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Yellow Eyes, Bleeding Teeth

by Taylor Kaip

"I saw it, I swear it was right in front of my eyes!"

My sister yelled. She keeps telling lies about ghosts, or that's what I thought. My life changed after that one day, that one moment, when my sister's lies came true!

"Young lady, for once in you life don't lie!" My mother never believed in ghosts, she was taught that there was always a reason why things go bump in the night, and that reason was never because of ghosts, aliens, or monsters from the deep blue.

"I believe her!" I said with a smirk on my face, brushing my long brown hair back behind my shoulders.

"You do?" My sister asked. I can understand why, I never used to believe in ghosts myself.

"Yes, remember, mom. The alien in the bathroom closet!" I regret making a joke, but who could blame me. (Clearly the ghosts can.)

Anyway, I burst out laughing and even my mother gave a smile away.

I ran into the bathroom to fix my hair. My green eyes looked back at me through the mirror. Tan skin, slightly chubby cheeks which always blushed also reflected. My sister pretty much looked like that, but taller and thinner.

When I walked back I heard them talking.

"You guys aren't listening. Bleeding teeth, Yellow glowing eyes! Guys, listen for once." She yelled out as she stomped her foot.

"Okay, tell me what you saw." Mom turned around crossing her arms, having a look that said, "Yea right, like that (sarcastically) could happen."

"Okay so first it started to walk out of the television with a dreadful look in it's eyes." My mom turned away and walked to the basement.

"Nice joke. Who are you, Bugs Bunny?" laughed my sister.

"What's up, doc? It's duck hunting season!" I busted out laughing because I thought my joke was way funnier.

I walked to the basement to the television as my mom walked up.

"Me and Mrs. LyingPants (My moms nickname for my sister) are just going to shop for new clothes, you stay downstairs, don't answer the phone, or door!"

My mom glared at me at the top of the stairs.

I yawned and jumped backwards and slammed my body into the couch. Half an hour later the television turned off. I couldn't stop thinking about what my sister said.

"I wonder if it really came out of the T.V."

After the thought of that, I ran upstairs with small tears in my eyes. I quickly phoned all my friends to talk to them, so I wouldn't be lonely invade the ghost came.

On my third phone call I saw a faint figure floating across the room from me. I couldn't move. It was exactly how my sister described it. Yellow eyes, bleeding teeth. It never even looked at me, it just appeared for about 15 seconds then disappeared.

When my sister and mom got home I ran and hugged both of them, crying.

"Mom, she's right! I saw it. Yellow eyes, bleeding teeth!" I looked back at my sister.

"Yea! Just like the aliens in the cupboard!" Laughed my sister.

"For the record it was one alien in the bathroom cupboard."

I laughed it off. Ghosts can sort of be a good thing, without that ghost I might have never gotten to learn to believe my sister! Even though I'm terrified of T.V.'s now!

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