The Old Oak

by Alan

It was a dark night, the wind was cold and it ruffled my hair.

I was in my garden, just thinking about things and people when a movement caught my eye. I looked around for it, but I saw nothing. I just forgot about and continued thinking. About a minute later minute, it caught my eye again and I look up. This time I saw what it was. It was the oak.

I stood and looked at it again. There could be no mistaking it.

There was a hole forming in the middle of the tree. I edged closer and closer, my heart thumping. Sweat trickled down my spine.

I was a metre away when a long moan seeped out from the tree. I small voiced rasped in my ear "Leave, leave now. Leeeeave, leeeeeeeave,"

I turned on my heel and ran faster than I ever thought possible.

The next day I put my house on the market and moved out.

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