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Traveling Ghosts

by Raymond F

There is a particular strange ghost story that has been seen increasingly throughout Oregon, specifically along various highways.

Who these ghosts are that seem to be connected with one particular male ghost, who he is or what he is, or what he wants, no one knows, and there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason for when he appears. Sightings have increased since 2003. The basic description seems itself rather odd but many have seen him all the same; along with two women ghosts, a camouflage painted 1 ton Dodge Van and sometimes two black wolves.

His appearance is that he wears a black top hat that has two small horns that look like bull horn ends on it and has a skull in between them. From the hat it seems he also wears a pirate like bandanna that is also black. He wears a long black leather trench or duster coat that is always open, a burgundy colored dress shirt with a black T-shirt underneath, loose fitting blue jeans and what some have said looks like combat boots. He also wears a studded leather belt that has a skull and crossbones buckle. He also has been said to be wearing biker gloves and studded bracers on his four arms, and dark sunglasses. He is also said to be wearing what seems like a wallet chain on his left hip that reaches down midway to his knee and has three chains that has the middle chain composed of skull heads, and also wears a necklace of what looks like carved bone skulls. He is also said to have long and un-brushed red or auburn colored hair and a handle bar mustache. His skin is described as being pale and more of a grayish blue, and his build is stocky and heavy set but he is also said to be really tall, about 6foot 5inches and estimated if he were alive he would be about 280lbs and looks about his late 30�s early forties. Some women who have seen him describe him as being a rugged like handsome but has a stern look on his face and more than one witness have claimed when he has frowned and seemed angry he bears long saber like fangs and seems to roar like a bear.

Two female ghosts are sometimes seen with him who has been described as being dressed like biker chicks or early 90�s Goth. They are said to appear to be very attractive and seem to be about their mid to late 20�s. One is said to be a blonde and the other a brunette.

The two wolves are said to be huge and look feral and shaggy and sometimes before the ghosts are seen you hear them howling and barking. Many who have seen the large Van he is said to drive have claimed it comes out of nowhere, does not make a sound but they can hear what sounds like heavy metal music suddenly playing and then behind them the light pop on and has a greenish blue haze and seems to have a similar colored fog billowing from beneath and behind it as though it were on fire.

When pulling off the road to let it pass it disappears and sometimes it passes by and you can see him driving and these two women as passengers waving and giving the devil sign with their tongues stuck out at people before the vehicle fades right before your eyes. Other times the radio stations will change and the lights in your own vehicle will begin flickering and sometime the vehicle and battery will die and you can�t start the car and then the Van will suddenly appear a few moments when it becomes extra cold and pass right buy and then vanish and your vehicle will start.

Sometimes he is alone walking along the road and if your headlights hit him he will turn not wearing the sunglasses and all you see is blackness where eyes should be. Others claim to see one or both the women at times in the middle of the road. Sometimes one lying in the road, like she was hit by a car while the other is leaning over her as though trying to help and when hit by lights they turn into half rotting corpses and fade or look like skeletons dressed in tattered clothing before disappearing.

Sometimes the Van has been seen by Truck Drivers at night and sees two wolves that sometimes are called black dogs that will try and cause one to run off the road by suddenly leaping up right at the windshield. The first stories started with just the Male Ghost and his van and about 2003 near Portland he began to appear with the wolves, then in 2004 with the Van and then since 2006 with the two women.

Locations the reports have come from range as far as southern Oregon, the Oregon Coast and South Washington. Nothing has been seen in the more Eastern Oregon areas to date as far as anyone knows. In all cases those that see the apparitions become extremely tired, sick and break out in weird rashes for a couple of weeks and can�t get over feeling cold inside for at least a week and feel physically weaker for a couple of months.

It is also said that these ghosts mostly appear when it is raining both day and night with the most common sightings being between 4:AM and 7:AM and sometimes just before Midnight. There is no agreed upon time about the appearances being limited to only one part of the year, and unlike most ghosts they do not appear unaware of their surroundings, transparent in any way or a reason for when they appear. The Ghost Van has in the past been chased by Law enforcement on a couple of occasions in areas along Highway 213 and 99E on at least two occasions clocked at going near 100 miles an hour only to turn a corner and vanish.

A few who have run into this Van and its mysterious driver have said it's best to pull off the road and let it pass otherwise it will chase you at high speeds and will seem to try to run you off the road or even play chicken with you unless you make it across a bridge where there is running water.

One anonymous person claimed that it chased him for several miles and his radio was going crazy near Santiam and Molalla Oregon and vanished only moments before a police car showed up and pulled him over for speeding and when he told the cop it was a camouflage colored Van that was chasing him the officer looked concerned and told him to drive safe and let him go with a warning and jumped in his car and drove away fast.

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Traveling Ghosts

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May 24, 2011
Wow! Creepy!
by: Anonymous

Totally creepy? Did you see the driver? Were the skulls real? I am scared of the road now! I am so glad I found this! Did this really happen?

Is this a true story? Please say it is! I wonder why the cops did not see you speeding... The world is a mystery. Perhaps they were gangsters in real life. I do not know. God bless.

Mar 03, 2011
I saw it.
by: Anonymous

Not everyone sees it but when they do it freaks them out and honestly none of the local cops say anything and chalk it up as just another local ghost story. Honestly I thought my buds were drinking too much. Now mostly this is a Christian town so we are not much about this sort of thing.

Well this last January on the 7th, I saw it myself, not chasing me but driving fast off Main street and took a sharp turn I thought was going to flip it onto Hwy 213. I was certain the driver had a top hat and there were two female passengers. If you were here, you could see how easy it would be to see them and it was just before sunset.

A few others saw it and I was just going to the corner gas station to pick up some smokes and fuel up my rig. Never saw any cops chasing after though. No one wanted to talk about it. We in this town can be funny about stuff like that and last thing anyone wants is to get pinned by a wacko.

Its kinda new to the area though, as far as ghost stories go, and we got some whoppers. But it's hard to shrug it off when you see it yourself.

Well, who ever or what ever its all about, guess all we can do is pray about it and hope it stops.


Mar 03, 2011
Heard of this
by: Anonymous

I don't want to say much but one of my friends has had a similar occurrence last year about a week before Christmas. One of our buds was working late so he was going to pick him up and drive him home since our bro was afraid to drive as he was working a double shift.

So since he was going to give him a lift, he slept in so when he went to get our bro, he was not tired and he himself did not need to work since the plant he was working at was scheduling back hours.

Well, long story short since the drive was only a couple miles there and back he picked up our bro and he drove him home. On the way back they saw bright lights from what they thought might be a local cop passing them. Irritated, he pulled over but as soon as he did, the lights were gone. Figuring the cop pulled off into one of their usual spots that all the locals know about, he got back on the road. A few minutes later the lights were back. Well, his stereo came on and was playing loud music, heavy metal music which is funny since our bro also driving a van hates that music and likes only country, and is known to style himself a redneck farm boy.

Thinking there was a short since he could not change the station, he had our bro pull the stereo wire. The lights were catching up and soon they saw well enough it was a van. It did not seem like any local and it was clearly not a cop and no one knows anyone with a camo painted van with a bull skull on the grill.

So they slowed and he signaled the driver tail gating them to pass already. Which it did. As it passed, it looked like that van in this story and the feel of it gave them the willies. Then when it got in front of them, it slowed down. Getting ticked off he finally told our bro to use his cell and call the local sheriff to report it, but the cell phone was dead. So they took a turn towards the local station and figured who ever it is would leave them alone. When they pulled in, it was gone again but no one remembered seeing the driver. Well when they got there one of the cops were coming out and they told the cop about it. The cop took the report, and the place where our bro lived was only about three blocks away.

The officer went ahead and followed them since it was on the way so they said. Figuring all was fine he dropped off our bro and headed back home calling his roommate to let him know he was on his way back. He made it home without issue and the next day picked up our bro so he could get his car. A few days went buy with no problem and he himself picked up a co worker to work a graveyard shift at the plant they worked at.

Same thing, that van showed up again. This time he sped up and the van was hot on them. Almost on them, the van floored it and passed them setting off a huge cloud of burning rubber and this time they both saw the driver who looked dead and flipped them off, laughing.

Dec 09, 2010
Heard of this
by: Anonymous

I was actually trying to find a story or something related to what me and two of my buddies saw last night, December 7th 2010. About three weeks ago a family member passed away and so friends and relatives from all over had come to Oregon City to pay respects and stay to help get things in order.

Anyways, after staying for the last couple of weeks it was time to drive people without transportation back home, and I with the mini-van offered to help. On our way to Molalla around 10 or 11 PM to drop off a friend we had a set of bright lights come out of no where behind us and it started speeding up catching up to us.

It started swerving and we thought it might be a drunk driver or something. The stereo started getting all fuzzy so my buddy in the passenger seat turned it off. On top of that the AC quit working so we were starting to get cold. My other buddy said he was going to call it into the police for a tailgater that might be drunk driving, but when he tried the cell was dead.

So not far from the golf course on the edge of Molalla I pulled over to let the driver pass. The odd part was as soon as I pulled off the road the lights just disappeared and no one passed us. We waited for maybe 10 minutes wondering what the hell was going on. So I pulled back onto the road and began driving. Only a few moments later the lights were back.

Now freaked out I floored it, but the lights were catching up. We were hoping from the speed we were going that maybe some cops or something might show up. But they did not. It fallowed us all the way into Molalla all the way into town where Hwy 213 and 211 cross where there is this place called Blackman's which is a mini mart and gas station. One spot has a mini mall with a Mc Donald's there and it is a four way intersection.

I swerved into the Blackman's parking area just passed the four way street lights and this camo colored van with a deer skull on the grill and human skulls mounted in the top passed right by, and it was blowing a bunch of steam from under it and out back billowing light it was overheated or on fire.

We were all freaked out by this incident, and so my buddy who lived in Molalla allowed us to crash the rest of the night. Never seen this sort of thing before and I hope I never do again. ZPS, as soon as we got to his house my friend went to put his phone on the charger but it was already fully charged. No we did not call it in after that because the last thing you want to get pegged as in a little town like Molalla is the local nut.

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