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The Old Mining Cabin

by Teanna C
(Deadwood, South Dakota, USA)

This happened about four years ago. My dad was working on a cabin out on Strawberry Hill back then and a very rich man that lived in California owned it. This was his vacation home. Underneath the house was an old mine shaft. It was all blocked off and everything. No one could get down there.

I had to go out there one day with my mom and my dad to do some cleaning up. We cleaned and all of a sudden my mom just stopped. She got this weird look on her face and she asked us if we were cold. She said that the cold was just like a wave that went over her. My dad and I, not feeling anything, just kind of shrugged it off. She got that feeling again, but she found out it was only in one spot, but the spot had moved.

She then told my dad to feel the cold spot, and he did and was kind of creeped out by it. The cold spot was just in one area and nowhere else. The heater was off, so no draft was coming from that, the windows were shut, the door was shut, so no air was coming in from that. We have no clue why it was there. When you walk up the stairs to go to the bedrooms, in the second bedroom, there was always this feeling that would make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Same in the bathroom. So we went back out there one day so we could paint. We were taking a break and sat in the chairs in the living room. The ceiling fan was up at the top of the ceiling on the 2nd floor. This was like a big open area, where you could see the bedrooms up on the second floor.

So he had this string hanging down with a marble on the end so that you could turn on the light. All of a sudden when we were just sitting there, the string started flying in circles. But it was like someone had a hold of the marble because that part stayed in the same place, and the upper string was the part rotating. It was quite scary, and I was only 11 at the time, so I got kind of scared. My parents left with me, my dad quit last year, and I haven't gone back into that place. I think I probably should because my curiosity for the paranormal is getting worse.

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