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Bedtime Visitor

by Brenda P
(Forney, TX, USA)

In 1997 my husband and I rented a house in Sunnyvale, TX. The house was the first homestead in the town. I believe the house at the time was around 105 years old.

I loved this old house and all my antique furniture fit in it just perfectly. I've been sensitive to the unknown as long as I can remember. From day one in the house I knew we weren't living alone. Between my shirt being tugged on while in the kitchen doing dishes to heavy footsteps in the attic, it became a regular thing to live with. My husband is a truck driver so there were long periods of time when I was alone in the house.

The unexplained things didn't bother me at all until all of a sudden I was having a visitor come into my bedroom at night. The first time it happened I thought it was a dream. I was awake but could not move. I was struggling to speak and then all of a sudden I would scream, �Get out!� and it would leave. I figured out it wasn't a dream when it would re-occur a few times a week. I would feel someone come and sit on the bed and then climb in the bed and pull the covers. The same thing over and over, I couldn't move or speak.

After this kept happening I thought, this doesn't happen when my husband is home and the one thing different I was doing was leaving my bedroom door opened so I would be able to hear throughout the house. I thought I would try something. I closed my bedroom door for several nights and nothing happened. Evidently as long as my door was opened it was an open invitation for the unseen presence to come in. I started leaving my door closed at night.

We no longer live in the house due to the property being sold to an investor and it has been since torn down. I still wonder who my nighttime visitor could have been.

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Haunted Bed

by GHP (Ghost Hunter Pro)
() :<)

I used to sleep in this one room and it had a water bed. You're probably saying hey that's lucky for you! Well it's not. This may sound crazy, but the water bed would shake. I dont mean it squished when I laid in it. It would vibrate when I laid in it.

To make sure I wasn't crazy, we got a new bed for me. And you guessed it, it would shake. So every night, I would sneak into my brother's room and lay down next to him. He never knew because he is a hard sleeper.

I did that until we moved.

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The Old Woman in My Room

by Stephanie
(Cicero, IL)

I was in the forth grade when my family and I had moved into our very first house. The house had been abandoned and boarded up for three years before our big move. My father had spent about half a year fixing the house from a horrible eye sore to a place we could call home. The house had three bedrooms and I took the bedroom that was adjacent to the kitchen and the basement stairs. I always remembered my room always being colder than all the other rooms. I was so excited to have my very own room for the first time since my brothers were born, so I really didn't care about that. But, a couple months after we settled in, I started having a reoccurring dream that I was awake and I looked towards my door (my door was always open with a night light in the kitchen) and a silhouette of someone standing there that would just stare at me. At first I thought it was my mother checking up on me. But then it came out to be a silhouette of an old short woman. I would freak out so bad I would try to move and felt my arms and legs move just to find out I hadn't moved at all.

I finally forced myself to wake up and when I looked at the door, there was no one there. I kept telling myself it was just my mother, but when I had gone to my parents' room to reassure myself, she had been fast asleep each and every time. Even when I woke her up to find out, she said she hadn't left the bed at all that night. For two years I dreaded going to sleep in my room. I would sleep on the couch or stay up all night fearing of seeing the old woman. She would never harm me or move at all, but it didn't take away from the fact that I was petrified of her.

Finally, I didn't care if my parents thought I was crazy or not. I told them what I had been experiencing in my room. My parents didn't know what to say about it so they just blew it off and let me sleep in the living room. The next day, my dad hung out with our neighbor that has lived there for many years. They were talking and my dad brought up my story about the old woman. Our neighbor stood quietly for a second then started telling my father of the old couple that used to live there before the house was left to gather dust.

He talked of an old man and woman that lived in the house for many years. The couple like to be secluded and were very mean towards other people. One day, the woman was very ill and actually passed away in the room that I now call mine. The old man thought it was time to move on and went to live in the next town. So, after two years of sleepless nights, my parents called in our catholic priest and he blessed the house. After that, I never encountered the old woman again. Now as for why she would stare at me throughout the night, I never knew. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading. :)

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I was Pulled off the Bed

by Shawn
(Athens, PA, USA)

It was 3:47 one night last summer when I had the second must scary thing that has ever happened to me. I was asleep but woke up to a noise of something scratching or walking around my room. I turned on the light, looked around and found nothing. I went back to the bed and covered up. As soon as I did, what felt like a hand, grabbed my leg, It was so cold I could feel it through 2 blankets. Before I could scream, it pulled me right off the bed. I was on the floor and could see red eyes under my bed. I screamed and ran to my sister's room (she was the only one home then) and told her what had happened. She and my family all thought it was the cat. But I know it was not that stupid cat. A cat hasn't got red eyes and cant pull someone of a bed.

After that, I started seeing strange shadows on the walls, things getting moved, and things going off and on. Man that was scary!!

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The Guest Room

by Dylan

As in my previous story, it takes place in Bridge City, Texas, this time in my house. Our guest room is a strange room. When someone walks into the room, they normally want to get out immediately. My house is a two-story home. The house normally is at a constant 72 degrees F. But in the guest room, temperatures fluctuate regularly.

I personally have experienced nothing in the room during the day. But at night, I refuse to go in unless I have to. It all stemmed from one experience. Around 9:30 at night, I went into the room to grab a ball we (my friends and I) were playing with. As I went in, I didn't feel right in the room. I felt a cold air coming. Then I saw one of the pillows move slightly. Then an impression formed in the pillow. I quickly ran to my room again.

Then, my friend whom I will call John was spending the night at my house. He awoke in the early hours of the morning to see a mist come from under the door. It came and circled above him. He tried to wake me, but I was sound asleep. He watched as the mist then move under the door. Another night he saw a picture from the room float to the guest room door and then back to where it belonged. The picture was of my aunt who had recently passed away. And a third night he watched as a figure in blue came to the closed door and stood there. He woke me and I looked as the figure stood at the door for about three seconds and then vanished.

The room is normally avoided by my family and is rarely used (which is probably why it is haunted). The room itself was the room that the former owner slept in. She died of cancer two years after the house was built. She is not the one we expect to be causing the main problems in the room. We believe that another ghost is in the house. We are not sure of any other home or resident the house previously had.

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Demons in My Bedroom

by Kate B
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

We had just moved into our new house. I was in my room one night, all empty except for my bed and I felt as though someone was watching me. I tried sitting up, but it felt as, like hands were weighing me me down. And then I saw a shadow move. I did have a lamp, but the shadow was kind of dark -- darker than the rest of the other shadows. And it like vanished, like it went down a hole in the ground.

The next night was somewhat strange. There was a lot of furniture and other things that you see in rooms. I was just lying there in my bed when my cupboard door slid open slowly. I started to notice that the room started to grow really cold. It was Winter, but it seemed like a freezer. And, something sent a shiver up my spine. I heard a low, difficult breathing sound coming from deep inside of the cupboard. Then, the door slammed shut.

The other night, I was sleeping like a baby. I turned over and all of a sudden it felt as though someone shoved me back in my original position. I screamed and turned on my light. But no one was there.

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The Man In My Bedroom

by Sarah

Strange occurrences happen at night.

These odd occurrences were unfamiliar voices, footsteps, and even the sound of doors opening in the middle of the night. I never really thought about all of the abnormal things happening in and around my bedroom until a few years ago when I became interested in the paranormal. But ever since I've began looking into entities and spirits, these occurrences became more frequent and more outright, as if whatever was making all of the noises had figured out that I knew it was there.

I remember waking up one night because I had felt a hand on my shoulder and a man's voice saying "Hello" in my ear, almost mockingly. Another time, I woke up to hear something scratching on my door, but no one was there.

My sister, just a door away, also had something similar happen to her. One night, she woke up because someone had knocked on her door. She looked under the door and saw feet, so she opened it...but there was no one there. Also, one night before I went to bed, I asked my mother to fetch me a glass of water because I was reading. A few minutes later, I glanced up and saw a shadow. I thought it was my mother, but I waited for her to appear and she never did.

Besides, the shadow had short hair and my mother had long hair. As soon as I realized this detail, it vanished. My mother came a few minutes later, and when I asked her if she had come back to see me, she said she hadn't. Also, my room is the coldest room in the house. I even have to sleep with three blankets at night!

Nearly every night, when everyone is asleep but me, I can still hear footsteps and doors opening. I don't know why this ghost of a man is in my house, but my experiences tell me that he is definitely real.

I have no idea how a ghost got into our house, which had been built brand-new and had never been lived in by anyone else, but he sure has given me some great stories to tell!

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My Ghost Story

by Cassy H
(Torrance, CA, USA)

I had accidentally invited some bad energies into my home, but they stayed in my room. The room I had before I switched with my parents was dark, but it was peaceful and very warm. I was terribly afraid of the dark at the time, so we switched rooms. The one I'm in now may have more light, but it's much colder, and it's very active with beings that are out of my control.

When I first got comfortable my uninvited guests began giving me nightmares and taking my sleep. Soon enough I was able to see them in my room. I knew there was someone there because it wasn't the typical shadowy corner kind of thing. These guys were standing all around my room staring at me talking amongst themselves. I tried to ignore them, but they'd get louder.

Every time I was about to fall asleep the little one by my dresser would hit the wall and wake me up. Night after night of this, I was finally fed up with it. I grabbed my plush toy and threw it at the guy. I told him to shut up and they all left me alone for a while. I realized that I needed to take control of the situation I put myself in by becoming deeply depressed about my ex-boyfriend.

One night at 3:25 a.m., I was woken up by someone talking to me. I didn't move because my body felt frozen, but I could see someone sitting down on my bed. It was a man, his face looked very sad, and he was talking in another language. In the dream I had before I woke up, I had been talking to that very man, I must have been answering him in my sleep.

He asked me a question, but I couldn't answer because I didn't understand the language. He looked at me looking at him. I was worried about what he was going to do, but he did nothing. He stood up and said (in English), "I didn't know. I'm sorry." I have no clue what he meant when he said that. After that happened I was attacked by a different man.

He told me to listen to him, but I refused and he he punched me. He hurt me, but finally left me alone. The next morning I was very sore. After a while of pain from the dark energies, my boyfriend helped me get rid of them. They come back every now and again, but they're much more friendly now.

These beings were not evil in any way, they were troubled, hurt, and struggling. The only way they could find help was by acting out. Here's a tip for anyone that has a haunted home or object, either move out the minute things get weird so it won't follow you. If an object in your home is doing something weird, or it feels like it doesn't belong there, do NOT EVER toss it out! That will only cause serious problems for you. Well, that's my story, and even though I have many more, I'll just stick with this one for now.

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Ghost in Dorm 700

Is the dorm haunted?

I live in Dorm 700 on Wadena. Many people tell me this place is haunted and many more tell me about the "ghost" they have seen or felt. I didn't believe this for a second because most of these people get drunk on a regular basis.

One night in my dorm before I started working, I was laying in bed sleeping. I lift weights so keep in mind I have a broad chest, but despite that, I felt something large enough to cover my entire chest, press down on it hard! I woke up swinging and elbowing but nothing was there. My main door was locked and latched and my bathroom door was locked and no one could have climbed in and out of my window that fast because I live on the 2nd floor.

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by Sophie
(Letchworth )

I am 15 years old and I was on my computer on MSN. All of a sudden my computer went blank and writing came up saying, "I'm on the bed." I didn't take any noticed as I thought I was just getting tired, so I walked away. I then went to my bed and felt very cold. I saw a green light on the pillow and then it went over to my desk. It then pushed my books off the desk and it startled me. My parents were home and the noise was loud but they couldn't hear anything. I just kept saying that it was my imagination but I never had this encounter before. I got very tired and was laying in my bed half a sleep. All of a sudden my quilt was taken off me and my tracksuit trousers were being pulled down. No one was there and I with all my strength tried to keep them up.

I believe in ghosts and I do ouija boards but it never occurred to me that it was real because I was with other people. Anyway, when my parents were out, I called up an exorcist to track down and to make the spirits leave. They man told me that it was a someone who died only two years ago.

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The College Dorm Ghost

by Jnazz

I share a dorm room with a good friend and it's about 12 feet x 12 feet, a perfect square. A ton of crazy, unexplainable events have happened in this dorm room. We were told by our Resident Director that a boy committed suicide in the room next to us a few years back and that some people had since complained of strange occurrences. Little did we know what we were in for.

The best way to do this is for me to just list all of the events that happened and scared us half to death. The scariest thing of all is that these events only seem to happen around the time 3:15, and I don't know the significance of this.

1. 2nd week of school...we went to bed at 3:00 am. We're laying in bed in total darkness just talking about random stuff when all of a sudden we heard a very clear and distinct "RUFF!"...clearly a dog barking. We both instantly got quiet...5 seconds later "RUFF!". It came from my roommates closer, so we turned the lights on and checked it out. Nothing. We never heard this barking again.

2. It's a Friday night and there's us and three good friends in our room goofin around. I crumpled my quiz from my calculus class up (I bombed it) and threw it across the room. Out of nowhere the crumpled piece of paper rolled all the way across the room back to me and rested right beside my foot. We all ran out of the room freaked out.

3. Again after 3 am: My roommate and I are laying in bed watching the Amityville Horror (me must have been asking for something to happen. I don't know what we were thinking), when all of a sudden the remote fell off the top of the TV and paused the movie on a scene where there was a ghost.

Before one of us could get up to get the remote the TV just shut off and then came back on...the movie was still on pause but this time a different image was on the TV.

4. I went home for the weekend and my roommate spent the night himself. I get a call from him Saturday night at 3:18. He had seen a hand poking out from his closet.

5. I was going to the bathroom and felt an unusal cold chill follow me to the stall. It was again after 3 am. I was the only person in the bathroom. I sit down to do my business when out of nowhere the stall door next to me goes "BANG!" then banged 2 or 3 more times before I could high tail it out of there.

6. The scariest thing yet...It was exactly 3:15 am (we knew by now when this stuff went down and were almost expecting it). The room's dark, when all of a sudden my laptop (which was shut off and closed) made a weird buzzing sound and the lights came on and the screen turned on (if you own a laptop you will know that when the screen is shut it turns off and doesn't come on until you open it). My roommate and I were flipping out until finally he got up to go shut it off. Before he got to it, I kid you not, there was a very loud sound of footsteps running from my laptop towards the window. Our fridge is below the window (mini fridge). Then there was a loud BANG and the blinds rustled and stuff fell off of the top of our fridge. It sounded like someone ran into the fridge. We turned the light on and there was a dent in our fridge door.

Its been almost 1 month now with no events happening since the fridge incident.

I wish I was making all of this up since I live in this room..But I'm not. If anyone has some suggestions on what to do please comment.

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The room

by R.T.
(Spokane, WA, USA)

My sister, her children, and I have experienced some really odd things living in her house. I think the first time was when my sister asked my mother and I to come over and help her give her daughter a bedroom makeover. Before we started, we took some pics. Nothing was there. But when we were finished we noticed orbs in the background. We didn�t pay any attention to it until her son sat in on one and the orbs started to get brighter and had a purple tint around them.

Since then you can hear loud bangs coming from the room, along with voices - both mal. The floor will shake followed by a loud thump and cold chills following right after.

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Something is Shaking My Bed

by Garry
(Campbell River, BC, Canada)

After I got divorced I moved into a apartment, and soon afterwards my stepfather had a stroke that left him disabled. My mother was caring for him at their home but she also had health issues and needed help so I moved to her place. They owned their house and had a big yard with lawns and lots of flower gardens. Between doing yard work and helping with my fathers needs I kept quite busy. Two years later, my stepfather had another stoke that ended up being fatal. So I still live with my mother and by doing all of the upkeep and repairs she is able to stay in her home. We keep each other company.

Her house is a two-bedroom ranch so we each have our own bedroom. I started having unexplained encounters shortly after my stepfather's death. While lying in my bed I would be awakened by what seemed to be a person walking past my bed. They bumped into it while passing. Also, my bed started to shake and it came from directly under the bed. At times I would feel a cold draft that would last a few seconds. Most of the things that happened were the shaking and somebody bumping into my bed. None of these shaking episodes were really hard shakes but sometimes they were one right after the other.

My mothers and my bedside lamps were turned on when they had shortly before been off. None of these things frightened me but there is a lot of unexplained things that I have no way of knowing what is going on other than a ghost is in our home.

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