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Comments for
Ghosts and Hauntings - The Man with Blue Crystal Eyes

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Jul 20, 2009
so beautiful
by: lioness

i think your story is just wonderful. i have a memory of my own like that, i was born with somewhat of a gift, it was about 6 years ago when my grandfather had passed away. he came to me in a dream 2 days prior to his death, to tell me that he was going to go. it was 2 nights after his funeral when he came to me one last time, i saw him standing in front of me and i was in shock, i thought how could he be standing here, i
was also so very happy to see him .it really hurt that he was gone, my heart was very heavy with sadness. so when i saw him in front of me i started to cry, they were tears of joy. i asked him if this was real, he said yes and smiled at me, and in that instant i threw my arms around him to hug him, and i just held on to him crying. i told him how much i loved him and that i didnt want him to leave me again. he told me that he had to go, but that he would never leave me. he then started to pull away from me, he told me that it was alright and not to cry, i was looking up at him at this point with tears in my eyes. that was when i noticed that he looked 20 years younger and his eyes were the most dazzeling green, his eyes really didnt look like eyes, they looked more like peridot gems. i was so lost in his eyes, i told him that his eyes were different and that they were so beautiful. he just smiled at me again. i reached my hand out to him to take hold of him again. i wanted to keep him with me but he said, dont cry, i have to go now. he began backing away, he started fadeing away and within seconds he was gone. i just never forgot his eyes. i still dont understand why his eyes looked that way but i know it meant something special.

Jan 08, 2009
Very Cool
by: LP

Do u know the stores behind the other member of your family and how/when/where they say your guest? I imagine he is not harmful at all, maybe even a protective spirit.... Did you not get frightened by a man in your (room)? Great story, and well written. Especially his interaction with you. Try and communicate with him again. Talk to him with a voice recorder, and ask a quesiton, wait, than repeat. Try and find out what is going on, and why he is there... Unique situation you experienced

Jan 08, 2009
Excellent Writing
by: Brenda - Webmaster

How did I get blessed with so much great writing? You are good. Thank you soo much. I hope our visitors will respond shortly.

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