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What is Going On?

by Jeri
(Cincinnati Ohio)

We moved into a nice home. We were very happy until strange things came about. I have a computer in my room and out of nowhere, the chair starts spinning, the fan goes on even though the switch is turned off.

My daughter has pictures of friends and family in her room and they are all turned around. We bought new furniture and my friend asked me to take pictures so she could see what the furniture looked like.

I downloaded it and there was a ghost sitting on the couch and a bunch of orbs all over the room.

We don't know who this is.

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What is Going On?

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Feb 11, 2010
Spirit on the sofa
by: GrayReb

After adjusting the exposure in Paint.NET, it became apparent that there is at least one spirit standing on the sofa, 2nd cushion from the right. The image (to me) appears to be a small child. You might set up a webcam focused on that room and the sofa to capture the "entity". I like motion-activated cameras that don't run all the time, only when it's triggered by motion. If it turns out to BE a child, you may want to proceed gently, and ask a few questions using a recorder and see what develops.

Oct 08, 2009
by: Anonymous

It looks to me that "the mist" is smoke coming from the candles on the table. Hmmm...

Jun 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

WOW!!! That it really creepy but I wouldn't worry too much I mean, it all depends on wrather the spirit is a good entity or an evil entity in which case you should really watch out!

Good luck!!

Jun 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

WOW!!!! I had almost the same thing happen to me and really it's not that scary. I mean it all depends on wrather you have a good entity or an evil entity. If the ghost or orb tries to do any harm to anyone that it must be evil howvere if all it does is play jokes or mess with you it probably means no harm.

Jun 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

Another word of advice......And advice is cheap.


IF.......it IS.......a spirit,..you have NO idea what you are dealing with.

Jun 19, 2009
Hi Jeri
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Well, I'm not going to say that the "mist" in your photo is a ghost, but I'm not going to say that it isn't.

What I suggest you do is go to the courthouse and track who lived there before. Then go to the library and look up news stories for your home and for those people.

Perhaps you will find out who's visiting.

Aside from that, get a tape recorder and ask questions. If there is an entity there, see if you can get it to interact with you.

Let us know how it goes.


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