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Really Scary Ghost Story
No. 5

This really scary ghost story is called "The Hill.

If you'd rather have a ghost story to go, we recommend this ghost story download.

The Hill

Atop a long, high hill in a windswept land, lies a house so haunted no one wishes to enter�except disbelievers.

If I were you, I would go back and forget I told you this. But the telling must come because such things have to be told.

I promise, it won�t be painful.

What happens to you and I after we�re gone is very much our business, and perhaps by saying this you can prepare.

There are so many things I can put here, but I wish not to confuse or condemn. Opinions are why we have gotten to this place and I can only tell my tale, hoping that you, too, will listen. And believe.

There is a land, far north. It is rocky and harsh and few people live there. It is far away from life as we know it. There is very little transportation, few radio or television shows and certainly no newspaper circulation.

In fact, wildlife roams free on this land, and birds swarm to this high, rocky place. The wind smells glorious and the sun shines uninhibited by civilization.

There are towns nearby, but they are small and undeveloped. After all, there is nothing to develop them into.

As a ruin, the house sits high atop a rocky hill.


There is much history to this place, but that history is centuries old. Nothing recent has happened here, perhaps with good reason.

This huge manor has been vacant for nearly a hundred years. It was cleared of human-kind by a spirit so malevolent no one will step foot inside. Its carcass is one of stone and wood. There are no windows left, merely shells and decaying debris of a history very few have knowledge of.

I don�t want to overstate what happened in this house. Perhaps such things happened regularly, I don�t know. But here the master held the house in such trepidation and fear, that their ghosts are still visible, as reported by some.

A master, eager for ale and whiskey loved imbibing, as some of us are. But this master was incredibly mean and evil. Respect for others, he had none. Perhaps he, himself was agitated by something deeper, we�ll never know.

So much hatred and violence came from this master, that his household was held in deep fear for a very long time.

But before you think this is a story of the evil master and those he haunted, it is actually a story of those who did nothing.

Caught in a trap of fear, the ghosts that exist in this ancient place are those who had opportunity to overturn the master, but never acted to do so.

The evil master has never been seen, only his victims. Howling and wailing have been heard. Unsettled feelings and images of being horrified have been recorded.

But never a speck of the evil one.

And so, while you read this tale, never�ever be afraid to expose and overturn those who wish you ill, if you are truly encountering evil. There are always solutions.

This is, in no way, an avocation of violence or hatred. There is always intelligence, craftiness and most of all, honor and courage, and those are the best ways to solve problems.

Those solutions are yours and the universe awaits you and your inquiries.

But never be a victim.

This is called integrity.

Without it,

You may become a ghost yourself.

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