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I heard this story at a camp I went to and I have proof that it is true.

The camp I went to had an overnight horseback ride and 10-15 years ago some campers went on an overnight and strange things started happening. The horses started getting scratched like they were being attacked. The campers didn't do anything at first because the scratches weren't that bad until the 5th night, when all the horses disappeared! They just left and were never heard from again.

The campers were all out in the field until they saw 100's of eyes. The animals behind the eyes were dog-like and in between a small dog and a wolf in size. The strange animals started closing in on the kids, so they all ran to their tents in fear. Ken, one of the counselors, started calling his horse, Velvet, in hopes she would come and he could send her for help. He started to hear hoof beats and then he saw Velvet.

Velvet was a pure white horse but when she came to Ken, she was red and covered in blood. She came up to Ken and started attacking him! She kicked and bit until Ken took out his pocketknife and used it to defend himself. She bent down and bit off the tip of Ken's finger and ran away.

Now if you go to that camp on the overnight even when all the horses are tied up, you can hear hoof beats and see strange dog-like animals. There has also been strange sightings at the family campgrounds of strange dogs and if you find Ken and ask him about Velvet, he will show you his pinkie finger and you will be shocked to see it is half gone.

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