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by Lacy

I was 15 years old and some of my friends and I were trick-or-treating. We got tired of walking from house to house so we decided to walk though the graveyard. I was talking to my best friend, about how weird it would be if we saw a ghost. She didn't answer so I turned toward her and she was gone. I started shouting her name but no answer. Everybody else was still standing next to me. She was the only one missing. We split up in twos to find her. I went with Matt.

We covered the west side of the graveyard the side with all the little children's graves in it. We were shouting her name over and over again but never any answer. I started getting really scared. We walked back to the place where we were supposed to meet everyone else when we finished looking. We were the first ones back so we sat down trying to stay warm we huddled together. We heard people yelling our names we thought it was our friends so we yelled "OVER HERE!!" we waited and waited for them to come and join us but they never did. We really didn't think much of it so we just went on talking and trying to stay warm.

It was getting really late and no one had come back. I started getting extremely freaked out by now so Matt being a jerk was imitating a ghost. I told him to knock it off but he wouldn't then all of a sudden a woman who looked like she was wearing a wedding dress walked by us. She was well, I guess, glowing. She turned and looked directly at us then disappeared. We ran all the way home screaming. The next day at school we asked everyone where they went that night but they said that they had no idea what we were talking about they said they never walked though a grave yard. The weirdest thing was my best friend the one who disappeared was in Washington for Halloween so she wasn't even in the same state as us. We were never able to figure out what happened that night but it sure is weird!!!!

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