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Real Ghost Stories
Page Eleven

These real ghost stories are very, very spooky. Check them out!

Real Ghost Stories #52

"Well it happened when I was about 10. I heard this story about how the projects I live in burned down and every one in the building died, but this happened a long time ago. That's not what scared me. What scared me was that late one night I had fallen asleep in my grandpa's room and I got this chill in my body and I woke up. I must have been laying there for about no more than a minute when I saw it....... I saw this man looking straight at me (mind you I was laying on the bed and the bed is a king size and I was laying in the farthest corner closest to the wall). He was looking me dead in the eye. I screamed and the man disappeared. Ever since then I have not slept in that room let alone been in it, by myself."

Olvin J.
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Real Ghost Stories #53

"I loved the videos! Very interesting to say the least. I was so happy to have found this website, it's really great!

"Ever since I was a little girl, I'm now 41 years young, I've always had experiences of the supernatural. I have had experiences that were good and bad. I remember when I was living in a flat in Brooklyn, New York and had the most frightening experiences there.

"It would start when I would lie down to go to sleep. I would be lying on my back and I would get the strangest sensation of a cat curled up lying on my shins, then I turned on my side and it felt like someone was touching me, dragging their fingertips very lightly from my calf to my shoulder. It was quite unnerving at times, especially when the malevolent spirit would do other things like banging loudly underneath the bed, which I knew was impossible, because nothing could fit under the bed.

"For the next six months I lived there and tried to rationalize as best I could but you can't rationalize the unknown, right?

"I feel now I'm much more better equipped mentally if ever the time comes (God forbid) that I have an encounter with negative energies/spirits.

"Thanks for letting me vent!"

Eileen Munson
Jamaica, New York

Real Ghost Stories #54

"When I was younger I used to talk to a girl, who was older than me at the time. I didn't realize she was a ghost until my mum told me she had brought a medium in. I told my mum what the girl looked like and what we talked about. When the median came, my mum didn't tell her about what I had said, but the woman described her exactly like I did to my mum and she also told us that she had a little boy with her.

"I was amazed to think that I used to talk to ghosts!!!"

Abi H.
Faversham, Kent

Real Ghost Stories #55

"Once I was in my room with moving boxes stacked behind me. Only my mother was home sleeping. I had a reflective piece of plastic in my hands. I saw a man with a long coat on and a big hat on, looking at me. I turned around to see nothing, but ran out anyway."

Ivy L.
Leavenworth, Kansas

If you have one of your own Real Ghost Stories, click here and send it to us!

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