Haunted Hotels in Texas

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Haunted Hotels Lots of people of people are interested in haunted hotels in Texas. This is our first. 

This Austin, Texas hotel, built in 1886, was listed in the National Register for Historic Places in 1969. It is lavishly decorated, filled with luxury amenities and has been frequented by celebrities, statesmen and the elite for decades. It is the oldest operating hotel in the city and remains a premier hotel for the state of Texas in present day. It is also considered one of the most haunted hotels in Texas.

Its conception occurred when cattle baron, Colonel Jesse Driskill, decided to build the finest hotel south of St. Louis and proceeded to spend his fortune creating the four-story, six-million-brick structure. He might have been a little too lavish in the details, however, because after his dream hotel opened its doors, room rates were too high for the area at the time. It was, after all, still pretty much the Wild West and other hotels, although nowhere near as well-appointed, were charging a mere fraction for a nights’ stay. Less than a year after it opened, his dream failed and the doors were closed. It is said Col. Driskill then lost title to his beloved hotel in a poker game the next year and two years after that, died of a stroke.

Being nearly opulent in ambience, it has been a favorite for well-known persons and celebrities, including President Lyndon B. Johnson, who, among other special occasions, stayed there during the 1964 election, to watch the presidential race and to address the public from the ballroom afterwards.

In the past decade, this first of our haunted hotels in Texas has been refurbished and restored and is a prime destination for tourists and others who appreciate fine living, fine dining and luxury.

Some of the ghosts reported to be haunting this hotel:

Why it is considered one of the haunted hotels in Texas is firstly, one account of a young woman who was “left at the altar.” She checked into the hotel and went on an extravagant shopping spree, using the credit card she stole from her wayward fiance. Afterwards, she returned to her room (Room 29) and was found in the bathroom several days later, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the stomach. Her very vivid apparition has been witnessed coming off the elevator with packages under her arms.

Another apparition seen at the hotel is that of the daughter of a former US Senator. She was killed when she slipped on the stairs while playing ball. Staff at the hotel have witnessed a child’s ball bouncing out of nowhere, attended by giggling from an unseen source.

Others report that Col. Driskill still watches over his property and refuses to let it go. His manifestation is the smell of cigar smoke. He is also believed to be the culprit behind bathroom lights turning on and off in some of the rooms.

While this hotel is regarded as very haunted (one of the most haunted hotels in Texas), it is certainly not a decaying ruin, but in fact is a very upscale property, rich in history and décor. We’re not sure how management would react to one waving EMF detectors and placing full-on investigative gear in their public areas.  Please get permission and act appropriately. However, even if you need to be discreet, this place would make for an incredible stay by any stretch of the imagination – paranormal or not. If you don’t see a ghost, you will certainly feel pampered.  Shoot, take advantage of the situation by bringing your lady along (or gent, as the case may be) and make it a romantic getaway you’ll never forget.

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