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The Outskirts Of Town

by Jeannellis Jiminian
(Sleepy Hollow, NY, USA)

I'm pretty sure a lot of you have heard of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" with the headless horseman and all that crazy stuff...yeah so that's where I'm from. I have never heard of any headless horseman witness or anything but A LOT of strange things happen in this town.

Sleepy Hollow is a really small town, with really old buildings and a huge cemetery, it gets really creepy in the night time and there's barely anybody out by the time its like 10 at night. So there are rumors (besides the headless horseman's appearance of course) that this ghost lady, probably in her 50s, wanders around the outskirts of town by this really isolated lake, which is surrounded by trees everywhere and one long, curvy road, that leads to the next town (Elmsford).

Sleep Hollow being a small town or "cheap" as I would call it, does not have any kind of entertainment such as a mall, or movie a theater; (I'm actually surprised we have a small subway! XD) so if you live in Sleepy Hollow and you want to have fun, you have to go out to another town.

One day my friends and I decided to go to the movies in Elmsford late at night. After finishing the movie, we went somewhere else in that town to get something to eat. By the time we watched the movie and finished eating it was already four in the morning. On our way back to town the whole ride was quiet because, of course, who wouldn't be tired at 4 in the morning on a Friday night.

When we were passing by the lakes all of a sudden I saw this lady walking the opposite direction very slowly in a long white dress, white a white towel rapped around her head. She was walking around the edge of the lake, which was dark and foggy. I stopped breathing for a second and made sure I wasn't the only one seeing that. I looked around in the car and all my friends looked as if they were possessed by what they were seeing. My friend driving the car slowed down and almost stopped the car. The lady gave us a cold look and was staring at all of us. We kept driving slowly till we drove past her and we were still looking back at her, she was walking straight and wouldn't look to the sides, and then all of a sudden stopped and slowly turned around and stared at us one more time. She then started walking faster towards us!

My friend stepped on the accelerator like there was no tomorrow! He drove as fast as he could, and I don't know what was scarier, whether the lady in the white dress was following us, or the fact that we were going at like 100 miles per hour and it was extremely foggy, and dark and there are no kind of lights along the road anyway.

Anyways, it was curve after curve after curve. As the car kept speeding, the lady's pale face, with the cold look, disappeared in the darkness behind us. We drove through the woods and finally made it into town.

After we all calmed down, I remembered I had a dream in which my friends and I were driving fast by the lake while the lady in the white dress chased us the previous night. It was one of those dreams that you just can't really remember until something related to it comes up and BAM!, you remember the dream.

Some say she's just a crazy old lady who walks around the outskirts of town late at night for no reason at all, and others say it is the ghost of the lady in the white dress. I don't know which one to believe, but either way, it was pretty darn scary!

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