My Evil Aunt

by Krista
(Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)

I'm 19 years old and I have never had a paranormal experience until a couple days ago by my aunt's death bed. Keep in mind I've lived with her for about a year because my parents and adopted parents were going through a custody battle over me.

Well I've never met anyone who gets mad over everything. She would get on to you for using too much mustard, she counted the lunch meat, got mad if you wet up her shower curtains, if you were laughing alot, or just happy about anything at all. She yelled all the time she always made me nervous and made me felt like I was always doing something wrong.

Well she had lung cancer form years of smoking. She had been in the hospital for a month when my biological mom got a call from the hospital telling the family to come up. I didn't want to go.

I'll be honest. I hated this lady.

Every time you turned around there was a big problem and everything was your fault but my mama made me go.

We got to the hospital and we heard the priest scream, "Go back where you came from."

I knew it was bad. We got in here and my aunt is screaming, throwing things and damning the whole family to hell. My grandma was praying over her, the preist, my mamma, dad, brothers, sisters, people from the Church, all of us. She sat straight up. Her eyes started to glow yellow and she said, "STOP PRAYING. IT WONT HELP. YOU KNOW I'M WITH MY LORD," and she started speaking in Latin and tongues. It was crazy.

Then she smiled an evil smile and died.

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A sign of My Grandad's Death

by Katie W
(North Wales)


This was only a few weeks ago.

My granddad was very ill and we all knew that he would die soon.

One night my mum couldn't get to sleep over my granddad so she was reading her book until 1 in the morning. There was a towel on the radiator and the towel had been on there all day so she was sitting there in bed and the towel suddenly fell off. She had a feeling that my granddad had died that very moment the towel fell off. She thought it was a sign from my granddad to let her know that it was the last goodbye and she was waiting for the phone call of my uncle to let her know that my granddad passed away.

Anyway about 20 minutes later my uncle called to say that my granddad had died and she knew that was a sign of my granddad.

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My Mother's Third Eye

by Felinor C.

Well to begin, most of my family are said to have a "third eye." It was proven and our neighbors know that. So I expect that I also have one (which I don't really want).

Well this story is not from my experience but from my mother. My mother had her third eye when she started to be a lady, I guess around 13 or 14. She sometimes feels them rather than sees them. The scariest experience she had was when she was 18 years old.

In the Philippines during the 70's (it was 1979), ladies would go to a different baranggay (a small part of a town) or town for a disco. They were treated as a lady should be treated. In every town drinks are free and entrance to the disco are free.

My mother and my 3 aunts were the most beautiful on our side of the town (my grandpa is half Spanish/half Filipino.) They were what you called Mestizas (half-blood Pinoy). It was late and my mother decided to go home with my aunts. As they were about to leave, an old man in his late 50's told them that they needed someone to take them home for it was dangerous to go alone. The old man insisted and told them that he was an old friend of my grandpa so they agreed.

On the way, they noticed the cold air and the road was quiet, there weren't even any dogs howling. Just as they reached their home, they thanked the old man who was nice enough to escort them. The old man said that it was no bother and advised them to never to walk alone and never talk to someone they don't know. So the old man went his way.

A few meters from their house was a bamboo tree. The old man walked through the old bamboo tree and faded like smoke and disappeared before their eyes.

They ran inside the house and was awake the whole night, shaking.

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Crazy Aunt Lily

by Agnes
(New York)

Just to give you a little background I was adopted by a very nice Italian couple who had a daughter my age named Mary when I was eight. My mother had a nervous breakdown when I was seven and ended up in a institution. My father left us when I was two. My adopted family gave me a wonderful life.

After getting married and living our life, it was time that our children started to get married, then they had children, now our grandchildren were starting to get married. Mary has a daughter named Marissa. Marissa got married to Andrew. Andrew had a few nuts in his family and this story is about his Great Aunt Lily who is my age, 79. Andrew's mother didn't get along with her sister Lily. She said when she was in her thirties she started talking about ungodly things such as ghosts. Nevertheless, Lily came to family functions and seemed pleasant enough.

So Andrew and Marissa had a baby named Kate. At Kate's 1st birthday party, some of the guests brought some cookies and such. Lily brought a bakery box that had a familiar logo with double hearts and beautiful calligraphy with a French name. I couldn't place it.. Where had I seen these before? I walked over and picked up a cookie. It was a rich chocolate cookie with a raspberry filling and sweet white icing. I had had it before - a very long time ago.

My real mother used to go to this bakery. In fact, she used to work at this bakery. I was sure. I remembered the way the boxes looked and the way the cookie tasted. I went up to her and inquired, “These are wonderful. Where did you get them?" She said it was a small bakery up the street from her house called Madelines. I asked where she lived. She said on Clinton Blvd in Washington City. I remembered, that’s where I grew up. That’s where my mother raised me. I told her what number house I lived in, Number 31.

She smiled, “That’s my house. I bought it over 40 years ago after I had my 4th child." She said it was a big house and she needed room for her family. It was a big house. I remember running and playing and going to the bakery to see my mom. She looked at me strangely and said I didn't know that you and Mary grew up in Washington City. I explained to her that I was adopted at eight. Her eyes grew heavy and said, “Your mother was Bea." Beatrice was my mother’s name - how did she know? Did my mom leave old books at the house? Did my mom get out of the hospital and sell her the house? Lily said, “I am so sorry."

I said, “Sorry for what?"

She explained, “There was a ghost named Sarah Anne who died as a child in your home. She caught a flu and passed. She was mad that her parents just left the home and she felt forgotten. She didn't like your parents and was very jealous when you were born. She haunted your father and made him leave. She haunted your mother and told her very horrible things about you. Your mother snapped. They took her away. They took you away. She stayed alone in that house over 20 years till my husband and I bought it. She tried to pull the same stuff with me, but I had a ghost in my last home. I knew she couldn't hurt me. Eventually she and I began a friendship. I never go to this bakery. I think they are overpriced and the fair is too sweet.

“This morning Sarah Anne told me to go to get these chocolate raspberry cookies for the party. She said they were Bea's favorite. She said she was sorry she hurt Bea and her family. So I went and bought them."

I realized that Lily was not so crazy. I realized that it wasn't my father’s fault. I realized that my poor mother wasn't crazy either.

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Grandma's Death

by Rose

One night when I was home alone, I heard a crash but before I could go look at what it was the phone rang. It was my dad saying my great grandma just died in hospital. After I got off the phone I went to see what the crash was.

It was a picture of my great grandma.

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My Sister Is A Demon

by Charmaine D
(Chicago, IL, USA)

The information provided in this tale is based on true-life events.

It was a cold winter night in Chicago and the wind chill factor was 60 below zero. Pay attention to the temperature, it is important. As usual I was sleeping in my mom’s bed and yes I was a young age. I was around six years old at this time. My brother Daryl and my cousin Regina who are six to seven years my senior came running in the bedroom upsetting my slumber.

They both were shouting frantically that my sister Debra was doing a strip tease act with the windows open. That is why I stated earlier that the temperature was important. You will have to be strung out on drugs or delusional to take off your clothes while the window was open in 60 below winter weather. Daryl exclaimed that he could not wake her up. Both of them stated that Debra just sits in the open window chanting, “Aah the cool wind." In my eyes she should have been shivering her butt off catching frostbite. But you know what? She never did get frost bitten and she was standing in front of that window for 1 hour, chanting. My mom with all her wisdom and knowledge about these kinds of things gave her best-spoken opinion, she said, “She is faking, everyone. Go back to bed." The next day my sister had no recollection on said events.

Lets move forward now four years later when I was more mature and grown up. Once again it was a cold winter night in Chi-town and the freezing wind was knocking on the windows like Jack Frost wanted an entrance. I now slept with Debra in the same room in the same bed. It was late and she was making all this noise like she was in pain. I really hated sleeping with her sometimes. Debra started rolling side to side and punching me in my ribs. At this point I am upset, I sit up in bed with drool stuck to my face. I have one eye open because the other eye is stuck together due to the sleep slime in it. I yell at her, “If you don’t stop hitting me Debbie, I am going to tell momma!" Of course that was the grown up way to handle things at my age. Debra just moaned in her slumber. I also noticed that the only thing she was wearing was white panties, which was also disturbing. When we went to bed she had on her PJ’s. Debra just moaned and chanted incoherently. Then all of a sudden like someone pushed stop on a tape recorder the room got very quiet. She sat up in the bed and turned and looked at me, except she was not looking at me, she was looking through me. Her brown eyes stared at me trance-like. I said her name two times and she just stared blankly with no response. Now I was getting a little freaked out. I rubbed the slime off my eye so I could see with both of them now. Debra turned away from me and got out of the bed and started pulling clothes out of the dresser drawers. She was repeating something over and over again, “ Where is that doll?" I asked her, “Debbie, what doll?" and she never acknowledged my presence. She just kept repeating the words over and over and pulling clothing out of all the drawers. She was searching in a trance for an unknown doll. My heart started beating quickly because I have never seen her like this before. My sister was weird like all sisters but this was more weird than usual. I wanted out of that room quickly so I did what any 10 year old would do: I ran. I woke my mom who slept on the couch in the living room. I told her all the weird stuff that was going on and was forcing her to get up. I did not want to hear how, in her glorious wisdom that my sister is faking it again. This time I was experiencing it firsthand. My mom begrudgingly got up and walked to the back towards our room. In the middle of all the commotion I woke up my two brothers Daryl and Paul. You remember Daryl from the first encounter. My mom sleepily told them that my sister was acting a fool and she was going in the room to handle things. My brothers who love to see everyone else get in trouble, immediately got up and followed us into my room. At this time Debra had climbed back in the bed and was sitting with her legs crossed hugging herself while she rocked back and forth. My mom raised one of her eyebrows; even this had made her quite curious. My mom gently spoke her name and my sister said nothing. Then my mom put her hands on Debra to make her stop rocking. My sister just sat there with her head buried in her chest. She never gave my mom eye contact. My mom gently shook her and called her name again and still got no response. My mom told us to leave her alone and then mom walked out. The rest of us siblings stayed in the room. Paul was the oldest and he was mad that he was awake at this hour. He stated, “This is stupid, she is faking and she knows it!" Paul yelled my sister’s name and Debra just sat there. Paul took his hand and slapped her in the face. It was like hitting a comatose patient because Debra never responded to the hit. He slapped her again and again and bruises started to form on her face and still no response. I know those hits were hurting because I felt the impact from where I was standing. Paul proceeded to punch her in the thigh as hard as he could with his fist. Debra never made a sound or moved. I was going to give her a Global Academy Award for best actress.

Paul still was not satisfied and stormed out of the room. Of course Daryl and me followed our fearless leader. Paul went to his bed and grabbed an orange blanket and covered his head and the rest of it fell down his body. He looked like a nun from an unknown monastery. He nodded his head for us to follow him and like idiots we did. Debbie was in a new position when we came in the room she was now sitting on the edge of the bed. Her head was still comforted in the bosom of her chest. Paul stood over her with his blanket on his head and started waving it around her body. It gently blew wind to her body and caressed her with each sweeping motion. Paul started his own chanting, “Debra Marie Hardy who are you?" Paul kept chanting this over and over again. It looked like a scene from some black and white thriller. I actually started to get a little nervous being the brave sole that I was. All of a sudden my sister lifted her head and her eyes rolled so you could only see the whites. Now that was not the scary part, the scary part is when she growled like a dog and looked at my brother while saliva was drooling out of her mouth. I was brave and was the first one to run for the door. My brothers followed my exit and being the brave soles they were they knocked me down and ran past me. I was left in the room with some possessed psycho. Luckily Paul remembered that he forgot me and came back and lifted me up off the floor and then we ran again. We ended up in the living room breathing like we ran a 2-mile race at top speed. We explained in exasperated breaths on what happened in the room. My mom scolded us because she told us to leave Debra alone but the look in her eyes said she was spooked. Mom did not go and investigate our claim, she just simply laid back down.

Well, we all bunkered down in the living room with mom. No one was brave enough to go back to their perspective rooms and clearly I was not going back in the room with my sister from the Dawn of the Dead. My brothers sat on the love seat and I was sitting in a chair while mom slept on the sofa. Don’t you know that voice in your head that warns you of something? Well mine was yelling at me to turn around. I turned around to see my mental case sister walking in the living room with a butcher knife in her hand while drooling from the mouth. I never knew I was so flexible and fast because I jumped out of that chair and over the coffee table to land on top of my mom in 0.1 seconds. My mom jumped up and I told her that Debbie was walking in the living room with a knife. Everyone turned around and looked at her. Debbie just stood there with her white eyes smiling and drooling, which really was quite disturbing. She looked at everyone and walked back in the kitchen and then she walked back in our room.

The next morning she woke up wandering while all of us slept in the living room. When my mom asked her about the previous night, she had no recollection. Debbie also wondered where all those bruises came from that now showed on her caramel colored skin. Paul did not volunteer his actions and neither did anyone else. I asked Debbie did she have a dream and she told me that she dreamt that werewolves were chasing her. I just sat there and looked at her because from the chain of events, she was one of them.

It took me four months to ever sleep in the same room with her again.

Now this never happened again and we still laugh about it 30 years later. If she ever did it in this day and age we would just knock her unconscious and find a person for an exorcism.

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Dear Greatgrandfather - My First Ghost

by Ann Li Oz

I am 42 now, yet I remember what happened to me when I was about eight years old vividly.
My family was then living in a block of flats in Leytonstone, East London (UK). I shared a bedroom with my sister, Samantha, who is younger than I. Our beds were beside each other, the headboards against the same wall.

One night, I just woke up. Just like that. I sat up in bed, and looking to my left, towards the window and my sister's bed, I saw an elderly man come through the wall near her, walk between our beds, and disappear into the opposite wall.

Moments later, he reappeared, and walked along my bedside, to vanish into the wall again.
I could not see his legs beneath the knees, he seemed to glide I suppose more than walk. I saw him in profile, he did not look at me. He was surrounded by a blue light, and seemed "out of focus" - if that makes sense.

I can't remember being afraid. I just laid down, and went back to sleep again. Perhaps I was even happy to see him. I knew the elderly man was my greatgrandfather on my father's side because I recognised his bushy moustache, and the pipe in his mouth as he always had, and in his hand he was holding a bowling ball (lawn bowls).

He used to live in Romford, Essex, and I always loved visiting there. I remember the splendid teas, of sandwiches and homemade scones. Yet, what I like best was to run around the little pathways in his garden between the tomato plants, and watching him play bowls on the lawn. Whenever I smell pipe tobacco I always think of him.

Well, that is one ghost I have seen, but this one truly frightened me.

Years later, and after several moves, we moved into a small house, two up, two down, in Dagenham, Essex. Directly we moved in, I believe we all sensed that there was a particulary uneasy atmosphere in the house. Certainly, none of us were happy while we lived there.

My sister and I still shared a small bedroom - I was by now perhaps 19, and doing a degree in London, commuting each day. One evening, I was in the room by myself, and I was compelled to look towards the door (I can't honestly remember if it was closed or open). Although I did not SEE, I gained the strongest IMPRESSION in my mind that there was a girl standing there, her arms by her side, perhaps 10-12 years old.

She had dark hair to the shoulders, she was wearing a red dress to the knees, with a collar, I think. I did not see her face. It was not that, but the feeling I had. I was really scared and spooked and uneasy. I had to get out of the room.

When I told my parents and sister what I had seen, they believed me - I think because we all hated that house. None of us liked to be upstairs in the bedrooms by ourselves. We stayed 2 years and moved again.

Another thing which happened to the whole family was while we still lived in the flats. I'm not sure if it was a ghost, but it was very odd, and we were all witnesses. My dad certainly still remembers it.

Most Sundays, we would walk to Wanstead Park, to spend the morning there. As we were walking though the streets towards the park's entrance, quite suddenly from nowhere a boy appeared. He was perhaps eight or ten, wearing shorts, and he had curly fair hair. I thought it odd after, because it was not that warm. My Dad of course was concerned he was lost, and asked if he would like us to find his house.

We followed him for perhaps twenty minutes or so. I can't remember if he spoke, but there was something very strange about him. He had a lovely face, and there was a - I can't explain - a GOOD feeling which came from him. (Excuse me, I just can't explain it).

And he just suddenly disappeared...

I suppose this strange thing that happened to me could be called a "timeslip?"

I was about twenty, and shopping with my Mum in Romford Market (outdoor market). Suddenly, I was somewhere else. I was in a hot place, and the air around me was hazy and yellow. I gained the impression I was still in a market, I heard many voices - but I could not understand the language.

I felt that there was a tall man next to me, leaning towards me and speaking to me - but I could not understand a word he said.

Then I was in Romford Market with my Mum again. I was a bit disorientated. A little while went by, and it happened for the second time. These two episodes lasted but seconds, but felt intensely real to me.

Whenever I think of any of these stories, I get goosebumps and choked up. I believe they happened to me, and have affected me.

The last thing I wish to share is not to do with a ghost or supernatural itself, but how things do profoundly affect you.

For a long while I used to remember something which would always make me cry, and I never knew if it was real or a dream - or whatever. I remembered, when I was about 11, visiting a very ill child with my Mum, in a house near Whipps Cross (near Wanstead). I could remember the room, which was dark and brown and narrow, with a single window. The child was in bed. My Mum had even brought with her the obligatory paper bag of grapes.

It was only a couple of years ago that I asked her about this - was it real? She was absolutely shocked that I remembered it, and even the room. She had never liked to tell me about it. She told me that the boy was my little friend who I used to play with in a house near my "Nan-Over-The-Bridge" (my name for her, I was under five). He passed away soon after we saw him... I find it hard even to say his name because it upsets me so much.

I remember playing with him with a trainset, and even the way his hair was parted - strange thing as it is. Dear Shane. I just hope you are happy now...

I hope you find these stories interesting.

Thank you for reading them.

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Grandpa's Ghost

by Ross
(Texas, USA)

My house is haunted.

It's not like it's old or anything.

My family had to pay to get it built. And nobody's ever died on the land. But in the house before it, my grandpa died of an illness that was associated with his constant smoking.
My family moved into the new house as soon as the builders were finished. I was little then.

After a few months of moving in, we were finally settled. Then it happened. After the third month in the house, I saw a ghost. My mom had just kissed me goodnight. I was dozing, when I saw a shape appear on the doorway. It moved towards my bed. I recognized the face. It was Grandpa.

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Ghosts and Hauntings: The Wedding Dress

by Laura
(Westminster, MA, USA)

Back in 1994, my sister was dying of breast cancer. She had previously taken her wedding dress out one more time to put it on, and she knew things weren't going well.

Before she died she had asked me to "take care of her dress for her, have it cleaned and resealed back in its box." I told her I would. She passed away and it was a devastating time for my family and me. A month had passed, and I had yet to do what she had asked, just a hard time for me.

I was living at home for the time being. Her dress was laid out in her old room, on her old bed. I was in my room reading and listening to some music, down low. Our rooms were on the 2nd floor with a hallway between them. I overheard crying, like sobbing. I put my book down, went downstairs thinking it was my mom, which would be a natural assumption, for any parent to mourn the loss of a child. When I rounded the corner to the living room however, my Mom was reading and my Dad was watching TV. I asked my Mom if she was ok, and she said, "Yes, are you ok?" I said, "Yes I'm fine. I heard crying."

She said she did too, and my Father said he did as well. My mom (and my late sister) and I have always been opening minded to the afterlife, but my father didn't believe in it. I think this gave him second thought. It had to have been my sister, upset that I had not yet taken care of her dress. My Mom and I went out the very next day and took care of it. Never heard the crying again. This is just one, of a few things that occurred to my mother and I after she died. I am a believer.

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Kiss from Beyond

by Kristen SF
(Fredericton NB Canada)

Okay, to get a big part of this story over with: I am a girl whose parents had a divorce when I was 3 and my mom died when I was in grade 2.
It was March break and I was at my mom's and my mom was sick (breast cancer).

It was Sunday and I had to be with my dad so my mom and I were saying our goodbyes. She said something like "I promise to see you next week" and I said "OK." So I went to my dad's.

I went to sleep and at exactly 1:42 am the lights in my room flickered on and off. I smelled my mom's perfume (Chanel) and lips sofly kiss my cheek and my mother's voice say "Sorry". (I was awake because i am a very soft sleeper, the lights flicering woke me up).

The next day my big brother who was sleeping at my mom's house came and said "Sorry Kristen but mom died last night at 1:42." I was stunned.

That day I became an amazing singer (my mom was) and I decided that because she broke her promise she decided she needed to give her talent to me. 3 years later my grandfather died (on my mom's side) and the same thing happened except the next day my big brother called and I became an amazing drawer (just like my grandfather).

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I was so scared!!!!

by Angeleah
(Canistota, SD)

After about a year or two after my grandmother died, I was in my laundry room doing laundry as usual. I smelled a faint smell of her purfume that she used to use. I didn't think anything of it. So I went on with what I was doing. Then sure enough I saw her at the corner of my eye, looking at me. I dropped all of the laundry and ran of and locked myself into my bedroom, and waited for my mom to get home. But I never really told her what happened. Now that I think of it it really is comforting knowing that she is still around.....

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My Grandparents' Ghost

by Erica G.
(Georgia, USA)

My grandparents lived in an old slave house. So creepy stuff was usually normal like hearing chains rattle, and screams at night.

One very odd night at my grandparents' house in Florida, we were all sitting on the floor watching television when all of a sudden the dogs started barking viciously. This was very rare because my grandparents' dogs never barked unless there was someone in their yard. But with it being past 10:00, my Granddad kept a gun by the door for emergencies. So Grandad grabbed his gun and went to look outside. He didn't see anything abnormal, but then he looked at the dogs, they were laying there, hair on end, and still barking. This kind of made my Granddad scared just a little bit.

So he walked back inside and told all of us to go into the back room for a moment. He and Grandma had to talk. So we did. We weren't in there very long, until Granddad came and got us. Nobody ever knew what he and Grandma had talked about. But we just kept on watching television. We were there for about half an hour tops when we noticed something at the window. Granddad walked over and didn't see anything, so he came and sat back down. Then a few minutes later we all noticed there was a very pale hand on the window. We didn't notice anything but a hand. Nobody ever knew who it was or what they wanted, but we were all freaked out by then. Then Grandma said for us to all go into her room and she and Granddad would be in there in a few minutes.

Granddad grabbed his gun, and he and Grandma came into the room. All that night we heard chains rattle and very strange noises that weren't usually heard.

We don't go there anymore because my grandparents are dead now.

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"Pappy's Baaaaack"

My grandfather had just died of cancer. I wasn't all that sad, because strangely enough, I didn't really know him.

But, I did know that the few times I went to my grandma's house and he was there, he was ALWAYS sitting in this ONE chair in the corner with a perfect view of the football game. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't one of those fathers/grandfathers who always ran out on his family. He was just quiet, from what I remember. Anyways, he had died, my grandmother was with a friend of hers now. So she moved with him, and moved out of that house, obviously.

While in the process of moving the chair was still there in the corner; they hadn't moved it yet. I walked over to sit down and as I got there, my grandfather was sitting there. It was real little at the time, so therefore I was very confused. He took my hand and told me everything was gonna be okay. He then said don't tell your mother or grandmother I'm here right now.

Me being the typical little girl I turned and said, "LOOK he's back, pappy's back!" My mom and my grandma turned around and I turned with them, and there was no one there. They thought I was crazy, but know I saw him.

I felt his hand on mine.

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Ghost Story: Father Comes to take
His Wife With Him

by Kristina
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

I was taking care of my best friend's mom at the time. She had Alzheimer's.

It was around 6:00 pm, and I was in the middle of doing the wash in the basement, and I always draped the wet clothes on things in the basement. What was in the basement were things that use to be upstairs, like old chairs, and furniture. My best friend's father was dead a long time before I met her, so I only knew what she told me about him, and that was that he physically abused her and her brothers while he was alive. So here I was doing the wash, and I went into the other part of the basement to hang some wash, and there sitting in one of the chairs was her father, with his hands in his lap, just staring at me.

I ran up the stairs and told my best friend what I saw, and what he was wearing. And it turns out that what he had on was what they had buried him in. Not long after that happened my best friend's mom passed away in the living room in her bed. But the odd thing was she passed away facing the wall, and when I turned her over to check on her, she had a smile on her face. I think he came to take her with him.

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Comforting Visits - My Ghost Story

by Deb R.
(Mars, PA, USA)

I have so many stories from members of my family, but I'll save those. Now, I'll just write my only personal experience.

When I was twelve or thirteen, my parents had to put our dog, Elsa, to sleep. Being on the verge of being a female teenager, I didn't take this well. I had grown up with Elsa and she was everything to me. I blamed my parents and just couldn't get over it.

I guess Elsa must have known how badly I needed her, because she put in several appearances - after her death! I can remember three distinct visits by her.

Elsa slept either in my parents' bedroom or on a soft rug in our dining room. I can remember being in our living room and seeing her come out of my parents' bedroom, walk down the hall, go into the dining room to her spot, lay down and then disappear.

Another time, I was in our basement. Our stairs split the basement almost in two halves. I heard a noise and turned towards the stairs. There came Elsa racing down the stairs. (She never could just walk down them, she always ran!) Elsa was an Afghan Hound. They have long muzzles and they have long hair in their ears and legs. Clear as day, I could see her ears being blown by the wind as she ran down the stairs, and the hair on her pretty paws bounce. She turned at the bottom of the steps, away from me, and was gone.

I remember one more visit from her. Only a few years ago, did my mother admit she had seen her at this same time. We both saw Elsa come out of her spot in the dining room, go down the hallway and go into my parents' bedroom. When she was alive, she used her long muzzle to push open doors. This time was no exception. Even though my parents' door happened to be pulled closed, she pushed it open and slipped inside. My mom and I even saw the door move. I wish that my mom had mentioned that she saw her, too, right then!

That's all I can remember. I was never afraid and only felt comfort at knowing she hadn't totally left us. After learning more about the paranormal, I guess this would be considered a residual haunting. Her energy was still with us. To me, it at least means she was still attached to us in some way. I'm only sorry I had to eventually grow up and that I stopped seeing her.

I'll be posting more stories, now that I have found this site. My mom and her brothers gave me enough for quite a few more.

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My Sister, the Psychic

by Isabella V
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

First off let me just say that in the beginning of all this, I never used to believe in ghosts. As a young kid, my four sisters and I would visit my grandmother as often as we could. We loved grandma, but as a kid we enjoyed her cookies a little more than actually being there with her. Well, one night, my baby sister and I decided to stay overnight at my grandmother’s. I was about ten and my baby sister Kellie was about five. My grandmother had just finished baking cookies and I was gobbling them up as quickly as they were coming off the pan. As I popped another cookie in my mouth, I saw my baby sister holding her cookie up in the air above her head, looking towards the ceiling. I asked her what she was doing and she replied, “Feeding the hungry man." I laughed at her and, playing along, asked what his name was. She said his name was Mr. Earl B. White. I laughed at her again and went to watch TV.

A while later I heard my sister talking. Me and grandma were in the living room so I went to see if she was playing. As I walked in the room I saw my baby sister sitting at the end of the bed with our play phone. Our phone was real, but it wasn't plugged in. I glanced next to the phone and saw a piece of the newspaper. As I drew closer to the bed I could make out the headline. It read the obituaries. At this point I felt weird because my sister couldn't read but she was staring intently at the paper. I asked Kellie what she was doing and she said, “I’m calling God to ask him if the people who died in the paper made it to him safely." I looked at my sister and felt a chill go down my spine.

My sister picked up the phone, and dialed a number. After a few muffles, my sister put the phone back on the receiver. She looked up at me and said, “God said he’s going to call back. He wants to talk to you." I shook it off and decided considering the phone wasn't hooked up, that she must be playing.

Then, I put this on all my loved ones. This is no joke. The phone rang. I looked at my sister as she lifted the phone to her ear. My sister shook her head a couple times, then held the phone out to me. “He wants to talk to you," she said. At this point I was so scared I threw the phone to the ground and started stepping on it. I told my sister to leave the room. As she got up and left the room, I sat on the bed next to the newspaper. Barely glancing out of my eye, I spotted the name Earl B. White under the obituary headline. I ran out the room and never spoke of it until recently.

I guess people really should listen to young children.

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Uncle Joe

by Yolanda
(Iowa City, IA, USA)

I had a favorite uncle. His name was Josephus Henderson.

He was an exceptionally good person. He called me li'l sis.

Uncle Joe had a dachshund dog named Josh who went everywhere Uncle Joe went including Church. Uncle Joe had a cardiovascular attack which killed him instantly after leaving the hospital.

Uncle Joe's favorite old beat up hat was placed beside Josh and Josh looked at me with the knowledge that Uncle Joe would not be coming back. I went home deeply saddened that my friend was gone, but I knew he would come and see me.

My mother called me late that evening and asked if Josh was with me and I told her no. She told me that Uncle Joe's hat was also gone.

I put my children to bed and sat thinking about my dear friend. I heard the back door open but no one closed it back. I asked if any one was there and got no answer.

I went in back and there stood Uncle Joe with Josh in his arms and the beat up cap was firmly placed on my dear friend's head.......

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My Aunt's Old House

by Dylan
(Bridge City, Texas, USA)

Again this is in my neighborhood. A lot of ghosts are here. My aunt had bought this house to be near us as she was getting older. Before she lived here, three other families had. The first was a family who built the house in the early 1900s. They lived in the house for several years. The husband and wife died in the house.

The husband didn't die peacefully. He had a heart attack while walking down the hall. His wife was in the kitchen and heard him scream. She found him in the hall, sprawled on the floor. He was 73 years old. The wife had thought of suicide but never followed through with the plan. She died a natural death, in a different house.

The house was then rented by a couple in the 1950s. They lived in the home for one month before one night. That night they claimed a man was hovering in front of the bedroom door. He was in the hall. The man appeared to be near 70 or 80. The couple fled the home in terror.

The third person was a woman who lived alone. At night she claimed to see the same man. The man wor e a suit and looked old and was floating in the hall. She never minded him much but instead accepted his presence.

My aunt came next. She never saw much. But a few nights while she slept, strange things happened. For three nights a young girl with a baby came to her door asking for a place to sleep. My aunt did not let her in but she still came back. Each time my aunt denied her entrance she walked down the street, never asked another house owner and then disappeared. She also saw the same man the others had one night, and never again.

But there is a sad part to the story. The old man seemed to foretell of death.

The first couple had a serious tragedy. The husband's father and mother were killed in a car accident a month later. The husband had a stroke while driving.

The woman lost her mother as well. She died of cancer a few months later.

My aunt as well was struck with tragedy. Her sister died two weeks later. My aunt died as well four months later. On the night her sister died, she took her tape recorder at two in the morning and played a song she, her sister, and her other sister sang when they had a trio together.

My sister rented the same home for a few months as well. She never saw the man. But the faucet in the bathroom turned itself on one day while I was there. I also saw a shadow on the porch from inside the house. Her young baby also would turn his head back and forth several times while looking at the ceiling, laughing. She nor her husband could see what he was looking at.

One day after he did his looking at the ceiling, my sister asked him what he saw. He looked at her and said Peggy. My aunt's name is Peggy.

She died before he was born.

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by Joanne

This isn't really a scary story or anything, but I just read a story on here that is similar to what happened to me.

Last summer, my grandpa passed away. I took it pretty hard, because he was the first person in the family whom I was close to that died. Anyways, he was in the hospital recovering from surgery, and my family and I visited him all that week. The last day I visited was the Friday before the Tuesday that he died.

When it was time to leave him on that Friday, he gave me a big hug goodbye, and said "good luck with graduation and everything next year, sweetie." I didn't think about what he had said until after he had passed away, but it didn't really make sense. Why would he tell me that, when we would see each other throughout the course of the next year? I don't know if he knew he was going to die or not. But when I think about it, there's no way he could have.

What happened to him was pure coincidence, because the day he died was the day he was scheduled to be released to go home. Anyways, this past March I was at my Grandma's house, the one that she and my grandpa have lived in for like forever. We were about to leave from our visit and go home. I gave her a hug goodbye, and turned around to go to the door. She said something, so I turned to her quickly and responded and turned quickly back to the door. But when I looked back at her for that split second, I swear I saw my grandpa standing behind her, smiling.

It could have just been my imagination, but I'd like to think that it was my grandpa, because I really miss him and sometimes I will have these dreams, and he will be in them. In the dreams, I can 'smell' him, how I remembered him to smell like.

But yeah, I just thought that I would share.

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The Ghost of the Estate of Andrea

by Anonymous

We moved into a house when my son was three. He's now 20.

Immediately after we moved in, things started happening. Mischievous little pranks, toys would move by themselves, and faucets would turn on. The fridge was like an ultimate play toy. Turned all the way up one day for the milk to freeze, all the way down the next day so it would spoil. We had two dogs. One would sit on the floor acting like someone was petting him when no one was there. The other would bark at thin air. Also, rooms would be locked when we would get home (strange).

At around four years old, my son started telling us about on old lady. He said she would follow him asking weird questions. He could describe her in vivid details but my husband and I never saw her.

After a few years of living there, she would ask questions only when you were in the bathroom. Meaningless questions like are you buying more milk this week or will Jerry be home late? Jerry is my husband. We'd answer and go on about our business.

After living here for 14 or so years my mother moved in. She had a terminal illness. On the nights she was in a lot of pain she would talk to someone and tell them things like "Push harder!" or "Not there, it hurts." I slept with a baby monitor so I could hear her if she needed me. She claimed that someone would rub her legs to comfort her back to sleep. She always swore it was me but I would hear her talk through the monitor and go in to see what she needed. Then rub her legs if she needed me to, but most of the time she would tell me I already eased her pain.

My son claims still to this day to be awaken at least once a week by someone rubbing his legs. Whoever is here walks with a walker. You can hear them walk back and forth across the dining room floor rolling their walker. We always called her Baba (which is Armenian for grandmother) and about every picture taken there has an orb in it. We have tried to record the voices but have never accomplished it. I talked to it, answered her questions, but begged her not to show herself to me for I would have a heart attack.

I never believed in ghosts.

The house is the Estate of Andrea. Andrea's Steak Sauce originated in the basement there. We are the only people outside that family to own it or live there.

The Andreas told us when we bought it that it was haunted and we blew them off, but someone is definitely there.

Question to Anonymous: Are you referring to Andria Steak Sauce I wonder and not Andrea Steak Sauce? - Brenda, Webmaster

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Ghosts and Hauntings: Was It the Ghost of My Dad

by Susan C
(UK, Cornwall)

January 2008, I was on holiday in Scotland. It was two days before I was due to go back home to Cornwall. That night I went to bed but could not sleep. It felt like there was someone in the room with me besides my partner who was sleeping beside me. I was very frightened and could only sense that a man with large hands was stood right next to my head,this man i could not see only sense and it felt that he was there to harm me; I lay very still afraid to move and was willing this person to leave, I must have eventually fallen asleep as the next thing ( woke up sat bolt upright and felt winded.

On our way back to Cornwall on the Saturday, I got a phone call from my sister saying my dad had died two days earlier but he had been estranged from myself and my family for eight years and did not speak to me or my children. He had always told my mother he did not want me at the funeral and I was not to be told in the event of his death. This is why I was not told immediately that he had died but my sister didn't think it was right for me not to be told.

Was this man that visited me in Scotland my dad just having the last word. He was still very hostile to me even after death.

What do you think of this? I would like to hear from you with your ideas.

Susan Clissold.

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Ghosts and Hauntings: Uncle Lord

by Brenda E
(Anchorage, Alaska, USA)

This story is about my Uncle Lord who came up missing in 1966 when I was 6 years of age.

We live in a small town call Dexterity. To get to this town you have to drive by a big ditch about 30 feet deep. On the other side is a field. I think it was a bean field. Every day we had to walk by that ditch. Everyone in that town had someone get killed in that ditch. Back in the slave days my grandmother said the police put a lot of slaves in that ditch. She said that when a black man came up missing, the mothers went to that ditch to look for their son or their husband. We didn't think to look in the ditch because the slave days were over.

Many years pass and when I was 13, my great, great auntie was about 94 years old. No one visited her because of her house - they said spirits walk around this house and she talked to them. My father wasn't scared of spirits, he was the only who would visit her. When she died, she left my father her house. That house was over 100 years old. It had a living room, kitchen, and a bathroom that you have to go through two doors to get to. At night we had to let someone know when we go to the bathroom because the door will lock on you and you cannot get out until the next morning. At night we could hear foot steps in the kitchen. We could hear some one knock on the bathroom door at night. When it rained a rainbow would come through on the living room floor. My father said it because Jesus Christ was watching over his great auntie and family. His house was the first house built in slave days in that town. Her mother and sister's spirits were still in that house.

After our father told us that all the spirits here are good spirits will protect us as long we live in this house, we all slept in the living room. We had two beds in the living room. All my sisters and brothers slept in the same bed and my mother and father in the other bed. One night everyone was asleep except my father and I. My father went in the kitchen and sat at the table and began to talk to my great auntie, asking her does she know where were his brother was.

The voice was very light, but I can hear her say that he is coming to him tonight. He is waiting to make sure that everyone is fast asleep. I knew that my father knew that I wasn't sleep, but that I wanted to meet one of the spirits that lived in that house. The spirit always touched my face, although my mother didn't believe that. My father did. He said that the spirits said I have very special soul and I looked like his great, great, great grandmother.

Getting back to my Uncle Lord - his spirit came to my father that night and told him he was killed back in 1966. Some men killed him and his bones are in the ditch - deep in the deep. My mother loves him very deeply and my father asked my Uncle Lord does he want to talk to her. And my uncle said no because the house already might get her scared.
The next day my father told my mother he was going to his mother's house, but I knew where he was going.

I followed him to the ditch where my uncle told him he was. My father dug and dug, and the next thing I saw was my father fall to his knees. I knew he had found his brother.

I ran and get my grandmother and my mother, I ran to my other uncle's house and told them that my father had found Uncle Lord in the big ditch. Everyone saw my family run to the ditch and they started to run to see what was going on and they saw that my father had found my uncle.

The way my father knew it was him was by the ring he had on his left finger. My Uncle Lord's spirit told my father where to find his bone.

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My Dad's Spirit Saying Goodbye

by Rita M
(Lima, Ohio)

August 30, 1963 was the day my dad died at 11:30 a.m.

Eariler that morning I was mad at my dad because he was always sleeping in my bed. It was more comfortable then that hard mattress mom had to sleep on. Well, I took his dinner up to him at 11:00 that morning, and as I was leaving he said, "Rita. Wait a minute, will you?" I was on the steps going downstairs. I just waited there thinking he'd say something again, but he didn't. So I just went down to the living room.

When Mom went to check on him at 11:30 a.m. the same morning he had already died. Mom went crazy and went and sat in the middle of the street in front of out house crying, I came running after her, and the neighbor lady came and comforted her too. I told Betty what had happened. Later that night after I went to bed, and I kept wondering what my dad might have said to me when he called. I started crying because I felt I was horrible for not answering him. The time was about 11:30 p.m. when I went to bed.

Shortly afterwards there was this filmy white, smoke like object that appeared at the left wall and then it floated towards the foot of my bed. When it got to the middle of the foot of my bed it lingered there for a minute or two then it just went towards the door and disappeared, and I never saw it again. After it left, I didn't feel horrible anymore. I was calm and comfortable. And it didn't even scare me. That's unusual because I get scared very easily.

I think it was my dad saying goodbye to me.

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The Time Ghost

by Lucy S

My Mum, who is now in her 60's told me this story when I was younger. I have always remembered it, though. My dad died when I was 10 years of age and my mum took a while to get over it and we still don't know what happened. My mum said that every single day when he was alive he would leave the house for work at 7:30 in the morning and arrive home at 7:30 in the evening. One day he left for work at 7:30 and my mum heard his footsteps at the end of the day coming down the patio at, yes! You guest it, 7:30. But when she opened the door know one was there!

Just at that moment the phone rang, when she answered the phone it was the police. They had founded the body of my dad! At that point in the story I asked if she missed the noise of his footsteps? She said no, because I still hear them! Every morning at 7: 30 and every night at 7:30 without fail! I didn’t believe her so she said that she would prove it.

So that night I sat and waited for the footsteps, and to my surprise I actually heard them!

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A Light in the Darkness

by Lisa

About 15 years ago, our family was in a state of mixed blessing. At that time (six years into our marriage), my husband and I had finally been blessed with our first child, a son whom we named John; and our families were ecstatic. Our son was their first grandchild, and my husband's grandmother's first great-grandchild. Unfortunately, quite unexpectedly, Joan (my husband's grandmother) passed away two weeks after our son was born, before she had a chance to meet him.

Several weeks after her funeral, I was awakened in the middle of the night by our Golden Retriever, who was growling -- a low, soft sound, but a growl, nonetheless. Being a new mom, I was acutely attuned to any sound that might interrupt my sleep; and so I was immediately alert. I listened for a moment. The baby monitor was silent, but the dog (which was laying next to my side of the bed) continued to growl. So I opened my eyes and turned to look at the dog. She was gazing into the bathroom, her eyes fixed intently on something. Confused, I peered in the general direction that the dog was fixed on, and I was amazed at what I saw: A single bulb in the chandelier was glowing a soft orange color, pulsating, almost like a heartbeat. Of the eight bulbs, only one was lit -- and then, not fully. Just partially. Softly. In the darkness of the night, the effect was almost like flickering candlelight.

As if she could sense my wonder, the dog stopped growling and glanced up at me. It was almost a "well, what do you think about that?" kind of look. I blinked at her and looked back at the bulb, which continued to throb with a soft, orange light; and then the answer came to me: "She's here. She has come to say 'good-bye.'" I don't know how I knew it was her, but I was certain that it was my husband's grandmother -- Joan. Even though she hadn't been able to meet our son during her earthly lifetime, she had seen him, nonetheless; and she wanted me to know.

I watched as the bulb's glow grew dimmer and dimmer, and I finally shut my eyes, quite comfortable in the knowledge that Joan was leaving the earthly plain, on her final journey home. As I drifted off to sleep, I was at peace; and I'm certain that Joan was, too.

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Who is this?

by Jennifer Heinlein
(Lebanon, Ohio)

A few years ago, my granny had died. I knew she was sick and was going to die but nobody would believe me and left her be. But one day, she did die. I was the only family member who really cared and tried to help but I guess I didn't help enough because she passed away. When my family and I got back home from the funeral we found the ceiling fan dangling from the ceiling, and we also found red writing on the walls. It looked like it was from red lipstick which was what she always would wear. We found the writings on all the walls, in every room, but mine. Except all the jewelry she owned I took and found all her pearls on the floor. So I picked up all the jewelry and put it back in my dresser, then when I went to bed and I started hearing noises and moaning. It sounded like someone was going through the jewelry but I wasn't sure though. So I decided to get my recorder and put it on the stand by my dresser.

When I woke up the next morning I listened to the recorder and I heard voices again like as if someone was mad, kind of like growling voices. It kind of scared me. My recorder also picked up some footage of a black shadow, it looked like a woman figure. Now remember this all happened at my old house. So my family and I decided to move because we didn't know what else to do. So then once we moved we didn't hear anything or see anymore shadows.

Then about three years later it was time for me to graduate high school. I moved into my mom's apartment with her and here we go again - I start to hear those voices once more but it would get louder each night. I would also feel pressure against my body when I was trying to sleep, as if someone was laying on top of me. Now, that really scared me. But the thing that really scares me most is I don't know who this was and I didn't know what it wanted because it wouldn't talk to me. It would just make some weird noises.

To this day that spirit has been with me but it doesn't bother me anymore, I would just like to know what it wants from me. And if it is my granny I'm glad she's with me where ever I go. But if it's not my granny then I wish they would leave me alone even though they don't scare or bother me anymore. I would just like for them to move on.

That's all I can say for now. If something else happens I will let you know and keep you up to date.

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My dad came back to say goodbye

by Sophie Ellen

the mansion house

the mansion house

I was eleven years old at the time. I was on a school adventure holiday in Wales in England.

Anyway my friends and I were walking to the dining room for lunch. My best friend Ellie stopped to tie her shoelaces and the rest of us carried on walking. When Ellie eventually caught up with us she was as white as a sheet. We were all really worried about her, as we were eating our lunch she told us that she saw an elderly man on the second highest floor in the mansion house on site. He appeared to be staring blankly in her direction. Elley said that he was almost transparent and she could almost see through him. At this point, me and the rest of our gang just laughed at her.

As we were walking back to the cabins where we were staying, three of my other friends Emily, Emma and Mabel, said that they had seen the same guy staring at them from the same window and on the same floor.

Later that night we were all talking about it, out of the six of us four people had seen this eerie figure. I was determined to see it next! They started to describe what he was wearing, (Grey smart trousers, a black dinner jacket, a dazzlingly white shirt and a red and blue tie.)

I was stunned. I slowly told them that I thought it was my two years dead father. Then it was my turn to be laughed at. I told them that I was serious. The room went so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Then Ellie started to cry, I assured my friends that if it was my dad then he wouldn't hurt us.

The next day when we were heading down to breakfast we deliberately took a detour along the path where you could see the window that the man had been staring out of.

Ellie tried to hold my hand but I shook her off me. I felt like I had to see it on my own, so everyone went on ahead apart from Emily, she wouldn't leave my side so we walked on together. As we passed the building I finally saw what all my friends were talking about. I stopped and looked up into the elderly man's eyes, but they didn't seem blank like people had told me, they sparkled, just like my dads used to. He held my gaze for a few more seconds and then he looked down and mouthed the words 'I love you Sophie' then he just kind of faded away.

Every day when I had to go down to the canteen I walked down that path just looking at the window, desperately trying to seek out my dad again.

I never saw him again and all too soon I was packing to go home.

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Apparitions of My Mother, My Guardian Angel

by Edna

When I was six years old, my mother died. I was very close to my mother and so I felt so alone and sad after she died.

A short time after she died, I started seeing her image by my bed at night. This happened quite often. She was always just standing there like she was watching over me and never said anything and then after a few seconds she always disappeared. I knew my mother was dead, so seeing her image by my bed always frightened me.

This went on for years and years, until after I moved out and got married and lived in a house of my on. Then she didn't appear to me any longer. I know I was awake when I saw her image, I know it was my mother's ghost. I know I wasn't dreaming.

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