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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

The Grand Wizard

by Tommeigh
(Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)

Well let's not beat around the bush here and get to the story. A couple of years during the summer a friend of mine who I liked and later became my boyfriend, threw a BBQ at his grandma's house in the country. Now they live in Cabot, Arkansas and Cabot is not a place I'm too fond of, and there's a reason for that. See, down there they're racist and I know from hearing from other people.

I have experienced being down there once before getting gas with my boyfriend. But I never had that problem with Ryan's grandma; she's an awesome nice lady. I had been to their house on other occasions because me and him are close but I did notice his grandpa never came around me.

About a year ago Ryan's (Boyfriend) grandpa died and for some reason Ryan said he wish he hadn't went to the funeral because he found things out he didn't know that explained a lot he never told cause he didn't want me to worry cause it was over now. Well we went to the BBQ I got a lot of funny looks cause it was only 4 black people there other than myself. I asked Ryan where the bathroom was cause his nanna had remodeled added on to the house he told to use the one up stairs so I went upstairs and immediately I felt a sense of heaviness, anger and malice, a sense of someone was watching me and they didn't want me there, but I ignored and paid it no mind. I went into the bathroom did what I had to do and I came out got half way down the hall and all of a sudden there was his grandpa dressed in a purple robe of a Klansman he had fire in his eyes and was angry and he said "GET OUT N&%#ger go back to where you came from" he was coming toward me and at first I couldn't move but I was finally able to and I bolted screaming at the top of my lungs.

I ran around the corner and Ryan grabbed me asking to calm down and tell him what was wrong. I told him what I saw and what happened and he said "Ok here's the truth. This is what I didn't want you to find out. My grandfather was a grand wizard in the Klan and I didn't know it. He had been for near 40 yrs. That's what I found out at the funeral I'm so sorry" and to make matter's worst in that house that's where he died.

We went to the backyard to tell his nanna and she shook her head and apologized as well then we heard a knock at the window we looked up and their he was AGAIN he was mad after that things started flying off tables and I was ready to go needless to say I haven't been back but I still have my boyfriend but I never forget that image for as long as I live.

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Ray came to say Goodbye

by Robert Benjamin
(Towanda, PA)

Back around 1992 not too long after my wife and I got married, my best friend at the time suddenly became very ill with a viral pneumonia and shortly after, he died. He was slender and was a very rugged type of guy that enjoyed rock climbing, archery hunting and the outdoors. Being of such good health is one of the reasons his rapid decline of health and death shocked me so, as I am overweight and don't take care of myself as I should.

Anyway, about two days after my friend 'Ray' passed away, I was at home with my wife. I was in the living room sitting reading a book, when all of a sudden I had an overpowering feeling that Ray was in the room. I could feel the hair on my neck standing, and I suddenly became very emotional and started crying. My wife came into the room to see what was wrong with me and I told her. 'Ray is here in this room, he came to say Goodbye...� I asked or said out loud 'Ray, if you�re here, show us a sign!' as soon as I said that, the long metal chain on the bottom of our ceiling light flew up in the air, as if someone had hit it with their hand, then the chain fell back down, but when it fell it stopped suddenly, it didn't swing, or move any at all, as if someone had a hold of it. As soon as this happened, I knew that Ray had said Goodbye and he was now gone...

I looked at my wife and asked her if she had seen anything, and she said 'yes', she had seen the chain on the light move as I saw it also. There was NO doubt in my mind or my wife�s; Ray had come to say Goodbye...

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The Ghost in the Road

by Sabrina

This is an event that happened to my daughter. I have chosen to not reveal her name.

My daughter lives in the Midwest, (Ohio) and I live down South. I recieved a phone call from my daughter who was crying uncontrollably, screaming in my ear, and I was not understanding what she was talking about. I told her to calm down and tell me what was wrong?

She said that she was on her way home from work (she works at O'Charleys). It was dark out, and she travels lonely back roads to get home, although there is scarce traffic on this particular road as it is a very winding road. She said that there was a guy walking in the middle of the road. She swerved to miss him, and she almost hit a car head on.

Being 7 months pregnant, she was hysterical.She pulled over and got out of her car. The 2 people in the other car saw her condition and asked if she was all right. They asked her why she swerved toward them. She said " Didn't you see that guy walking in the middle of the road?"

Of, course now they think she is crazy. They had seen noone. She told them she swears that there was a guy in the middle of the road wearing Blue jeans, and a flannel shirt. Again they insisted that there was noone in the middle of the road. She was beginning to think that she was crazy.

She went back to the scene that had happened the night before. Around the curve, and over the railroad tressle, there is a creek below the bridge. Beyond the creek and the bridge there is a big opened field. She went to the library, and did some research. She found out that there had been numerious wrecks on that winding road, and that there were alot of accidents that had taken the lives of young kids who were racing around the curves and had lost control of their vehicles.

My daughter is very well-grounded, she believes that the guy she saw walking in the middle of the road is a spirit trying to find his way home. Needless to say, she still drives this road, at night she looks for "The guy in the middle of the road."

And during the day she looks for him in the wide open field. To this day she does not like to talk about it.

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Ghosts and Hauntings - Man with the Blue Crystal Eyes Part II

by Cousinjo

Dad was NOT a believer, but after I told the story of the man I saw, and described him, his clothes and all, and kept insisting it was true, he stopped teasing me and let the matter drop. Awhile after that, he sat down with me and told me the story of HIS encounter with the Man with the blue Crystal Eyes.

Mom was a brittle diabetic. She could go from pretty healthy to dangerously sick in a very short time. She had to check her sugar frequently, and adjust the dosage of her insulin shots exactly or a shock, coma, and even death could result.

That morning, Dad was in the master bath shaving. Mom was still in bed asleep. Dad looked into the mirror and froze. A young blond man with long hair, jeans and white shirt was sitting on the edge of Mom's side of the bed! What had caught Dad's eye was the motion of his arm. He was bringing it down and slapping the bed, hard, as if he was trying to rouse Mom who did not stir. Dad said when he dropped his razor and ran in, the apparition was gone, and Mom was in a diabetic coma, and very sick. He was sure whoever/whatever he had seen wanted to warn him that Mom was in trouble, and that if he had not come in when he did, she might really have died. I still don't know who or why, but he does seem to be looking out for us.

I will write about other family encounters with our ghost, later.

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Mr. Paul

by Tammy

In 1994 my husband and I purchased a house that I believe was haunted when we first moved in. It was a small 2 bedroom house, we had five children, but we bought it for a really good price and figured we could build on to it.

When we first moved in, my husband and I had one bedroom and the kids were sharing the other bedroom while we had 2 bedrooms built on. My husband worked second shift so he would get home around 11:30 and I would usually stay up and wait for him. On this particular night, all of the kids were down for the night and I was laying across my bed reading a book waiting for my husband to come home, all of a sudden it felt like something hit my bed really hard and made the whole bed shake. I sat up and looked around, looked over the side of the bed, I couldn't see anything that might have fallen or been thrown, I decided then that our house was probably haunted. I said, to no one in paritcular, "I don't know who you are, just don't bother the kids and we'll be fine."

There were several incidents over the next couple of years, the shutter on my camera would open and close, the t.v. and video game system in the kids room would turn on and off by itself. One time we were getting ready for a baseball game and couldn't find one of the boys caps, we looked everywhere, under everything, on top of everything, behind everything and just could not find it so we left without it. When we got back home the cap was laying in the middle of the living room floor.

After the bedrooms had been finished, my husband and I moved into one of the new rooms and our oldest daughter took the room that we had been in. She was cleaning her room one day and heard someone say "Hello", she looked around and didn't see anyone so she continued what she had been doing and in a few minutes she again heard someone say, I little louder this time, "Hello", she dropped what she was doing and left the room.

My oldest daughter was awakened one night by the sound of pots and pans clanging around in the kitchen, she went to investigate but couldn't find anything out of place. I was awakened one night by the sound of all of the cabinet doors, in the kitchen, opening and closing.

My brother and his girlfriend came to visit, and stayed in my daughters bedroom. My brother swears that while they were trying to go to sleep, he heard someone breathing very loudly. My father also stayed in that room when he came to visit, he also said that there was something in that room.

Nothing ever happened in the new part of the house.

After asking around, I found out that the house had been built by a man named Paul. He and his wife had lived there for many years and shortly after his wife's death he killed himself right outside the bedroom window. The only other people to have owned the house was a couple and their son. The couple divorced and the boy had emotional problems and was very destructive to the house, when we moved in there were holes in his bedroom walls and a lot of minor destruction to the interior of the house.

My husband doesn't believe in such things but the kids and I started calling our 'ghost' Mr. Paul. There were a lot of little things that the kids and I witnessed over the first couple of years that we lived there but it just stopped. I like to believe that Mr. Paul finally saw that we weren't going to cause any further damage to his home and were, in fact, trying to repair it, and he found some peace and grew quiet.

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Cumbrian Gentleman

by David P

I've told a few close friends but have never been believed, therefore kept it to myself until

Around 20 yrs ago I was working in a hotel in a small Cambrian village. It was around June and my sister had come to visit, as it was my first time away from home. I let my sister have my room and slept on the floor of my friends. Around 3am I woke up to see a tall man around 6ft in front of me, I asked him why he was in this room? He just stared straight ahead. I was getting a little angry and stood up to confront him. I put my hands out to nudge him into explaining why he was there. As my hands went straight through him, he began to fade!

Confused, I decided to leave for the toilet and on returning he had completely disappeared. Unfazed I went back to sleep.

When I woke in the morning it began to dawn on me. He was around 6ft tall with a top hat and I suppose clothes that a gentleman from around the 1800's would've worn. Not exactly scary, but it was my own brush with the paranormal.

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The Fishing Ghost

by Brent

When I was younger I used to go fishing in my hometown Kingston Ontario Canada...

It only happened when I was alone. One mourning around 7am, I was fishing and I had the feeling that I was not alone. I looked behind me and everywhere else I could but didn�t see anything. I knew there was someone there because I was using worms to catch bass and I needed to put a new worm on the hook but it was already done. Someone or something baited my hook for me and yes I was awake, lol, not dreaming.

This happened four times only when I was fishing alone.

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Hooded Man

by Myself

The hooded man has been following me for years.

I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt like I was being watched. It was pitch black in my room so at first I didn't see him, but I felt his presence.

Then he went away for awhile, but he came back at least three months or so later.

I woke up in the middle of the night once again with the feeling of being watched and I had a night light at that time and I could see him. He was standing at the foot of my bed just staring.

Ever since then I have seen everywhere, it doesnt matter where I am at or who I am with. I can just be sitting in class and I will feel him there and I have no idea why.

The most recent sighting of him was last night. I was getting ready to go to sleep when I felt him in my room. I turned and saw him just standing in the doorway of my bathroom watching me. The hooded man is a dark figure of a tall man wearing a hoodie. I can't see his face and I don't feel threatened by him...

I'm sorry this isn't very good, when it comes to writing about this kind of stuff I get shakey...I'm not sure why.

Thanks for reading.

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Ghosts and Hauntings: A Military Man and Cat Eyes

by Amber
(California, USA)

When I was younger, like about 5, I went into the kitchen to get some water. When I was done, I turned around and in the living room, I saw this guy standing there. It looked like he was wearing navy blue clothes, a jacket with little decorations on it, and a white military-looking hat. This was pretty late at night and that day we didn't have any visitors. Also, my imagination doesn't work well enough for me to see a solid figure (trust me, I've tried!).

What was weird was that his legs, as I looked down, faded. What was even more weird, I wasn't afraid. It was like he's been there all along.

Also about that apartment, when you went into our room (I shared it with my sister) with your eyes closed, you saw cat eyes. We did experiments with our friends, but it was only in our room we saw the cat eyes, even when we didn't know which room we were in.

Now, in our new house, I see shadows moving at the corners of my eyes. I once even saw a full figure shadow of a girl walking past the kitchen. I thought it was my sister, but even then she didn't have as long hair that the shadow girl did. My grandpa died in the room that is now our bedroom and I think his death stirred up something?

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The Man in the White Pants

by Gina
(New York)

Going through elementary school, my brother and I lived in a high ranch house with my parents. We liked to sneak out of our bedrooms late at night and look into the refrigerator, explore the house and just feel like we were being adventurous because we should have been in our rooms asleep.

One night before my brother and I went to bed, we both agreed we would sneak out that night. Looking back at the experience it is strange that we both came out of our bedrooms that night at the exact same time, ready to explore. First we went into the kitchen just checking out what there was to snack on. We decided to stand by the railing upstairs leading down the staircase to the den, when all of a sudden we heard a noise downstairs. Eager to check out what was going on, we went into the playroom to get weapons (a.k.a. toys) that we can use to protect ourselves. I ran upstairs and grabbed my wooden pole I kept beneath my dresser to protect myself in case of robbers and my brother grabbed a hockey stick.

The playroom was downstairs connecting to our laundry room. My brother went into the laundry room and opened up the closet and I heard �Gina Run�!! We scurried upstairs and went into the room. I asked him what he saw. He said, �A man with green glowing eyes and white pants.� We crazy kids decided to go back downstairs (thinking back now it was almost like we were called to do this.) There was a huge closet underneath the stairway that was connected by one big door and then wrapped around to a little door on the other side so you can get in both ways. The strange part was almost subconsciously we knew this �whatever it was� had to be under the stairs, so I took my pole and hit the stairs, pretending that we were walking up and down the stairs to scare him and make him come out. I also pretended that we had a lot of brothers and sisters as well. This way this thing knew he was out numbered.

We eventually decided to look into the closet. I was on the end where the closet door was bigger and looked around to see if we could find anything. All of a sudden I see a knee with white fabric (pants) around the bend of the closet so I took my pole and hit it as if it was a pool stick hitting a pool ball and it slowly moved around the bend until it wasn�t visible any longer. At that point I ran upstairs and said, �Daddy, Daddy someone is in the house!� My dad ran downstairs along with my mother and they found no trace of anything. My father checked the whole house before he had left for work that morning. Afterwards, we all decided that there was nothing to worry and started getting ready for school.

My mother was making breakfast upstairs in the kitchen, which had a window that had an entire view to the backyard. The downstairs den where the closet was had sliding glass doors leading into the backyard as well. My brother heard the sliding glass doors slam shut and knew that he could see the backyard from upstairs if he jumped on the kitchen counter and saw a man in white pants jet the speed of lightening through the backyard over the fence and disappear into the distance.

To this day I think that it was a ghost because my parents could not see this, only we could. The fact that we as elementary school children being directed towards this energy and just knowing where he was in the house was weird in itself. I did speak to a psychic to try to uncover this mystery but I�m not sure if she was legit. She told me he died in the house and he was trying to find something he left in the closet, but is that true? I don�t know. Years afterwards my parents had divorced, and we were living there with my mother. I was in the kitchen playing a video game facing in the opposite direction of the cabinets when I see a flash in the corner of my eye almost like lightening. It went from one side of the room to the other. I looked back and I didn�t see anything. There were other things that happened to me when I was younger such as before I could swim in our old house I told my mother as she was going inside the house that I wanted to dive into the pool one more time with the tube. I jumped in and fell through the tube. I was on the bottom of the pool and walked to the latter with no struggle to breathe and the fact that you can�t walk on the bottom of the pool is a mystery in itself. I used to have very vivid dreams about flying around my house. I also had this one dream that seemed almost real that I rose above my bed and saw my whole body and then just dropped and felt the bang on my back. I also had dreams of people coming into my room every night or in the morning and bite me at least once. I had dreams where my dollhouse lit up and the dreams were very real almost like I was awake.

That is all I have as far as ghost stories. If anyone has ever experienced similar let me know. Everything I wrote here is factual and real, not distorted or blown-up. Thanks for letting me share my story!!

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by Rich
(Swindon, Wiltshire, UK)

In the mid-1980s I was a 10-year-old Scout. The hut where we had our meetings at the time was behind an old building that used to be part of a school complex, abandoned and boarded up. To get to the hut, I had to walk around the entire left-hand side of the old school. It was a hot, mid-summer evening and I was not thinking of anything other than getting to the scout meeting and, as I reached the far left-hand side of the school, I suddenly heard piano music.

The music stopped me in my tracks because I could not figure out where it was coming from. The school was far enough away from the adjacent council estate and there were only playing fields all around. I thought then that it could only be coming from the abandoned school. I decided to put my head against one of the boarded up windows and, sure enough, the music was coming from the other side! I strained to hear what was being played but I could not make out a recognisable tune even though the sounds seemed to have some order and were quite pleasant.

Anyhow, I thought nothing more of it and, seeing as I was now late for my scout meeting, I left. The next day, on impulse, I asked the caretaker of the Primary school that formed part of the school complex (still in use as a school) whether anybody had been messing about with a piano in the old school. He looked at me funny and said that the place was completely empty and that there was certainly no piano that had been left in there.

The old school was subsequently renovated and turned into a community centre and, by the 1990s was thriving. I had gone to university in Canterbury and, on returning for a visit, I was surprised to be told by my Mum that the Community Centre was rumoured to be haunted. I asked Mum where specifically and she answered that it was mostly over in the left-hand side of the school. She then told me how, when she had gone to that school as a girl, she remembered that that area used to be the music room.

Up to the present, local ghost clubs have visited the school (soon to be demolished to make way for a new academy) and reports continue of poltergeist activity and dark shapes being seen - almost exclusively in the area of the music room. I visited the area many times subsequently and it certainly retained an atmosphere. I thought I should, in the light of the whole school being demolished (marked for early 2008), tell this story. I know what I heard that day. Can I explain it? Nope, but it remains an indelible part of my childhood, that's for sure.

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Black Man

by Alex M

I was sleeping in the middle of the night when I opened my eyes. I saw black mist rising. I blinked and it looked like a man. Suddenly it floated up and stood over the TV.

I blinked one time and it was beginning to leave the room in a squatting position. I blinked a second time and it looked like it was about to kick the door. I blinked a third time and it was gone. The whole time I got so scared that I hid under my sheets. That time of seeing a shadow moving wthout a person there is truly spooky.

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by Lydia
(Emerson, New Jersey, USA)

I'm not sure if this counts as MY ghost story, but I believe every word of it.

When my Aunt Denise was 5 years old, she was sitting in her dining room at my grandmother's house eating lunch. She then looked into the living room and saw a man sitting on the couch. She said the man had a grim, almost angry face. She ran to get her mother, but when she got back, the man was gone.

A few years later, she found out that 10 years before my grandparents bought the house (around 1930-1940), a man had been killed there. She also found that no police report had been filed, but after speaking to some of the older people in town, concluded that the murderer was closely related to many of the people working at the police station, etc.

Some years later, she was told by her younger sisters the stories of the man, who she now called 'Henry'. Her older sister, Donna, yelled at her saying that the story was 'ridiculious' and to stop scaring the younger girls.

In her room, Donna had a fairly large picture of Eleanor Roosevelt hanging over her bed. Later that night, while she was sleeping, the picture fell on top of her. She wasn't injured, the picture was fine, and the nail that the picture had been hanging on was perfectly intact.

Many, many years later, while he was lying in his bed, my cousin started to tell his mother what he'd seen in my grandmother's house.

Since he was very young, there was a certain room he always refused to enter. He now told his mother, there was a man in that room. He also described the man as grim and angry, but said that he knew the man wasn't specifically mad at him.

Many other people (including myself) have gotten a very eerie feeling while in, or on the property of the house.

In recent years, after the death of my dear grandmother, the house was sold, knocked down, and rebuilt.

My mother believes that because the original house is gone, 'Henry' is finally able to rest in peace.

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The Guardian Ghost Man

by Ashten V
(Hinton, OK, USA)

My mother was staying at her friend's house and they had fallen asleep with the window open. In the middle of the night they heard a weird sound. When they woke up they saw a white man at the foot of their bed. Suddenly, he started to tell them something he was saying that they needed to close the window or bad things would happen to my mother's friend's family. My mother closed the window and then they went back to sleep.

It turns out that after they had closed the window a robber tried to break in to the house. My mother and her friend were so thankful of that ghost guardian angel.

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Ghosts and Hauntings - The Man with Blue Crystal Eyes

by Cousinjo

I was the first in our family to see him, but, over time, everyone who lived in our house more than one or two nights encountered him. He looked absolutely corporeal solid as a box of rocks, except that if you looked at him directly, you had the dizzying feeling that you saw him and everything behind him at the same time, not through him, but somehow around him! And his eyes, looked like rhinestones, faceted, glittering and sky blue.

I was dressing for school that morning putting on a bright red skirt to counteract my blues. "Protective coloration?" said a soft, musical, male voice. I looked up and there he was, blonde, 20's, blue jeans, white t-shirt with a cigarette pocket in the sleeve. Silver linked chain about one wrist, He had one hip hitched up on the corner of my dresser, and his longish hair hid those weird eyes.

I thought he might have come in through the window. He seemed utterly human and no one had come past me through the only door. "Yeah, I guess so, " I answered him. He began to laugh, rocking where he sat, so hard I thought he would fall.

My mother called from another room, "Who are you talking to?

"This man," I replied, turning from my unexpected guest to answer her. Then it dawned on me. WHAT man? Who? What? Why?

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him losing his precarious perch on my dresser. His blond hair flew up out of his eyes and I got my first glimpse of their eerie blue crystal light. I whirled to warn him he would fall. There was no one there. We don't know who or whence or why, but we have all seen him at different times.

I am the only one he ever spoke to.

Suggestions welcome.

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Charlie Was Our Ghost

by Charlene
(Pepperell. MA, USA)

I grew up in a haunted house and still live there today in Pepperell Ma.

My dad had bought a trailer and put in on the land� it used to be a junk car lot. He had made a lot of additions to it so it was a big house when he was done. My house was haunted by an old man whose name was Charlie. We found this out because one day when my parents were building our fireplace and my uncle went in to get something to drink, he saw an old man in farmer jeans just standing there in front of the fire place with his arms crossed over his chest shaking his head no. My uncle was scared and ran outside and then told us exactly what he looked like.

We told our friends next door and they had a picture of the guy and that used to live on our land. It was the same guy that my uncle seen and they told us that his name was Charlie Hartwell and that he had died in a fire. We had the noise at night, you know banging and so on, the feeling of being watched. The TV and radio turning off and on. One day the saw down in the cellar turned on by itself when we were sitting together having supper. My sister said she heard something in the cellar and my dad didn't believe her at first, then he went down there and it was on. With this saw, you have to pull the lever up to turn it on so it was really freaky.

Charlie didn't like my dad who's name was also Charlie. I think it was because my dad was mentally abusive to my mother and sometimes to us. He would hide his tools on him all the time and my dad would go out and buy more tools just to have the old ones show up again in the spot that he had first left them.

One time my sister and I heard the dogs barking so we looked outside and saw the latch go up on the gate. Then the gate opened and closed and the latch went back down with no one there!

Another time I was going down the hallway to go to the bathroom and our dog wanted to get out of my sister's room because it was scratching at the door. I asked my sister if she wanted me to let her out and she said no because she was scared and wanted her in there. Well she had a sliding door and right before my eyes the door slid open and the dog walked right on out! She yelled at me until I told her I didn't do it! Then she made me stay with her because she was even more scared.

Another time she came running into my room because you know the charms if you light the candles under them it makes them turn. Well she was in the living room and it started turning on its own and it went faster and faster and faster she said it was turning so fast she thought they would just fly off! I went out to take a look and they just started to slow down to a stop.

Another time the dogs were barking. This was late at night and this was in the winter after new snow that had fallen. The next day my dad went out to see if there were any foot prints in the snow because the dogs were just going crazy the night before and all he found was one set of prints facing looking into our dining room window!

My dad was in the army and when he was in Germany he was talking to this lady and he said he was from Pepperell and she said she knows Pepperell really well and he told her our address and she said you bought that place? That place is haunted!!! My dad was like, you don't have to tell me that! She said when it was a junk car lot that the cars would be moved around and they would be in different places in the yard and no one had moved them (that was alive anyway)!

The people next door had asked my mother what my father was doing up in the barn at night and she's like, nothing why? And they said they seen lights on and someone up there walking around!!! There is no electricity in the barn!!!

I wasn't afraid of him because when I was little and having nightmares I went in my mom and dads bedroom with my pillow and blanket and laid on the floor because I didn't want to wake them up. I was still scared because of the nightmares that I had and then I felt a hand on my back at first I was afraid because there was no one there but then I felt safe as if I knew he was trying to make me feel better and comfort me then I fell asleep.

Our ghost Charlie liked to scare my sister, though, for some reason and really didn't like my dad! One time he was sleeping and he said he felt something on top on him and then it started to strangle him! My dad couldn't get up and he started to cry because he was so scared. He held onto the cross he was wearing and started praying and then it went away.

My mother and father got divorced and he came down to visit us and was going sleep on the couch but didn't want to stay out there alone.

He said the ghost doesn't like me can one of you sleep out there on the other couch? I said you big baby I'll sleep out there with you. Well sometime late in the night or early morning (not sure) we woke up to something banging on our door. It was so loud that I thought our door would be broken down! I said you go get that dad. He said hell no, you get it. Of course we both didn't go to the door. When it finally stopped we both looked out and didn't see anyone leave!

My mother had someone pray over our house so Charlie finally has gone into the light. I almost kind of miss him. We still have Charlie�s picture of him in his farmer jeans!

My story is 100% true and sometimes I think there is still something there because I have the feeling of being watched. I think it could be my dad who killed himself two years ago. I think he comes and watches over us from time to time but doesn�t do anything so he won�t scare my son.

Thank you for reading my story.

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The Blue Man

by Tyler A.

Last night, I went to my Uncle and Aunts house for dinner last night, and my Uncle told my baby cousin (who is 3 years old) to tell me about "the man" that comes into his room in the middle of the night. My cousin took me into his room and laid down on his bed and told me that a tall, blue "man" walks into his room in the middle of the night and stare at him and on occasion will stand behind his bed and tickle his head. He told me he is not scared of "The Blue Man" anymore because he has never hurt him or tried to scare him. But almost every night my aunt will wake up to my cousin screaming and when she runs in he will look towards the back of his bedroom and say The Blue Man Was Here Again".

Anyways I thought that was kinda interesting...it gave my family and I goosebumps.

-Tyler A.
Orting, Washington

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The Man with Blue Crystal Eyes Part III - Mama and Auntie

by Mare

Mama had not heard Dad's story. I don't know if he ever told her of the apparition that warned him of the threat to her life. She did tell me, though, when Dad was not at home, and would not tease her, that she believed me, because she had seen the man herself.

She was in the same room I had been dressing in, converted, since I had moved out of it, into a den. Something made her look up from the magazine she was reading. In the light of her reading lamp she saw a man she did not recognize standing in the doorway, facing away from her into the hall. He was short to medium height, blind, wearing a very clean white T-shirt, and blue Jeans. He was also barefoot!

I do not remember if I had told her before that he had been barefoot when I saw him. He stood still as if he was just waiting for her to notice him. Then he disappeared like "a shade rolling up." Like me, she hadn't felt scared at all until he vanished, and she realized there was no reasonable explanation for a strange man being in that room. Neither of us had felt that there was anything strange about this apparition until he was gone and we saw there was no place to go. She only saw him that once, but after that, she said, she had to believe me! We were haunted, but we didn't have any idea by whom.

Auntie G. WAS a believer. So, Mama was careful not to tell her anything about "our" ghost. She told me, after Mama had passed on, that she had more than once seen, out of the corner of her eye, a man in the hallway by the den whom she had mistaken for my Uncle. She was startled and scared when Uncle Fred answered her hail from the other end of the house!

Again, there was no man supposed to be in the house, and no second exit from the hallway.

(More to Come)

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The Ghost in the Driveway

by Keith
(South Australia)

I will start by explaining that we migrated from England to Australia in 1961: we were "ten quid tourists" and spent three weeks in a hostel until we negotiated to buy a house. The house was built on old farm land. Apart from sheep jawbones and discarded horseshoes there was nothing remarkable in the area. I was six years old at the time.

Not long after moving in we began to be bothered (in my mother's case, annoyed) by a dark figure passing by the kitchen window. The kitchen was situated directly beside the driveway. We would go outside to see who was sneaking down the driveway and would find no one. This continued intermittently for about ten years and stopped suddenly after one of our dogs died. This, of course, may have been coincidence.

We had all seen the figure, although my father insisted in later years that he only saw something indistinct. He put it down to his imagination.

The odd thing is that what I saw and what my mother saw were two different things. I used to see a totally black shape of a man (as indeed did my two brothers). My mother insisted it was the black shape of a man but wearing a white "T" shirt.

The figure was not frightening, just a little unsettling. What it was I can only guess at. If I was pressed for an explanation I'd say it may have been a stone tape, a non-sentient image recorded in the fabric of the ground. Furthermore I do not think it would have been captured on film. Due to the disparity in description I incline toward the idea that it was an hallucination: not implying that we were mad but that it registered in our minds rather than through our eyes. Nothing terrifying, no clanking chains or bedsheets. Just a dark figure passing by.

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Dad's Ghost, Mom's Heartbreak

by Sheila
(Florida, USA)

My mother and father were married for 56 years. Something inside told me to move from Florida back to my home in Connecticut.

My Father was very sick for a long time. He said to me in the kitchen one day, "Sis! I'm not going to make the year out." I looked at him and started to cry. "Why are you crying?" he said. I told him not to talk like that.

Well I got five months with my dad before he passed away in November. The following year in May, I went back to Florida because the cold hurt me too much to live there again. Then my mom started to tell me she saw my Father by his armoire. She told me she called him by his nickname and he disappeared. My father had a habit before he went to sleep. He would rub the edge of his soft blanket back and forth. My mother told me she saw just his hands doing that. I asked my mother if she was dreaming this. She told me no. That she saw my father again. I told her, "Well, if you are right about what you see Mom, I think Dad is a wandering spirit."

I said a prayer one night for him to go to the light. One morning my mom was sitting up in bed around 6 A.M. She said she heard my father yell my name as loud and plain as day. She has not heard or seen him since that prayer I said for him. But she started to hear 3 really loud knocks on the door at night. I told her Dad wants out. She had him cremated and he is still in the sealed box to be buried with my mom when the good Lord takes her.

She keeps him in his favorite wooden box that he always kept by his chair. So, she kept hearing the knocks at the door but, no one was ever there. I told her to say a prayer and put rosary beads by the door. To this day there are no more knocks at the door and she never has seen his ghostly images again.

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The Old Man With The Hat

by Conor

I was only about 3 at the time and I can't really remember it, but my parents and I were living in a large rented house and every night the doors would open and close with a loud bang. I could see a small man with a hat and I used to swear at him and call him names. My mum got the priest in to bless the house and from then on no door banging of doors and no small man with a hat. It was only me who could see him.

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