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Real Ghost Stories
Page Nine

Our visitors love to tell their real ghost stories. Here are some more.

Real Ghost Stories #48

"Okay, here it goes...

"I used to live on a street/highway called "Poplar Branch." We had lived on poplar branch for about three or four months before I noticed something. We had to drive a ways to get to a 7-11 or a Food Lion... and one day I decided I wanted a slushy from 7-11. We were driving down the street when I saw a gathering of dead woods out of the middle of nowhere. I mean the woods that you could see were all healthy and alive. The part that was dead is what got my attention. And what also caught my attention was that there was a TALL, OLD, UGLY, HAUNTED LOOKING HOUSE that was about three or four stories tall. I told my mom about it the next day because she was the one who drove me to 7-11. She said "Well, I sure didn't see anything." I tried my hardest to convince her, but she was convinced that there was nothing there. Anyway...a few more times I tried to show my mom but she couldn't see it. The next day she had work so her friend Phil had come over just to keep an eye out and I was going to show SOMEONE that house. Since my mom couldn't see it he had to.

"So we got there and he saw it because we actually got out of the car. I have always been fascinated with ghosts, and since it looked haunted, I wanted to go in. So I got him to go in with me.

"We went inside. We were both 100% sure NO ONE lived there, but when we got in, music started playing and it just happened to be a week before christmas. The song that came on said " You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not shout I'm telling you why, Santa Clause is coming to town," and so on.

"Then I got very scared, and wanted to leave, but everywhere there were knives, broken glass, and the room that was to the right as soon as you walk in was an OLD bed and it looked as if had been caught on fire. Then there was an oollldd olld OLLLLDD fridge that sounded like the music was coming from.

"But Phil and I went to each and every floor... looking for where the music had come fromand could not find it. When we left, the same day I told my friend all about what had happend, and she asked her mom if we could go to the park. So we were on our way there, when we passed that old ugly house. I pointed and told her that that was the house, and she said, "My great-great-great grandma and grandpa used to live there. They died a while ago though. But what is making me think of my great-great-great grandparents is that their favorite time of year is Christmas."

"That is when I got a bad feeling. I think about it now and the reason why the music came on was probably because that was their favorite holiday and it was probably haunted by their ghosts. But I don't know.

"And I'm sure I never will."

Moyock, North Carolina
United States

Real Ghost Stories #49

"Do you belive that ghosts can do not only mental things, but physical things too? Ok, here it is... this didnt happen to me, but happened to my mo when I was over at a friends house. My mom says that when we lived in our old apartment... we had shelves on the top of our cabinets, like near the ceiling.... and we used to keep glasses and papers and things like that on them. But it had the wall and a piece of wood that kept the things from falling... someone would actually have to physically pick things up and drop them or grab them and use them... well I was at a neighbors house... and about 10:00 or 10:30 my mom was laying on the couch and had fallen asleep watching T.V when all of a sudden she hears a LOUD crash in the kitchen, so she went in there, and glanced on the floor, and there they were, her special, beautiful, and fragile... very expensive glasses. We wouldn�t actually drink out of them, but we wanted to keep them nice. And from what she told me... there was nothing that she or our cat did... cause our cat was asleep during that time, and was in our room... plus he was too lazy to climb up there all the way. And my mom was sound asleep. Weird huh? And weirdest part is that... after that night, I came home... and slept in the living room with her cause she slept on the couch again. Then, I saw a dim light coming down the hall toward the living room... it was floating about 2 feet from the ground... if it was a spirit or ghost... I couldn�t make out the face... but I knew that I saw what I saw... and I told my mom bout it, and trust me she believes me. So to this day I know that ghosts can do physical things too... not only mental and visual things.

Moyock, North Carolina
United States

If you have one of your own Real Ghost Stories, click <here and send it to us!

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