Whaley House in San Diego

by Benny Villa
(Phoenix Arizona)

Stage in Whaley Theatre

Stage in Whaley Theatre

Stage in Whaley Theatre

Below is the email I wrote to the email address on the Whaley house website.


My name is Benny Villa and I recently visited the Whaley house about a month ago with my family, the girls were all freaked out and my son and I were pretty much enjoying them freak out. I took some picture with my cell phone and since they looked dark I never paid any attention to them.

I am not sure why, but I started to think about the Whaley house out of the blue and I remembered about taking pictures. I took some in the room that has a stage in it, I guess it's a theatre. I felt like someone was standing in front of me next to the piano and I felt it to be a man. I imagined him as an outgoing funny guy like a prankster almost, and I imagined him as like one of those friends we all have that always need to have the attention on them but not in a demanding way but in an entertainment kind of way. Don't know if that makes sense.

Anyways the first picture attached is of the stage. Over the piano there is a white light kind of like lightning, and to the top left of it I can see a man posing for the picture and it looks like he is tipping his hat, I blew the picture up on my 47 inch TV and that is what I see.

The second picture is of the same room facing towards the back. I see a girl on the right sitting in a chair kind of sideways facing towards the back of the room, but the chairs are all facing forward, correct? Then to her left I kind of see something else, but not sure at all what it is or could be.

Please take a look at these pictures and let me know a few things.

On the stage: is there anything where the white light is that could be reflecting light? or curtains or anything? And the chairs they are all facing front right? When I was in the room the rest of my group was already going back down stairs I was the only person in the room. Wile I was leaving the room I heard like a giggle or a chuckle sort of like how when someone plays a prank of you kind of a laugh.

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