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Ouija Board at IU

by Drake
(Park Ridge, IL, USA)

Now, I know what you are thinking. I never believed in this stuff, either. We were young and curious students, so we goofed around with it anyway. I must have played with a Ouija board over 20 times. Nothing ever happened. Until some of my buddies and I tried to do it at my fraternity house in Bloomington, Indiana years and years later.

It was Halloween night. I was stone cold sober because I was studying real late for this Spanish quiz I had to take the next morning. I finished up at around 3:00 a.m., or so. As I was heading to my room on the 2nd floor, I walked by Room #201. About 10 dudes were huddled around this bar, with all of the lights out, and a candle was burning. They looked all freaked out.

Now when I walked into the room, they had this clear glass upside-down, and a Ouija board made up of cardboard cutouts on top of this bar they had built in there. It had numbers, letters, yes, no, entry, and exit written on the cutouts. It was laid out just like a Ouija board. I guess you would call it a homemade Ouija board. I swear to God, the glass was moving all around, answering questions. It was moving incredibly fast. That alone was unbelievable to me. So, I decided to join in.

We were behind the bar. There were 2 people to my left. One was Brendan W. also from Park Ridge, Illinois, and Marc T. from Portage, Indiana. We all put 2 fingers on top of the glass. First, Brendan asked this spirit what his younger brother's middle initial was. The glass immediately went to the letter 'M' on the board. For no reason, Brendan said, �That�s it, I quit!� He quickly left the room. I later found out from Brendan that his little bro�s middle name was Malcum. We were all like, �Gees, take it easy.�

We all felt compelled to play on. A guy named Timmy M. entered the room with a bible, and attempted to read it, and his eyes started to tear up!! I asked him what was wrong, and he said he didn't know. He had this baffled look on his face that I will never forget. Next, a girl attempted to enter the board with us, put her fingers on the glass, and she immediately passed right out!! I mean she went lifeless and just dropped to the floor within seconds of touching that glass!! For no reason, we kept playing with it anyway.

All of us asked for physical evidence of something being in the room with us. One person asked if we could have the spirit blow out the candle that was lit. Another guy told us not to do that. We asked why, and he told us that he and a friend asked a spirit to do just that, and it blew out the candle, and after the lights went out, the dude said he was bitten by something! Now honestly, that kind of scared me, but we pressed on. Then, I will never forget, the guy next to me, Marc T., grabs me and says, �Drake, you believe in God don't you? Nothing's going to happen to us, right?� I said, �Yeah of course I do. He�ll protect us, don�t worry.�

We all placed our fingers back on the glass, and we all asked the spirit to blow out the candle. Just then, Marc T. who was now the only person to my left behind the bar, shoves me aside. Then he ran on a dead sprint straight into the closet to my right. He knocks his head right into a block wall. Boom! We stopped, and turned on the light. I swear, he was sitting on the floor of the closet, in some type of convulsion. His head was shaking around like that movie �Jacob�s Ladder.� Marc was not just pale, but the tone of his skin was totally green! Once again, it scared the snotty out of me, and it scared everyone else too. Marc stopped shaking, and swore he was ok, but he didn�t want to play anymore. So now Marc leaves the room. We played on anyway. Like idiots.

So, at this point, there was no one standing next to me behind the bar on my left. I was standing back there by myself, while the rest of the guys were on the other side. The next thing that happened was unreal. We put our fingers on the clear, upside-down glass, and it sparked. It actually looked like a miniature lightning bolt, inside the glass. I swear I saw it, and so did everyone else around the board. We not only saw it, but it shocked all of our fingers. We continued to ask for the candle to be blown out anyway.

Then all of sudden, I hear this inhuman voice. It was moaning with this weird echo to it. The voice began to get louder, and came closer to me until it sounded like it was right next to me. It was on my left side. Then out of nowhere, it actually blew in my ear. I went up against the wall with my shoulder up to my left ear. At this point, honest to God, there was no one left behind the bar to my left-hand side. I then felt something cold and evil walk from left to right, right through my body, and I totally blacked out. When I woke up, it was really freaky. Everyone was around me. They were all asking if I was alright. You should have seen their faces. All of these guys were scared out of their minds. I asked them, �What happened?� They said, �Dude, you flew against the wall with your shoulder up against your ear.� I asked, �Did you guys hear that moaning?� They said, �No. What do you mean? What moaning?� I said, �That echo, that voice, moaning, it blew right in my ear.�

They all said they didn�t hear anything at all. I said, �That is it. I will never, ever play with this crap again. I suggest you guys stop too, and don't provoke whatever it is. Or else, you will be next. Don't you see? It is going right down the line. I don�t think you guys should be playin� with this stuff. Didn�t you guys see the movie �The Exorcist�? It is how the possession got started. All of it started from a Ouija board. I read somewhere that there were over 40 priests there to verify the story for director William Friedkin. They were all witnesses to the exorcism. I heard it was not a girl, but it was a boy, who is still alive today. The spirit entered him when he played around with a Ouija board.�

Finally, we all stopped, and I never, ever messed with anything like that again. In fact, I never went back into that Rroom #201 ever again. Our former fraternity house is now vacant. There have always been rumors that the house is haunted. Since then, whenever it comes up, I have always told people to stay away from Ouija boards. Now I am telling you guys. A Ouija board is an entry and exit way for a demon, or the very devil himself.

Since that night, I just understood on my own that it would lie, answer you in puzzles, and it could enter anyone on that board. The demon may decide to stay a while. Thank the Lord it did not stay inside me. Well, to me, it just immediately removed any doubt about life after death, or the existence of angels, demons, God and Satan. But the point of this long story is this: ever since that night, whenever I see or hear anything like that night, I get a chill running through my body. It always feels just like that thing walking through me on Halloween night. I have always wondered if those guys have had the same thing happen to them.

Honest to God, every now and then, I just have a bad feeling not to go in some house, or stay in for the night. I cannot really explain it. It is like I have some gut feeling, or intuition, and it is always dead on. I used to question it, but not anymore. Ever since that night, it is like I am a medium or psychic. I can't really say if I have become a medium or not, but I can use this chill as sort of a 'truth indicator' for some scary things I hear, or documentaries I watch on television, or a movie, or something I read about. I am just telling you because whenever I get that chill, I know something is up, or something is wrong. It is my instinct, and I always trust it. Stay away from Ouija boards. Never provoke a demon, it will scare you with that ghostly chill for the rest of your life.

There were two guys I knew that spent a Christmas break alone at a Fraternity. They both heard all of the tables and chairs being thrown around in the basement...both of them went down there, checked it out, and all of the tables and chairs were in their normal positions. Then, I spent the night there alone on a Christmas break. I had the scariest nightmare, and woke up suddenly, and got that awful chill again. Five minutes later, I hear all of the tables and chairs being thrown around in the basement of the house. I went downstairs, and there was nothing out of place. I felt a huge chill go right through me...not only that night, but every single time I speak or even think about the Ouija board in Room #201, or the noises that I heard that night.

If any of my fraternity brothers stumble across this site...perhaps they can verify this story. The house is now vacant. I cannot help but wonder if someone else experienced the same things we did...since 1990. I used to laugh when people would tell me ghost stories, because I never saw anything...and I honestly understand why people don't believe in ghosts, UFO's...the devil...etc...but since those two nights at IU...I believe for sure that there are forces beyond our comprehension that are NOT TO BE MESSED WITH.

If there are doubters and skeptics...who think this whole story is nonsense, make fun of me...and say things like...I was either drunk, or on drugs...etc. So many people GO OVERBOARD, and get so obnoxious and absolutely mouthy about it too. Well, then on HALOWEEN NIGHT, spend the night playing with a Ouija board...but just remember I advised you NOT to do it, and NEVER play with a Ouija board.

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Ouija Board and EVP

by Brad
(Michigan, USA)

Hello, my name is Brad, in the recent year I have been experimenting with the "Ouija" board and EVP recordings in hopes to try and get a different perspective. I personally am a firm believer in what I have experienced, me, a buddy of mine, and my buddy's mom have tried communicating on a tape recorder. What we got in response is astounding, there seems to be no explanation for the things we have heard, so the apparently fall under the unexplainable.

On several occasions we have been able to contact what is seeming to be ghosts or the paranormal, and was wondering how we enter our recordings, as well I was wondering if it is rare to get as many as we have and as clear as they are.

Any write backs to this I surely appreciate. Also I am totally up for any questions, thank you for your time.


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The Seance

by GW
(Smithfield, NC, USA)

In 1968, my wife and I bought a new singlewide mobile home near Wake Forest N.C.

One night we had four friends over and after talking about strange events, ghosts etc., we decided to get out our Quija Board. One of the lady friends had lost a cousin very tragically. We decided to try to contact her spirit by using the Quija board. After playing around with the Quija board for a while, we asked if we were communicating with the young woman we were attempting to talk to. The Quija Board confirmed we were talking with her. We didn't put much faith in it but it was fun and a little scary. Much like telling ghost stories around a campfire when we were younger.

A while later we decided to have a s�ance. None of us knew anything much about doing such a thing but decided to try it anyway. We turned off all the lights in the dining room, leaving only a dim light burning in the kitchen, giving off just enough light to see each other seated around the dining room table. We all held hands and began trying to concentrate on this young woman whom we had endeavored to contact. I began to ask some pretty basic questions and then as we got very still and quiet, we continued to concentrate on the unfortunate young woman.

Suddenly, everyone simultaneously felt a very strange sensation come into our presence. Everybody jumped up at once and began looking at each other with sort of a bewildered and frightened look. I was really quite upset that everyone jumped up and "broke the silence." I asked everyone to let's do it again and this time just "go with it and see what happens." After sitting down again and concentrating about 5 minutes, I had the strangest feeling I had ever felt in my life. It felt like my entire soul was being drained out of my body and some other entity, spirit or something was trying to take its place inside me.

I don't know exactly what happened next, nor do I know what I did or said, but I awoke about ten minutes later, sitting in a chair in my living room. I was crying like a baby. My heart just felt broken and there was a very real feeling of despair within me. As I began to try and rationalize and understand exactly what had happened, I looked at my wife and friends and they were in total shock. They were actually afraid of me. They told me that I was talking in another voice that wasn't mine. They never told me exactly what I said, but did say that mostly I just screamed and cried, and that even my personality had changed. I had taken on a different demeanor completely. We never had another s�ance, and we also threw out the Quija board.

A few nights after this occurred (by the way it was a long time before my friends would come back into my house) my wife and I started hearing strange noises in our home. We would awaken at night with all the faucets running at full throttle in our bathroom and kitchen. We would hear footsteps in the hallway. We awoke to find all the doors (3 of them) standing wide open on several occasions. We would find all the cupboard doors open all the way and many other strange occurrences. The final straw was when I woke up one morning and all the gas-stove burners were turned wide open on the gas range. All this began occurring shortly after the s�ance we had performed. Although nothing seemed to want to hurt us, we finally couldn't take it anymore and sold the mobile home.

This was a real event. It happened to my wife, my friends and me. My wife was afraid of me for quite some time after the night of the s�ance. She was even afraid to sleep with me. She repeatedly told me and continues to do so, when we talk about it, that after that night I had taken on a completely different countenance. It was quite some time before she sensed that I was back to normal.

Of all the things I've done in my life, this was the most shocking, scariest and probably the most stupid. Please don't delve into these things if you don't know what you are doing. It is real, it is dangerous and I believe it can lead to demonic or other possession in one's body.

Excuse my grammar and spelling. As there is no spell check for this article, I am quite certain that there are many mistakes. However, the experience was real and although I am still curious, it continues to scare me when I think about it.

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