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Real Ghost Stories
Page Two

Here are more for you!

Real Ghost Stories #8

Well, when I was little I liked to put birthday bows in my hair.

One time, I went to my mom and said, "Mom I look just like grandpa with this bow." But my grandpa died before I knew who he was.

I remember looking at one of my pictures. My mom didn't see anyone else in the picture except me, but I did . . . and it was grandpa!

Mady N.
Arbyrd, MO

Real Ghost Stories #9

Folks, this is not a ghost story, but it is pretty spooky, so we just had to post it!

"This happened to a lady friend of mine. She was babysitting for some friends and while she was playing with the kids during the evening there was this really creepy clown 'doll' sitting in the corner of the living room. The girl looked at it oftentimes and was disturbed by it, but thought nothing of it and just went on playing with the kids.

"Eventually it came time for the kids to go to bed, and the parents weren't home yet. So she sent the kids to bed and called the parents. They said they would be late and as this girl was talking on the phone, she walks back into the living room and looks straight at the clown doll and becomes afraid of it.

"She asks the parents, 'What is up with this clown doll?'

"The parents panic... 'Get the kids out of the house, we have a neighbor who is a midget that likes to dress as a clown and is skitzo."

Dennis W.
Idaho Falls, ID

Real Ghost Stories #10

"My grandma died last year. The creepy part is that on June 4th she came back and called out my name three times. Then she called my dad's name."

Hope S.
St. Cloud, FL

Real Ghost Stories #11

"It all started when it was time for me to go to sleep. About five minutes later I saw a ghost. It was a man. He wore a flowered shirt with tye-dyed jeans and slippers. He was white. He was walking up and down in my hallway so fast. Then he went on the ceiling and he walked in my living room. I am scared all the time when I see one."

Rachel H.
Jamaica, NY

Editorial Comment: Wow Rachel, how many more ghosts do you have? Spooky!

Real Ghost Stories #12

"One night I was at my aunt's and she told me there were ghosts, but I wasn't a beliver. However, THAT NIGHT MADE ME BELIEVE!!!!

I was staring off into space when I saw a shadow run pass the bathroom door. I told her roommate that someone was in the kitchen. He came back and said 'No one is in there'."

LaShay W.
Elyria, OH

Real Ghost Stories #13

"I am now 48yrs. old, but when I was 31 I traveled with my parents to Chicago, Illinois to attend my mom's mother's funeral. It was while I was asleep in my departed grandmother's bed with my 6 month old daughter in a bassinet beside me, that during my sleep I was awakened by an apparition. There was a figure formed by white light. The figure was standing by my daughter, looking and reaching for her. I was terrified.

"I grabbed my precious baby and held her close to my chest. I tightly closed my eyes and began to pray 'The Lord's Prayer.' When I finally opened my eyes, the vision was gone. I did not sleep in that room again. After the funeral, we drove back to my mom and dad's home in Texas. My sister who is two years older than me had gone with us. In Texas, I was able to sleep in my own room that I used over summers between college semesters. My baby slept in the bed with me.

"It had been three days since I had last seen the ghost and I never expected nor wanted to see it again...but that first night we were back, after I had been asleep for awhile, the apparition returned. It stood at the foot of the bed this time, not beside it. The apparition reached up with the arms once again as if wanting to hold the baby. But as I looked so frightened, the ghostlike figure withdrew her arms and seemed to vanish. I was up with my daughter in my arms and ran into the room with my older sister and asked her if we could sleep with her. She asked if my ghost was back and I answered her 'yes!'

"I was able to finish my sleep that night and have never seen this apparition again. But I think that perhaps it was my grandmother wanting to see her youngest great-granddaughter before passing on. I believe that she did not mean to or want to scare us. She loved children so much. She had 9 of her own and 37 grandchild, 39 great-grandchildren and 37 foster children. She loved them all. I do not believe that she wanted to leave this world without having a chance to meet the youngest one, my daughter."

Diane B.
Crane, TX

Real Ghost Stories #14

"This is really not my story, but rather something one of my best friends experienced. It scared me.

"My friend's father served in the military so it was common for them to move a lot to different stations. She did not state exactly where this was, but she told me it was somewhere in Japan. When she was about eight years old, her family moved into this old house located near a beach. One can see the ocean waters right outside the living room window, which was the only window in that room for some odd reason.

"The first night, the whole family slept in the living room because they did not get to finish unpacking all their belongings during the day. But for some reason, she couldn't sleep. She felt as though someone was watching her. So she opened her eyes and turned to see the window. There she saw a figure or an apparition of a lady's head in the dark staring at her! She screamed, waking the entire family up.

"Her mother rushed to her side to ask what was wrong. My friend pointed to the window saying that she saw a lady's head floating and staring directly at her. But when the mother looked, there was nothing there. Her mother thought her daughter was just having nightmares from all the stress of having to move to a new environment. She told her to calm down and just go back to sleep. But my friend, who was too terrified, refused to go back to sleep. They stayed awake that whole night.

"And on the next morning, my friend went out to check the window. She was shocked to see a trail of black hair (covered in sand) right below the window and leading to the ocean waters. It couldn't be any of her family's because they all had brown-reddish hair. She quickly told her mother about this and her mother was, too, creeped out by this. So they immediately moved to a different home.

"But ever since that experience, she is still afraid to look out a window, especially in the dark."

Angel B.
Coronado, CA

Aren't these real ghost stories scary? Keep on reading!

Real Ghost Stories #15

"First off, I better tell you that my sister Diana died when she was 16. I was 8 at the time. Four years later I was sitting on the couch reading a magazine. I noticed that something had moved in the corner of my eye. It was on the right side. I looked up and saw my sister, Diana floating about 3 feet off the ground. She was standing with her arms hanging straight down at her sides. She was looking straight ahead. At that point she turned to look at me. She had no expression on her face. Then she turned back around and just floated very quickly out of the room. As she came to the entrance of our living room, She just faded away. I sat straight up and called for my other sister, Franya. When she came in she said 'You look like you've seen a ghost,' and I said, 'I did'."


Thank you to everyone who have submitted their real ghost stories. Remember, if you have real ghost stories to share, just click here and send it to us!

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