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Haunted Hotels in Texas 3

The staff at Rogers Hotel with haunting reports.
The next in our Haunted Hotels in Texas series is The Rogers Hotel in Waxahachie, Texas. Lordy! This place looks reeeeally haunted. Or perhaps it’s just the way the website that promotes it – it’s hard to say.

Emory W. Rogers built his log cabin on the site in 1847. In 1850, he donated the land for the Ellis County Courthouse. He is generous gift credited him with the founding of Waxahachie. The Rogers opened in 1913 but was sold a few years later and not open to the public for may years afterward.

It has been recently remodeled and amenities include a restaurant, café, a lounge and shopping. Some of the rooms look quite large, so it appears to be comfortable and inviting. Even though this is one of the haunted hotels in Texas, it looks like a great place to stay.

There are several ghosts who supposedly haunt this hotel, but we can’t do justice to this hotel. The best way to get the story is to click here. This hotel is very paranormal investigator-friendly, clean and nicely decorated. Perfect for a weekend of ghost hunting!

We’ve visited the hotel’s website, and the rooms are very reasonably priced.

This special engine searches 30 popular travel sites
at once, bringing back the best rates available.

If you are interested in getting an even better price on a room, use the search engine to the right. We’ve found some really great prices for this hotel, but availability is a trick. All we can determine is that it must be a very popular place for ghost hunters. So check different dates with our search tool to find an opening. This would be a great hotel to support. If you can get there, you should go. And don't forget to tell us how it turned out!

Good luck and happy hauntings!

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