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Real Ghost Stories
Page Seven

Even more real ghost stories from our very talented, and spooky, visitors!

Real Ghost Stories #44

"There was this doctor who was not really that popular with patients. He was the kind who turns down patients no matter how sick they look just because he feels they couldn't afford his services.

"But all this changed after that day when a security guard heard banging and shouting and found this doctor inside an elevator wide-eyed and trembling with fear. He got trapped in it because of a sudden power failure. His office is on the 8th floor and at around 7pm that night he decided to call it a day and headed for the elevator. Inside was another passenger who ask him respectfully to what floor he is going. Arrogantly snubbing the lady, he pushed for the button for the ground floor. Surprisingly, the elevator did not stop until it reached Basement 2, which is where the morgue is. When it opened, it was a bit dark and gloomy, when they saw a girl running towards them waving her arms from a considerable distance, apparently, asking to hold the door for her. Without hesitation, the doctor quickly reach for the button for the door to close without waiting for the girl to get in.

"The lady with him was surprised as well and asked: 'Doctor, that girl was waving at us asking if we could hold the door for her, why did you not let her in?'

"The doctor said: 'We should not! I thought I recognized her as a patient of mine who died two days ago.'

"The lady remarked: 'How could you be so sure when it was dark and she was still some distance from us?'

"'Well,' turning to face the lady with her, the doctor said, 'I saw this white hospital wristband wrapped on her wrist as she was waving. And I am sure that those were the type of bands we use to put on the corpse of patients that recently died.'

"The lady then lifted her arms in front of the doctor's face and said, 'You mean like this...?'

"That was when the lights went off, and a terrible cry gutted out from the terrified doctor's mouth!!!"

Jules O
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Real Ghost Stories #44

"I've been living in a small apartment all my life with my parents and our pet (which is a dog by the way,I got it about two years ago). I want to say too that I am greek and may have trouble explaining things. I am a 14-year-old kid.

"Throughout my life I have experienced a lot of weird situations, my parents too(well...just my mum and only once).I'll begin with my mum's incident (which is something I didn't actually see with my own eyes, all this is what my mum told me so I don't know if she hid anything so as to not frighten me but she seemed like she didn't want to talk about it much and I have never asked again).

"I was five years old then, apparently, it was late at night (she never told me the hour but my guess is that it was about 2 -4 am) and my mother was, for whatever reason, not asleep. She said she heard footsteps and she thought it was me so she asked if I wanted something. No reply.

"She got up and came to my bed and I was sleeping. You see we the apartment we live in is very, very, very small and I don't even have a room (just a bed, a nightstand and a wardrobe just down of the kitchen and straight across from the living room (no door--actually,there is a sliding door that never even budges, no matter how hard you try). Anyway, back to the story.

"Then my mum saw a shady thing walking from their room to the kitchen (when she first told me I told her it was her imagination but she told me it wasn't with the most serious of expressions, she said it was like the wall itself was getting wavy, which she probably meant the ghost's movement, They ARE transparent and invisible after all). Then she told me she was very frightened and just sat beside me and didn't move a finger. After a while she wanted to go to sleep and moved there, she didn't find anything except that after some time a shady figure was just next from my sleeping dad, standing and that it was gone with the blink of an eye. That's about it,now for mine.

"When I was small I was afraid of darkness (that's about from when I was born to about seven years ago, 2-3 years after my mum's incident). I have no memory of how I got past of that fear whatsoever. So after that I had no problem staying up until late at night without the lights on. So one night I stayed till early in the morning playing my favourite game on a game console without lights or sound so as not to wake my parents, the only light in the living room was the TV's and once I got up to close the TV and the console I suddenly got the feeling of a presence. At fist I ignored it and lied on my bed but I just couldn't shake the feeling of a presence. What I felt exactly was that the air got 'heavier' and it was nothing like sensing a person, no, IT WAS SOMETHING DIFFERENT, something I can't explain and something you'll only understand if you feel it. Suprisingly, I wasn't scared at all, I myself don't know why...I just felt it wasn't ominous...

"But still I was very curious so I turned on the lights and the presence feeling DID NOT CEASE. I looked around the apartment but found nothing (well... the only place that had light was the living room and the hallway (kitchen, parents' bedroom and rest room) so if there was anything I don't know but I DO know I felt SOMETHING that night, something like...an aura or whatever... Well...mostly that's it although periodically I get the presense feeling and I DO see shadowy figures...

"I've never told my,though...I don't want to leave the house because I like it (even as small as it is) and because of these strange events,they caught my interest...and my curiosity."

Athens, Attiki

If you have one of your own Real Ghost Stories, click here and send it to us!

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