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Weird Devil's Den light at Gettysburg

by Roy A.
(Long Island, NY)

No flash, no lights seen.

No flash, no lights seen.

No flash, no lights seen. With Flash rain drops and orbs? Weird Light in right corner Same picture with flash

Sorry this is a little long.

My girlfriend and I visited Gettysburg last week on August 12th. We had joked about possibly taking one of the many ghost hunting tours offered in town, but were not sure if we wanted to just explore on our own. This led us to visit Sach's Bridge to think about it and take in the sight of the covered bridge. We were there for less then 5 minutes when her digital camera (nothing fancy, but gets the job done) started showing the battery dead warning light. This was odd since the camera was charged the night before and we had gone on other trips and taken hundreds of photos without the battery going near dead. Perhaps the oddest part was that usually when she does get the red light flashing, the camera will die after one or two more pictures. This time we took at least 20 more pictures before deciding to go back to the hotel to charge it for later. A half hour later, the camera still took more pics before we charged the battery.

As luck would have it, the area was hit by some severe storms right as we got to the hotel but since we had nothing to do and the rain had started to lighten, we took a ride back to the battlefield to maybe do some nighttime exploring.

The first place we got to was Devil's Den and no sooner had we walked towards the rocks, it started raining again. Since it was raining, I knew it was basically pointless to take any pictures due to the light rain falling, so I took a few quick ones and then headed back to the car. Since it was raining, no one else was out there that night.

Going through the pictures, I realized my girlfriend had the camera set to take one picture without flash and then a second later, take one with flash. This made the first of each Devil's Den picture black and the second one visible since they were taken around 9pm. What got me was the last picture I took before going back to the car has a weird Orange mark in the upper right corner. The second picture with flash shows nothing out of the ordinary. I'm not saying this is 100% something paranormal, but it is odd since no one else was around and there are no lights over there.

I would also like to add that while I was taking the pictures, my girlfriend observed blue flashes in the valley of Death at the base of little round top. She swears they were not from my pictures and that they were jumping along the whole base of the hill. Again, I must add that it was raining (no lightning) and no one else was around.

Any input on this picture would be welcome. I have included the two shots prior to get an idea of how they all looked.

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Weird Devil's Den light at Gettysburg

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Jun 09, 2011
A question
by: Taffy

The camera that said low battery, what kind of camera was it?

May 21, 2011
by: snarf

Well the top left looks like it could've been lightning, don't know for a fact and the last one looks like a body bag filled

Jan 18, 2011
Weird light in right corner
by: Anonymous

I zoomed in on the "weird light" photo and believe I see a face. Perhaps you missed it when you focused on the light. It's perfectly clear to me that you've captured a spirit.

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