush as I was only 3 when this all happened.

Apparently I used to wake my mum and dad up screaming, tell him to go away, I hate him!
I remember being flung around the front room, and forced into my quilt covers .

I also remember him projecting a scary film on my bedroom wall!!

One day my dad had had enough and told me to stop acting silly and making things up - I was insistent that this man was real. "What's his name, then?" my dad asked.

"Jack," was my answer.

A few days after that, my dad was talking to the neighbors directly across the road, he mentioned my recent tantrums and refusal to sleep properly, he laughingly explained about "Jack."

The neighbors paled, and shakily explained that Jack was the previous owner of the house. He was renowned for being grumpy and ill tempered and hated children. He had died in the house, and was so much of a hoarder that the house had to be completely renovated.

Jun 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

exoctic and yet appreciated

Jun 01, 2010
that was good
by: ghostgirls

omg did you know that kids are most commen pray for ghost i wathed a show were a ghost trid to kill a baby because he was mad at the parents and did you see the one were the little girl trid to kill the dad because he was a relateve of the guy how killed her

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