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Real Ghost Stories

This is my favorite section. These real ghost stories are submitted by people like you, our visitors. This is my favorite page because it gives me a chance to "mingle" with the public and hear their experiences.

When I first came to this place, the faceless whispers and unnerving voices made me think I was going crazy. But over time I realized I wasn't crazy and ghosts do exist.

Real ghost stories could be as simple as an unexplained knocking, the feeling of being watched or knowing someone was hanging around. When I started having experiences, I disregarded them at first, but those weird feelings ended up meaning something. Submitting your real ghost stories is fun!

So don't be afraid to submit. Click here if you have something to share.

We'll love all the real ghost stories you want to share.

And if you want to join in the fun and submit a fictional story, that's okay. Just tell us it's fiction. But please try to keep it clean and the gore in your real ghost stories to a minimum as vulgar language will be removed. Plus there are plenty of other gore sites and we're all about being spooky. Also, this site will not condone or encourage religious intolerance or hate/harm of others or self. Remember, we do have little spirits hanging around too, you know and who knows who's reading your real ghost stories.

Enjoy the real ghost stories and check back often to find out if any new real ghost stories have arrived!

--Your host, Charles

Real Ghost Stories #1

"We were traveling through Cut and Shoot, Texas (yes there really is a town by that name) when we came to a stop light.

"Directly to the right was a graveyard. I had my chihuahua sitting in my lap, and suddenly her hair bristled and she began barking furiously. Her agitation grew as time passed and for the entire time we were at the light, she snarled, snapped and barked frantically.

"That was not the really scary part, though.

"What really spooked me was the fact that she appeared to see something directly outside the vehicle that...just...wasn't...there!

"Many times since that day I've wondered about that incident. In my mind, a ghost was not only standing directly outside the car, but it was most likely deliberately agitating the poor dog.

"Do you believe in ghosts? Well, after that day I sincerely believe there was a ghost that terrified my dog somehow."

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Real Ghost Stories #2

"My grandfather had been very ill and was lying in bed, unconscious. I was standing at the foot of his bed and I could tell he was on his way out. As I watched him, I kind of spoke to him mentally and told him, 'It�s okay to go. I know you are tired of being sick.'

"At that point, he exhaled, and I could see something like a whisp of smoke rise up from above his body, go up to the ceiling and linger for just a second.

"Right after that, the paramedics came in to try to revive him (without success). I went outside to the back yard to get out of the way for a minute.

"Outside, there was a squirrel in the tree above me who would not stop chattering at me. He was making a huge racket.

"It seemed to somehow be experiencing tremendous joy and trying to get my attention.

"When I looked up at the squirrel, he looked right back at me and got very quiet. Then I thought, 'I know it's you and it's okay.'

"As soon as I had that thought, I swear the squirrel sent me a look of satisfaction, turned around and went along on his way."


Real Ghost Stories #3

"Okay, since the party has started and people are sharing stories, I�ll buck up and share the one that sticks out in my mind. I don�t know if this is a real ghost story, per se, but it is an experience I remember quite vividly. You know how you only remember a few things from when you were very young? Well this is one of them for me, and I remember it vividly.

"As a child, I was very alert to possible ghosts and monsters. I had a huge imagination, so that�s probably all this was. Always had to have the lights on, look behind doors, etc.

"Well, one night I was at a sleep over at this old farmhouse and there were about four of us sleeping in this big bed. The house was really old and creepy and I was scared the whole time I as there. I didn�t like the feel of it one bit.

"Anyway, it was in the dead of night. Everyone else was asleep and I was completely awake lying there scared, staring at the ceiling with wide-open eyes.

"All of a sudden, the rocking chair across the room started rocking on its own, just for a second. But it did rock back and forth a couple of times.

"I pulled the covers over my head and didn�t move all night until someone else woke up.

"It might have been the heat register blowing, but it was a very old house, and I don�t think it had registers. The people were poor and hadn�t remodeled in eons. I think it had radiator heat.

"Whatever, I was only six or seven, and it terrified me! I�ve been fascinated with ghosts ever since."

--Your Webmistress

Real Ghost Stories #4

"When I was little, I had a sleepover with my friends. One of my friends decided that she wanted to hold a seance.

"So we turned out all the lights and lit a candle. (There were six of us.) We gathered in a circle. Shanda started saying stuff like, 'Spirit if you are there, talk to us.'

"We carried on like that for about 30 minutes. We were about to give up when we heard a low voice murmuring. It wasn't one of us because our mouths weren't moving.

"We all looked at each other and tore out of the room."

Los Angeles, California

Real Ghost Stories #5

"It all happened when I took a trip to Spanish Lake, Missouri. My friends and I decided to earn some extra credits for school by spending ten days there doing renovations on an old building. "As it turned out, the building used to be an old monastery. On our third or fourth day there, we discovered a room on the third floor that was REALLY creepy! It had padded walls, and underneath the pads were scratch marks! We even found a fingernail lodged in a crevice in one of the walls. We figured it was there because at some point in the past the room must have been used for solitary confinement or something of that sort. "Anyway, we finished working and called it a day. We then left to go eat at the house where we were staying. Although it was after �curfew,� two of my friends decided to take a walk and noticed something really spooky. As they walked past the building, they saw a light on in the creepy room on the third floor. This was especially strange as the building was supposedly locked up for the night, and everyone was supposedly in their rooms. The REALLY strange part was that was the ONLY THAT ROOM HAD A LIGHT ON. As my friends were standing outside looking at it, trying to figure out who could possibly be in that room they saw a shadow of a man pass by the window and pause there for a second and then move away. Shortly afterwards, the light went out! Needless to say, my two friends got freaked out and ran back to their rooms to tell us about it. "The next morning, we went back to work in the building. They dared someone to go in the room alone to see if the room had been tampered with. No one would go in the room alone, so I volunteered. At that time, I was a skeptic. I didn't really believe in ghosts, and I thought my friends were silly making such a big deal out of it. So I "bravely" walked down the hallway, went in the room for about three seconds (looked around quickly�saw nothing was out of place or moved�and walked back out.)

"When I came out, my friends were standing a few feet away from the room looking really pale. They were staring dumbfounded, with their mouths hanging open. For a moment, they were completely silent, then burst out with "Are you ok?" "What happened?" "Did you see anything?" "What took so long?," etc.

"This confused me. I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about! "They explained to me that I had been in there for about 45 seconds. In my mind, I had only been in the room for three seconds. My friends were about ready to run in the room and see what happened to me because I had been in there so long. But like I said, to my knowledge, I had only been in there for about three seconds!!!!! I just walked in looked around, and walked out!

"Was this room haunted? What could explain the difference in time between the girls and myself? Had I stepped into another dimension?

"For the last couple days of our trip, we pretty much avoided going in that room, and in fact, the entire third floor in general. None of us could really explain what happened, and none of us really wanted to figure it out. We just left it as 'one of those strange experiences.' "It's now been about three years, and I still wonder what really happened. All I can say is this: I may have been a skeptic then, but I most certainly am not now!"


Real Ghost Stories #6

"Once I was all alone at my house, playing on my computer. While I was playing, the TV just turned on buy itself. I was shocked.

"I looked around. I thought I was sitting on the remote, but it was on top of the TV.


Yazzie C.
Kayenta, AZ

Real Ghost Stories #7

"I, on several occasions, have had experiences of being watched, but during the day. During the night sometimes it is much worse. I will feel so strongly that someone is watching me, and wanting to cause me harm. Some nights I cannot sleep because of the presence. Everyone in my family believes that my room is the darkest, and creepiest room in the house. I don't know what to do!! And this presence isn't someone I or anyone in my family knows!!"

Casey N.
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Dear Casey: Your story is very chilling and it sounds as though you could be in distress. First of all, if you are under 18, make sure your parents know about this and enlist their help to take appropriate measures to stay safe. If you desire further assistance and want to do something about your situation, here are some people who can help.

Contact Eric, the Director Oklahoma City Ghost Club at www.okcgc.com or Deirdre at www.moonslipper.com. These people are professionals and can help you verify and eliminate your unwanted guest. Best wishes to you. Feel free to let us know how things turn out.

Don't forget, if you have a real ghost story, we'd be delighted to hear it. Everybody loves ghost stories!

To send it to us, click here !

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