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Real Ghost Stories
Page Three

Even more real ghost stories from our wonderful visitors.

Real Ghost Stories #16

"My name is Dania. We moved into a new house seven years ago. My sister and I share the same room. Everything was normal but in 2007, my sister and I got suspicions about the room at the top of the stairs, which we use as a store room.

"Everyday at dusk, our dog starts barking and howling and after awhile he stands completely still and quiet. If you sit by the window in the room my sister and I share, you will hear humming sounds and we always find that things in the storage room have been moved arond. When we go to sleep at night it's like a third person is the room besides us. Sometimes we hear laughing and crying but no one in the house has had any experiences except my sister and I."

Islamabad, Punjab

Real Ghost Stories #17

"My friends and I heard a myth or ghost story that we didn't believe. It was about a couple that had been murdered awhile back. The story was that they were at the most popular necking spot and were killed! Well people say that you can drive by there at night and stop the car on the bridge over the old hangout spot. You are suppose to stop the car in the middle of the bridge, take the keys out and lay them on the floorboard and sit there in the darkness.

"Well I was driving and I pulled off, turned off the car and laid the keys in the floorboard. We all said, 'Whoever is getting in, get in.'

"At first, nothing happened so I started the car and drove away. About two seconds after I started the car, I felt cold when it was warm just a secound ago. We looked in the empty back seat and there was an impression of someone sitting there.

"I got freaked out and quickly drove off the bridge. As soon as we got off the other side everything was normal, and to this day I still believe what happened was real and I will never do it again unless I have to prove someone wrong."

Elizabethton, TN

Editor: Some of these real ghost stories are very chilling and incredible!

Real Ghost Stories #18

"Hello, this is the story of a song I wrote about an experience I had with the ghost of a woman actress from the 1800's. I was staying at a friend's place in Longmont, Colorado last April, 2006. Years ago, it used to be called 'The Times Call' building. The upstairs where I stayed had been closed off since 1964. There is a calendar hanging on one of the doors in the apartment looking over Main Street. The page is still on April 1964.

"In the late 1800's they used to print one of the local newspapers, 'The Times Call', on the 1st floor. There was a big explosion from a gunpowder barrel, in the basement next door in the 1870's, and the building and the adjacent buildings had to be rebuilt as a result of the fire that ripped through walls of half a city block. 'The Dickens Opera House' at the end of the street was spared.

"A bystander, who was standing on top of the opera house at the time of the explosion, was blown off to the roof of a building below. He was spared with an injured leg.

"A business across the street had all its windows blown in from the shock wave. The woman inside was frantic, and ran out of her shop screaming with the blood streaming down from her cuts and bruises. After the dust settled, and a couple of years went by, the block was rebuilt and ready for action. 'The Times Call' building started printing again, but used the 2nd floor as a boarding house, instead of the owners living there. They rented out rooms, a hot bath, and a meal for people coming and going on the old locomotives and stage coaches. One of the patrons happened to be a semi-famous actress, who must have traveled across the country performing in various venues for the general public. I wish I knew her name.

"These days the interior of the upstairs looks like something from an old western movie. There are old sky lights on the ceiling, the wall paper is slowly peeling off, and the hard wooden floors are warped as if everything is sinking into the middle of the main living room. In fact the water in the fish tank, against one of the walls, leans toward the center of the room. Watch out for the staircase that leads down to the street level. It leans one side higher than the other as well from old age.

"Last spring while I was playing guitar and working on some new music, I thought I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. In fact, I'd been staying there for a few weeks by then, and thought I felt some sort of presence there. That night when I went to bed, I put on a video, 'The People Who Live Under the Stairs'. I fell asleep and I felt a cold whisper in my ear. I woke up to find the movie still playing and the face of a woman on the TV screen. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. That was about 2 a.m. in the morning.

"I tried to go back to sleep, but my mind was on high alert. A few hours later I made some coffee, and started to play my guitar. I felt a presence in the room again, but it felt friendly, as if it liked what I was playing. As I played, I came up with a nice chord progression, some lyrics, and a cool chorus line. An hour or so later I finished writing my song called 'U Don't Know'. The vibe in the place was electric. My friend Joe, the present owner of the building, came home around 10 a.m. I told him about my experience the night before, and the song that I wrote about it.

"He told me he knew about a presence in the building, but didn't want to scare me. He said he had had some friends over in the past that felt the same sort of energy that I did. He asked me what the ghost sounded like. I said 'A woman in her 30's maybe.' He asked me what she looked like. I described her and his jaw dropped to the floor. Joe asked me to wait in the room while he went to get something. He came back ten minutes later with an old photograph he had been keeping in storage with other old artifacts. These things where still upstairs when he first bought the building a year before. Remember the upstairs had been locked up for years.

"When he showed me the photo, it was a black and white picture of a lady in her late 20's, dressed in an old western theater outfit. She was the same lady I had seen the night before. I was shocked!!! I stayed there for a few more weeks, and every time I played guitar and sang she would let her presence be known. It was a friendly presence as it turned out. So now when I go to visit my friend Joe, at 'The Times Call' building, she lets me know she's still there.

"Here's some links to the song I wrote about her http://www.mp3.com.au/track.asp?id=135016 and http://www.wintersteel.com/Ghost_Song.html

"Anyone who likes can use the links to the song 'U Don't Know' on their website."


Loveland, CO

Editor: Some of our real ghost stories writers are quite artistic.

Real Ghost Stories #19

"This is my story, and this also happened to other students in my school. Here it goes...

"One day after school, my friends and I were walking down the hall and we passed by an empty room. We were frightened by what we saw. We saw a lady (white lady) writing on the blackboard and then we ran away and one of my friends suddenly tripped over the ground. We were all shocked that day and just figured it was our imaginations . . .until one day one of my classmates went into the school's comfort room. When she looked up at the ceiling she saw a lady hanging by a rope!

"We were all frightened by what she saw and out of curiosity, we asked some of the teachers and staffs in our school about it.

"They told us that before the building become a school, it was a hospital with a cemetery. Some of the rumors said that under the school's comfort room was a buried body! But that's just a rumor and we're not sure about that. This is a taste of my stories, I'll just update if something eerie happens again..."

Caloocan, Manila

Real Ghost Stories #20

"Ok there was this story saying a dead ghost was going around knocking on people's windows. She was real old and raggedy. If you didn't answer or if you answered the door and didn't let her in she would put a curse on your house or you!

"Well, one night my brother was on the couch asleep, when he heard a knock on the window. So when he looked outside he saw this shadow of an old woman appearing to be walking back and forth. He ignored it and thought it was a tree moving. But since then it gave us the creeps and we 'NEVER SLEEP BY A WINDOW.'"

Dallas, TX

Real Ghost Stories #21

"Hello! I am just a simple person and for two or more years I have been confronted with this type of light: 'The Dog Meadow Lights.' I see them in night in my room seranaded in front of my candle. I never know what it is......

"In the beginning I was very frightened but with passing time I got OK with it and just look at the light, that become big, with that dancing image all over, like transparent water, moving, moving around. Now just watching this movie I get happy to see other have seen some things (then my close Friends will not be telling me I have a psychological problem.....). Nobody believed anything until having this video now. I think all this has been sent to me in the past when by mistake I was in contact with mediums. They send spirits to me and more than that, I got pictures in my room with spots of light, which I read they are ghosts, entities.......

"Anyway just want to say a bit about my inconvenient experience...still today. Sorry for my writing in English,I am originally from Roumania...Thanks and bye."

Preston, Lancashire

Real Ghost Stories #22

"I was in my room sleeping when suddenly I heard a noise. It sounded like a type of banging, like breaking a door made out of metal! So I got up and walked around the house trying to see what it was. I looked in my grandmother's old room where it is empty. Then I saw a shadow. It started to move! It went into the closet. Then when I looked something big and white jumps out! It looked like it was holding a type of rope or somthing!!!"

Miami, FL

Real Ghost Stories #23

"Not long--about 3 or 4 years ago, on a road that is popular for car and motorbike racing, a young man collided with a tree and instantly died. About a year after it happened a group of friends and I were driving along it and all of a sudden we heard a motorbike and saw the headlight coming our way. So naturally we stopped the car and then next thing, the motorbike flew straight past and collided with a tree.

"We we're about to ring the police when we looked and nothing was there. No motorbike, no person, nothing. Ever since I don't take that road. Neither do my friends."

Tamworth, NSW

Real Ghost Stories #24

"My friend's aunt had just died.

"Her grandma was having an argument with her grandpa. She was sitting at the kitchen table. My friend asked her grandparents, 'Can I live here?'

"All of a sudden, the door to the basement started to open and close rapidly. It was as though her aunt was saying 'Nooooo Way! Do NOT let her live with you!'

"Pretty spooky, huh?"

Salina, Kansas

Real Ghost Stories #25

"My mom and I were talking one day and the conversation about ghosts came up. I told her that I felt as if our old house was haunted. She looked at me and in a quiet voice she said 'I do, too.'

"She explained to me that the first week that my parents moved into our old house before I was born they were lying in bed, the lights were off and she remembers her and my dad looking up at the ceiling watching the lights of a passing car go by. She explained to me that she looked up again to see a big black figure coming out of the wall leaning over her.

"She said it started to strangle her. My father tried to wake her up thinking that she was sleeping. As she started to lose air, she prayed screaming, 'God help me!' The figure all of a sudden let go and dissapeared.

"The next day when my mom brought it up to my dad, he just shrugged it off and told her she was just having a nightmare."

Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania

Remember, if you have any real ghost stories to share, just click here and send it to us!

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