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Who is This Ghost and What Does He Want

by Cecilia Martens
(Chatham, ON, Canada)

We bought the house in 1995 on August 23. Ironically, we got possession of the house on my husband's birthday and the house number is also 23.

The happenings were subtle at first. I would be in the basement and I would see dark shadows move quickly across the walls about 3 feet off of the floor. I tried to dismiss it as nothing because it was a while before anything else happened. It was a few months later when all hell broke loose.

I was lying in bed and I awoke to feel a a hand on my forehead. You can imagine the frozen state I was in; don't breath, don't move. Who's there?

The only other thing I experienced in the bedroom was someone sitting on top of me and I had trouble breathing. I was the only one, so I thought that had experienced anything paranormal. My youngest son who is special needs would call out, "Mommy mommy! Don't let the ghost get me."

My oldest son has heard someone call his name in the basement. My dad has on two occasions felt someone touch his shoulder in the basement. Other events that have happened in the basement are a CD player was thrown onto the floor upside down, not plugged in and playing; lights would flicker off and on, cats would stare at the same spot, the dryer was opened and all the clothes thrown onto the floor, and a deep sense of not being alone.

When I sit at the computer which is in the basement I always feel like someone is hovering looking over my shoulder. Just the other day I felt a cold draft blow over my arms. My oldest son has seen a large figured shadow move through his door.

Upstairs is where I became the most scared. I would be in my son's bedroom kneeling on the floor and someone would pull at my clothes on my waist very hard. This happened a few times. In the bathroom someone would play with my hair and in the kitchen chairs would be moved and thats where I saw him . My dirty ghost. He was a third stage ghost where I only saw his torso. He wore a dirty undershirt, suspenders, dirty worn green work pants and had a big belly. I was scared sh*tless. I still fell like someone is always with me.

At one time my ghost actually traveled with me to another town and kept tapping on my shoulder. I would like to know who this is and what else he has in store for me. We live near a historical area where the War of 1812 took place. I have written to many people to come and investigate but noone seems interested.

Well those are my experiences; I hope he sticks around. Thanks for listening.

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Who is This Ghost and What Does He Want

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Feb 28, 2011
Same name same game?
by: Anonymous

Lol, I actually found your story unintentionally. I was googling my name, Cecilia Martens and stumbled upon your story. I really am interested by it, as I have had many ghost encounters myself and am certainly a believer.

I saw my first "ghost" at the age of possible 7. And I have dealt with them my whole life. I am very in tune with all things and know when one is around, and whether it has good or bad intentions. I like learning more about them and why and so on, and where they're from.

I did not know the house I lived in as a child was built in an area along with other houses that was actually mounted on top of an old war grave zone. Many people in my neighborhood had many different experiences and the funny part of it? We lived on Elm Street as if things couldn't get any more cliche. Lol.

We were lucky enough to have a very peaceful general who used to watch us hang up our washing and who actually scared the pants off an intruder the day my mum was home alone. In our next house we had very bad spirits and when we decided to move, the last two nights were insanely scary. Our entire back yard was filled with dark spirits, our dogs barked until 3am that morning when we all decided we couldn't take much more, and decided to leave right then in the middle of the night.

In the house I grew up with, I had a friend down the road, who had a woman ghost with long dark hair in a very 50's bathing suit, continuously dipping in and out of their solid green pool, and then drowning. This know one believed until a few others saw her walking the neighbourhood in her bathing suit and towel.

I have many stories of which to tell and enjoy reading about the many experiences everyone here has had.

Keep it up!

Oct 16, 2010
by: Geraldine Sandlin

That must have scared you. I know that your son must feel scared with the shadow because a few years ago I went into my living room to get a hair brush for my mom and I saw a huge black object in the far corner. I was frozen where I stood and I was scared out of my mind. I still see the object even though I live in a different house in a different part of town

Oct 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

Wow that's really spooky. I hope that someone will help you out with your ghost problem

Sep 29, 2010
Get the house blessed
by: Sharmila

Why don't you get your house blessed? I am sure you can help release this ghost who keeps bothering you.May be it is fustrated. You never know when it may get nasty.

Sep 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

That is so creepy. I would never live in that kind of house!

Aug 21, 2010
Many things
by: Connie

WOW! Cecilia... that is a lot going on in one place. My dog would also stare at the same area on the wall over and over without moving. I'd love to see someone come out to investigate.

Aug 05, 2010
Very Interesting
by: Edna

I hope you find out who this ghost is and let us know. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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