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My First Experience with the Paranormal

by Adam L
(Fort Dodge, LA, USA)

Hi I am going to tell you about my very first experience with the paranormal. It was at my old house and when I moved in everything was fine and then as I got older, things started happening. It started with my mother. She was in the bathtub one night; she said she was lying perfectly still when she felt a hand run down her leg. She still swears to this day that she didn�t move or do anything. I have had a couple of experiences. One night when I was sleeping I got up to go to the bathroom. My bedroom is on the 2nd floor and threes a little landing before you get to the top of the stairs. I got up the go to the bathroom and there was a guy standing on the landing on the stairs. And I didn�t know what to expect at that time because I was frightened. I didn�t have the ability to call my mother at the time. I just went back to bed and pulled the sheets over my head waited about 3 minutes and he was gone. I think I know who it was; the previous owner I guess hanged himself. But we never figured out where he did it. I continued to see the person and as I continued to see him I became less afraid. Once I stopped seeing him other things occurred. My mother was just sitting on the sofa during the middle of the day and she saw a white mist go up the stairs and disappear around the corner.

Some other stuff that happened to my mother; when she was home alone she heard something fall over upstairs, she went to check it out and nothing had fallen over. Another day she was home all alone and she heard footsteps go across the ceiling that would have been in her bedroom, she said she could watch the footsteps move across the ceiling and that she and the dog were the only ones home and the dog was down stairs with her.

We have moved out of that house now but we still think we had paranormal activity and wonder if the new owners have had any experiences.

Thank you for reading...

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Scratches and Cold Spots - A Haunting

by Micah V.
(Seaview, WA, USA)

Where to begin? . . .

I lived in Seaview, Washington about five years ago and I was 21 at the time. Up until then I had never had any paranormal experiences, at least that I know of.

My girlfriend and I rented an apartment that consisted of only four per a unit, making a total of eight apartments. We had a top floor and were really excited about getting our own place, since before we had lived with roommates - and you know how that sometimes works out. We finally moved in and settled and it wasn't even a few days later that things started happening. I wasn't really paying any attention, not until it progressed and got worse down the road. That's when I became aware.

It was late fall when it all started happening. Now it's the season of turning your heat on just about constantly, but for some reason our bedroom would stay extremely ice cold. I mean see-your-breath cold. I checked the heater vent and it worked, but the cold was overpowering it, so I checked the windows for drafts and nothing turned up. Mind you my ex and I knew nothing about paranormal activity nor thought about it.

We had one cat named "BoBo" who was a very playful and loving cat. One night we were watching TV in the living room, lit by the TV and out of nowhere my cat was in the hallway. BoBo let out a shriek and started hissing and spitting, hair all standing up. I jumped to my feet, heart racing, wondering what the heck was going on. I switched on the light and the cat's eyes were drawn to my room, still hissing at the doorway while backing up slowly. I called him and he didn't even glance at me, he was so frightened. (I later find out that animals and young kids can sense these things.) I now realize that's why the cat never slept in our room. One night my ex was working graveyard shift, and I headed for bed. We had three comforters on our bed, the heat going and PJ's and the room was still cold. We just gotten used to it I guess.

I remember dozing off and then at about 2:15 that night, I suddenly awoke in a paralyzed fear and was afraid to move. I know I was awake, I could see my breath, the moon was coming through my windows and I noticed ice forming on the windowpane. Now I sat up, mind you not paralyzed to my bed, but with an overwhelming dread and fear. My heart was racing, and I was feeling sick to my stomach. Something was not right. I'm a Protestant Christian and believe there is spiritual warfare amongst us for our souls. Whatever awoke me let me know it was there, and was terrifying me. I started to jump up and switch on the light and I literally heard a faint laugh, sounding like from my closet. I high-tailed it out of there switching on every light in the house and was still shaking.

I started praying out loud, and felt a little calmer but wasn't going back in there until the ex got home. I told her what happened when she came in, bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. That morning she told me that while I was gone she's had some weird experiences, too. We started wondering if maybe we did have something in our house. She said she has heard her name being called a couple of times, from a voice sounding like mine, but I was at work and she knew that, too. She also said that one day while she was vacuuming, she heard a smash in the kitchen. She ran out there, and our tea pot on the stove was laying on the floor. Now at the time when she told me this, I said it could have been the cat, but she said the cat was outside. Hmmm! Pretty freakin' weird, I'll say! A few times myself, I swear that I had seen shadowlike figures move from room to room. They looked like a human silhouette. I know they were not mine because I would be sitting down and these things looked like they were gliding around. I'm not the smartest guy but smart enough to tell the difference. Now that you heard what has gone on in this house, let's jump to the present.

I watch shows about paranormal investigators and paranormal investigations like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, and enjoy reading about ghosts and spirits and I believe this started because as I read or watched these shows. I started realizing I had these issues, too, but did not know it at the time. So I went through memory lane, and pulled out those pictures from when I lived there and what a surprise! Sure enough as I looked at them, and I have quite a few to look through, I found five photos that stood out like a sore thumb. There were three that had orbs in them. Now I'm not too crazy about orb pics being it could be dust, bugs, rain and so on, but these were different. With all that happened there and seeing these orbs, I definitely know this is the real deal. These energy balls had hues to them. A couple were blue and one had a larger orange color, with what appears to be a face in it.

Now the "holy grail" remaining two have actual apparitions in them and guess where they were taken? In the bedroom. It gives me goose bumps every time I look at them. One is by my bed in the corner and the other is standing behind me in front of the closet. The closet where I heard that awful heckle of a laugh. I'm a true believer now. I just wish I knew then what I know now. I would have been out of there.

One last thing, I thought of this as private but oh well she's long gone and I'm married now. In that apartment we would always fight constantly. It seemed like every day. We were on the rocks and accusations and trust was not there. I had no explanation for this but I had just gotten out of the shower and I hear the ex say, "What the !@#*"

Great here we go again, what now? She saw scratches all over my back. I didn't feel them, let alone know they were there. I had no explanation, but she thought I was cheating on her. Now I feel that could have been from that evil spirit there causing mayhem. One more thing before I go. I love history and love old homes and such. Seaview was founded in the 1870's. Our whole neighborhood was home ranging from the 1800's to maybe the 1930's. Our apartment was the only new place there in that area. I still wonder if those apartments are sitting on what used to be someone's home that was ripped down to make way for the apartments. Hmmm!

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