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The Stairs

by Sadie James
(Stoke On Trent, England)

It all started when I moved into my new house.
I smelt burning on 3 of my steps, at night, my mum wasn't cooking. I asked her to come and smell she did and said it's probably next door. I agreed with her.

I then smelt it on the stairs a few weeks after (same stairs). I still thought it was next door, or I made myself believe it was.

I then said to my mum I feel watching when I'm on the stairs, I feel horrible and vulnerable. She said it's probably just your imagination and I told her it wasn't. I really do feel watched.

My mum asked her friend to come over because she likes to talk to ghosts and that sort of stuff, and she said there was a little Victorian girl who always used to burn toast, so I was freaking out.

After a few months I never smelt it again, BUT now there's something else. I see white flashes when walking down the hallway, I HATE walking on those stairs, it's so freaky.

One night I was walking to my bedroom from the bathroom and I saw a shadow. I didn't even realize it until I sat on my bed. It was a shadow of a man walking up the stairs and even now I feel shivers down my back thinking about it.

I have to go upstairs with my dogs, they always stare at those stairs, and I always have to close my bedroom door because I feel so watched. Also my friend said he feels a spirit.

Any Help, Please?

True Story.

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